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7 Ways to Promote a Brand in 2022


We live in a perfect time to promote and grow any kind of brand on the internet. However, there are only so many places at the top, and only the well-prepared entrepreneurs will reach it. To be part of it, you must first establish a clear strategy with the acquisition channels that will be the most relevant for your business. To help you, we present you the best of them in this article on the different ways to promote a brand. 

Build links in your niche

You mustn’t just think of business as essentially a business-to-customer relationship. Connecting with people who can promote your brand to their audience is a great way forward. So don’t hesitate to contact anyone who has a connection to your brand’s business. But, of course, don’t talk to them thinking that the world is only full of very generous people who are just waiting to help you. Instead, prepare in advance an offer that would be advantageous for both your businesses, like content that can be published on their site or a promo code on your products. 

Use social networks

Using social networks is essential, especially to start building your brand awareness. The more your audience grows on these networks; the more your brand will gain social proof, facilitating your sales ability. It is essential to consider as almost one in three customers will type your name on a search engine before potentially buying from you. This is also a reason to create your own brand identity and relevant on each social network you want to exploit, like thinking of well-worked Instagram posts that are interesting for your audience. Also, try to be accessible and responsive to your customers; tools like SocialPilot make this easy.

Think about an SEO structure

It’s hard to talk about customer acquisition on the internet without SEO. An essential source of acquisition to set up or at least understand. Depending on your market research, you may not be able to establish a large part of your strategy on it, but at least try to know the basics that will allow you to appear well on search networks. However, if you are a brand like Artist Tees specializing in graphic tees, you should undoubtedly be more interested in the subject. Since Google more easily highlights sites that are specialized in a field, you may have a chance to rank for good keywords “quickly” (meaning 5-8 months in SEO).

Organize successful giveaway

You have certainly seen a lot of them in the last years on the internet; no wonder as giveaways are a powerful way to promote your business on social networks. This power lies in virality; with a simple bet of 100 dollars of gifts, you can have the results of several thousand euros of ads in terms of visibility. On the other hand, to make an excellent giveaway, we strongly advise you to boost it with your niche influencers. This will allow you to target engaging audiences better while significantly increasing the virality of the contest.

Test and optimize ad campaigns

Advertising is another very effective way to promote your brand. However, setting up profitable campaigns is still quite difficult in many areas. Before you venture anywhere with large budgets, you should gather data. This is done by trying different low-budget ads early on, each targeting a diverse audience. Various tests will allow you to know more about the audience you should target or the type of content to display. It will also be essential for you to learn other things like the “Customer Lifetime Value” to know how much you can invest in acquiring each of your customers. Email marketing and retargeting will also be essential things to implement to optimize the performance of your campaigns. 

Use your market influencers

A constantly evolving market in recent years on the internet, influencer marketing can be beneficial in many cases. There are two essential points to know to succeed in your product placements with influencers on social networks. First, their stats and the engagement of their community, things that you can quickly measure yourself with a bit of math, even if we advise you to use a tool for that. The second point is the type of audience of the influencers. Obviously, look if these influencers have a relationship with your brand by looking at a dozen profiles liking their content.

Create multimedia content

Using the already established influence of other people and brands is a good thing, but creating your own is even better. And for that, there is only one solution, content creation. Don’t create just to make; it’s useless, and you will hardly reach anyone. Instead, try to focus on original things that are potentially interesting and easy to share. Choose a precise angle of attack, but one that remains flexible for each means of promotion that interests you. Target first the formats that correspond the most to your brands, like videos or podcasts. For example, you may prefer YouTube videos for entertainment and non-digital product promotion.


As you can see, today, a brand has a lot of ways to promote itself properly, even with little investment. But despite this you have to be careful, there are many good methods today, but succeeding with each one is far from easy. Target the right things, organize them well, and work perfectly with the data you collect. With these principles, you will already be on the right path.

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