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Top 8 Ranking Factors to Understand Today


Promoting the business online has become the need of an hour considering the regular evolution in technology. If you want to survive in the competition then you would have to stand out differently. Talking about website promotion, SEO has always been the preferred choice of marketers. It is a free service. It may take time to show the results but those are long-lasting provided you are putting in the efforts regularly. SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a huge field. You would need to consider a lot of factors while promoting your website through SEO. Getting help from an SEO agency such as https://studiohawk.co.uk can always help. Here is the list that would help you to plan your strategy for promoting your website. 


Backlinks are known as one of the top important factors in the Google algorithm. If your website has a greater number of backlinks of higher authority domains then there are always better chances of your website getting ranked in the google search engine. Hence it is important to check the backlink profile after all the google updates. For example, with Penguin 4.0 update the websites got cleaned from the low-quality backlink profiles. 


Content is always considered as the king in the field of Digital Marketing. Good content always consists of relativeness and in-depth details regarding the subject. It should be written to provide great value to the reader. Hence here you would need to focus on creating quality content rather the quantity. There is no specific rule about the word count of the content since it depends upon the subject and the type. According to some experts, the content with greater word counts always ranks better than the lesser ones. 


Google algorithm prefers fresh content always over the old one. No matter how old your website it if you are not updating the fresh content in it regularly then it can lose its ranking. Google always wants to display fresh results in the Search Engine Results Page for its readers. Hence it is important to update your website regularly with fresh content. 


Rankbrain helps to provide the useful and most relevant result to the user on the google search engine. It generally uses the machine learning technique to recognize the complex searches and their relativeness making sure that the user gets the exact result for what he is looking for. Here the goal would be to focus on the user experience by updating the fresh content, relevant keywords, and engaging content

5.Speed of the Page 

The speed of the website is considered as one of the important factors nowadays since everything is going mobile. The speed of the website affects its overall ranking in the search engine. If the user lands up on your website but it is taking time to load and he leaves immediately then it leaves a bad impression. Google considers it as a low-scoring point and takes it down in the ranking. Hence it is important to work on the speed of the website. 

6.Mobile Responsive 

Today people are focusing more on using mobile phones rather than using laptops or desktops. Hence it has become important to get your website optimized according to the mobile interface. Google had announced its mobile-first indexing in the year 2016. Due to which the mobile compatibility of the website directly affects the overall search ranking. Hence if you are thinking of getting rank faster in the google search engine then make sure to optimize your website for mobile. 

7.Schema Mark up 

If you are running a small business and wish to promote your website on google then it is important to display vital information regarding your business such as phone numbers, addresses, reviews, etc. Here it can be done with the help of schema mark-up code. Here the schema mark-up code tells google about the exact location of your business. 

8.Domain Power

The domain holds an important position in the process of ranking in the search engine. There was a time when the domain names with exact match keywords were used to boost the traffic and give the top ranking in the search engine but due to the current google algorithm update domain seniority also plays a vital role along with the exact match name. 

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