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Why Industries are Choosing Bridge CMMs

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In today’s changing economic environments, industry leaders are looking for better ways to meet product demands, increase productivity, and boost overall operations. These goals aren’t just for manufacturing-based industries — they’re also essential for areas like retail, construction, and education.

When it comes to streamlining production and ensuring measurement accuracies, the equipment used to achieve these goals matters. Precision in production requires measuring machines that can meet today’s demands. That’s where bridge CMMs come in.

Bridge CMMs are integral to how industries across the country meet production and consumer demands. But why are these industries choosing this particular machine to advance their operations?

In this article, we take a closer look at one of the most popular coordinate measuring machines — bridge CMMs, and how their advantages are changing industries nationwide.

What is a Bridge CMM?

First, it’s important to understand what a bridge CMM is before we can understand its impact on various manufacturing industries.

A bridge CMM is one of the most used coordinate measuring machines and is designed to measure the dimensions of a machined part using CMM software. This machine can be transported to various parts of a production floor; however, it requires the part to be brought to the machine itself and does not have a portable arm.

Bridge CMMs are controlled either manually or using a computer to gather their data. Using a measuring probe, the machined part is scanned, and a dimensional measurement is generated, which production leaders can then use to determine how to streamline their operations.

What are the Advantages of a Bridge CMM?

Whether operating in the engineering, healthcare, or aerospace sector, production leaders need measuring machines that can meet their needs without compromising efficiency or accuracy. Bridge CMMs have been known to meet those needs, thanks to the specific advantages that make them a sought-after solution.

Let’s break down some of the key benefits you’ll find with these metrology devices.

Advanced Measuring Speeds

A Bridge CMM’s closed design allows for precise measurements at higher scanning speeds.

Quicker Measuring Times

The ability to acquire complex components allows these machines to optimize system changes.

Custom-Fit Solutions

Bridge CMMs are designed to find measurement solutions for a wide range of industries and applications — providing a wide range of capabilities in terms of size, accuracy, and application.

Better Measurement Results

Its advanced scanning technology delivers faster measurement results and maximum accuracy — which is ideal for any industries running production lines or developing new products.

Industries Utilizing Bridge CMMs

The simplicity of the Bridge CMM structure is a cornerstone of metrology. Suppliers like CMMXYZ work with a wide range of industries to provide them with machines that offer incomparable reliability and precision.


The automotive industry is experiencing unprecedented levels of growth and innovation. As the industry works to stay ahead of its competition, leaders must implement new technology solutions that can meet their data requirements and ensure a streamlined production process.

Parts used to create the cars on today’s roadways are built with complex angles and require specific tools to collect their measurements. CMMs and their software can ensure repair times and maintenance costs are reduced and unplanned downtime is slashed.


The engineering industry is vast and diverse, but what all its sub-sectors have in common is their need for preventative maintenance and cost-effectiveness. With Bridge CMMs, engineering leaders can conduct regular servicing and inspections and collect the data points they need to ensure their machines are operating at maximum efficiency and accuracy.


The metrology industry has changed the way healthcare systems operate by introducing advanced measurement systems, including Bridge CMMs. This introduction has resulted in the design and manufacturing of high-tech prosthetics, preventing machinery errors, and the design of multi-sensor measuring machines.


As today’s industries, from automotive to healthcare, look for new, innovative ways to produce high-quality products with greater accuracy, they’re turning to metrology for solutions.

Devices, including Bridge CMMs, are changing how various production lines are designed and optimized. Downtimes are reduced, and dimensional inspection tasks are carried out more efficiently than ever. This investment is showing a significant return for today’s manufacturers and production leaders.

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