• % of people base credibility based on how a business’s website looks
  • 94% of people say web design firm is the reason they mistrust a website
  • 60% of online shoppers say website usability is important to them

So, you’ve got a business and are ready to make a website for it. Or, you’ve had a website and are looking to bring it into 2020. How exactly do you go about doing that? Well, before investing in the services of top UX/UI design agencies, you should know the difference between UX and UI design and why they are a crucial element to any website design.

What’s the Difference Between User Experience and User Interface Design?

User Experience Design

User experience (UX) design is broadly defined as the process designers use to make things that provide meaningful and relevant experiences to users. Designers that specialize in this type of work and the web design firms often play an intricate role in branding, design, and function

People often incorrectly use UX design interchangeably with user interface (UI) design, but that is incorrect. UI design, as will be explored further later in this article, is considered a crucial aspect of UX design and focuses on the visual elements of the design. In contrast, UX design is more concerned with user enjoyability.

One of the most important aspects of UX design is research. Not all websites are created equal and, much like a snowflake, are individually unique. Every business has a specific audience that is unique to them, and their sites need to reflect this. Finding out how to best capture the right demographic for your website and create an experience that they will enjoy is the goal of UX design.

The more people enjoy using your website, the more likely they are to recommend it. The more they recommend it and visit it, the more likely you are to see a conversion of visits to leads. If you are trying to build a successful website, having a functional UX design is critical.

User Interface Design

At its core, UI company refers to the visual layout of the things people might interact with on a website or product. In the tangible world, that might be how a water bottle is opened and closed or how a dial moves on a thermostat. On a website, this revolves around the visual layout and what a visitor sees and clicks on. These elements not only have to look beautiful but also serve a functional purpose as well.

UI design is essential because it can dramatically impact the usability and experience of a website. If the design and interface are too complicated or not geared towards your target audience, you are going to run into issues. Say, for example, you were designing the interface for a clinic that specialized in information on dementia treatment. It wouldn’t make sense to have those users go through a two-step verification process that involved a third party to sign in because the average user wouldn’t know how to or have the capacity to do so.

Intricate designs that make it harder for people to find the information they need can drastically impact conversion rates, so it is essential to lay your website out in a logical way. Designs that feature an excellent user interface allow people to operate and navigate the website as easily and quickly as possible.

Balance Both for the Best Website Design Possible

User experience and interface design are two things that go hand in hand. Without knowing what your audience likes, you won’t know how to best create a design that is visually pleasing and easy for them to navigate. On the flip side, you can have an interface that seems like it makes all the sense in the world to you. Still, if your customer base finds it to be confusing, then you are going to struggle to have a reasonable conversion rate. This is why the best web design firm incorporate aspects of both.

In the dynamic digital landscape, understanding user preferences is crucial. Leveraging UI UX consulting services, businesses collaborate with skilled consultants to tailor designs, ensuring visually appealing interfaces and seamless user journeys. This approach drives higher conversion rates and boosts customer satisfaction.

It’s crucial to find a designer or firm that factors in both user experience and interface into their designs. Don’t just go with something that looks new or flashy. It is best to do your homework before investing in web design services in Miami, or anywhere else. Knowledge is power, and hopefully, now you know what you need in order to get the website design of your dreams. This great piece of article is by Faraz from reviewsgems


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