The Top 10 PDF Editors in 2020

PDF’s widespread support, flexibility, and security have made it one of the most used document formats. PDF users often find themselves in need of some kind of document editing or personalization software. And for this, you’ll want to have a PDF reader on hand.

In this article, I will discuss my favorite online PDF tool, HiPDF. To help you make a well-informed choice, I’ll go through both its benefits and cons.

What Does HiPDF Do?

HiPDF is a PDF tool for making changes to, creating new versions of, and managing PDF files. PDF files can be converted to and from any other format, can be edited in any way, and can be compressed to take up much less space without losing quality.

HiPDF is a web-based app, meaning it can be used on any computer with an internet connection. There is also a lightweight Chrome extension and desktop programs for both Windows and Mac that provide the same functionality as the online version.

It’s also simple enough that everyone from a high schooler to a seasoned expert in any industry may use it with no trouble.

Useful HiPDF Features

What I appreciate most about HiPDF is that it provides a comprehensive suite of tools for working with PDFs. There are a total of 39 ways to manage your PDFs using this tool, but I’ll just be covering the most popular and helpful ones here, along with internet access URLs.

1. AI Features

AI Read

An “AI read” feature for a PDF product uses artificial intelligence to enhance PDF documents. It extracts text, recognizes characters from scanned files, and offers language translation. Natural Language Processing can provide insights, and Text-to-Speech technology converts text to speech. It enables efficient search, indexing, and document categorization, improving accessibility and usefulness.

AI Detector

An “AI detector” is a tool or system that employs artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms to identify and flag specific objects, patterns, anomalies, or conditions in various types of data, such as images, videos, text, or sensor data. This technology is often used for object detection, image recognition, spam detection, fraud detection, and anomaly detection. AI detectors use machine learning models and pattern recognition to automatically analyze and classify data, helping in tasks like identifying objects in images, spotting fraudulent transactions, or monitoring unusual activities in security systems.

Chat With PDF

Interacting with a PDF involves extracting its text, annotating with comments, and using search functions. You can also convert it to editable formats, like Word, for content manipulation. Some software reads the text aloud, enabling a “chat” with the document. Collaboration platforms offer shared editing, while OCR (Optical Character Recognition) extracts text from scanned PDFs. These actions don’t directly converse with the PDF, but rather the content it holds, making it editable, searchable, and suitable for various applications.

1. Convert PDF

PDF is not the sole document format used by most users. To that end, HiPDF facilitates PDF conversion both ways. PDF to Word, PDF to Excel, PDF to PowerPoint, PDF to TXT, and PDF to HTML (and vice versa) are just some of the formats that may be converted.

In addition, most web-based PDF editors lack an OCR option. You may use it to transform scanned PDFs and photos into editable Microsoft Office, PowerPoint, and even EPUB files. This program also supports the conversion from JPEG, PNG, GIF, and TIFF to PDF.

2. Compress PDF

Sending large or media-rich PDFs as email attachments or via other messaging platforms might be problematic. With HiPDF, you may minimize the size of lengthy PDF files while keeping their quality and information intact.

In addition, both the total number of pages and the total size of your PDF are unrestricted. With just one click, you can get a streamlined PDF that is perfect for sharing through any platform or app.

3. Merge and split PDF

HiPDF’s Merge PDF feature makes it easy to merge several PDFs into a single, unified file. With the touch of a button, you may combine many PDFs of varying sizes into a single, unified file.

Similarly, HiPDF’s Split PDF capability may be used to extract specific pages from a PDF or split a single PDF into numerous PDFs. In other words, you may divide your PDF into X pieces, where X is the number of pages between which you want to divide the document.

4. Crop PDF

Cropping a PDF using HiPDF is a great option if you just need to see a certain section of the document. The cropped region of your PDF may have its margins and dimensions changed.

Your PDF document’s pages may be rotated vertically or horizontally, too.

5. Edit PDF

There are situations when I need to supplement your PDF with additional content. HiPDF makes working with PDF files simple. I was able to customize my PDF documents with new text, shapes, buttons, and even photographs.

HiPDF also makes it simple to annotate and add comments to PDF documents during collaborative teamwork. To top it all off, your PDF file allows you to draw shapes.

6. PDF security

HiPDF allows you to secure your PDF files using a password. You may upload a PDF and encrypt it using a strong password of 6-20 characters to make it unreadable without that key.

HiPDF can also assist you in decrypting a PDF if you’ve encrypted it but forgotten the password.

Using this application, you may also redact sensitive information from your PDF file. Select the text you want to conceal and then click the Apply button.


When working with PDFs often, it’s a good idea to invest in a solid and feature-rich PDF tool. Instead of downloading an app on my computer, I prefer to use HiPDF, an online PDF utility.

HiPDF is a powerful online PDF editor with many useful features. You can quickly and easily work on your PDF documents without having to sign up for anything, and it’s free. Try HiPDF out for yourself to see whether it meets your needs.

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