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Managing a fleet of vehicles and heavy machinery requires ongoing maintenance and repair work to keep it in good working order. When adding new equipment to your construction fleet, it’s important to ensure they meet the safety standards stipulated within the industry. 

Many project managers are considering secondhand heavy machinery to save costs and if this is an option you’re exploring it’s important to consider some factors. When looking at a used excavator for sale Melbourne dealers are offering their customers, make sure you make the right decision for your fleet. 

5 Things to Know Before Adding a Used Excavator to Your Fleet

1. Used vs. New: Weigh Up the Pros and Cons

A used excavator is an attractive cost-saving option while a new vehicle will have up-to-date safety features. However, keep in mind that reputable dealers perform full inspections on used excavators to ensure they meet safety standards. A new excavator has a good resale value if you intend to sell it quickly but a well-maintained secondhand machine is worthwhile if you want to use it long-term. 

Having warranties and dealer coverage gives you peace of mind, which is why many fleet managers only buy new excavators. However, some dealers offer a reasonable factory warranty on used machinery as well. The same applies to dealership support – whether you buy new or used, most dealers will offer the same level of service. 

2. Find a Dealer That Offers Ongoing Support and Warranty

Before buying a used excavator, find a Melbourne dealer that includes ongoing support and a factory warranty for your machine. A reputable dealer understands the value of offering customer service during and after a sale, whether you buy new or secondhand. Ongoing support for used excavators reassures you that your investment in a secondhand machine isn’t wasted.

Look for a dealer offering a decent factory warranty – this could be anything from 3 years to 3,000 construction hours. A solid dealer coverage on used heavy machinery gives you peace of mind that your money is well-spent. Your equipment will be kept in top condition whenever it needs to be repaired while meeting stringent safety standards stipulated in the industry. 

3. Partner With a Company That Has Years of Experience

By getting your secondhand heavy machinery from an experienced dealer you can receive the best advice and solution for your fleet requirements. Dealerships that have operated for many years in the industry value the importance of:

  • Top-class performance
  • Engineering excellence
  • Quality designs 
  • Safety features

Based on this, experienced dealers go out of their way to ensure their secondhand heavy machinery can provide the same service as new equipment. 

Skilled dealers will perform a thorough inspection on used excavators to ensure it’s been properly maintained throughout their lifetime. You can rest assured your secondhand purchase will continue to give you excellent performance while meeting safety regulations on-site. 

4. Find a Dealership That Offers 5-Star Service

Customer service after a sale has been concluded is vitally important. This should include services such as maintenance and emergency repairs should the unexpected happen. Excavator breakdowns can be costly for your project and you can minimise delays by ensuring the dealership offers a 24/7 emergency breakdown service.

Look out for dealers that have a 5-star Kubota service rating. This is only awarded to Kubota suppliers that:

  • Attend technical service and administration training workshops
  • Report technical issues in the correct manner
  • Maintain their tooling and facilities for professional specialist repairs
  • Are aware of safety issues and environmental impacts
  • Perform pre-delivery checkups and maintain customer follow-ups after a sale
  • Use fully trained technicians

Before adding a secondhand Kubota excavator to your fleet, find out if this service applies to used machinery as well.

5. Make Sure Parts are Readily Available

Heavy machinery can break down at the most inopportune times, whether you get a new or used excavator! While a 24/7 emergency service can solve many problems, some issues require a replacement part which could hold up your project if they’re not readily available. 

Having quick and convenient access to spare parts and quality service kits ensures your excavator is up and running as soon as possible. Genuine parts are important as they ensure reliability and quality while keeping your excavator at peak performance. Dealerships should be able to provide products such as filters, oils, lubricants and ground-engaging tools at all times. 

Final Thoughts

New excavators are an excellent choice if you have the capital available. However, many construction projects working with a tight budget need to consider secondhand options. With careful consideration of different features and partnering with a professional heavy machinery dealership, you can get the best used excavator deals in Melbourne. 

Use our article to guide you through the process of adding a used excavator to your construction fleet and discover the many benefits of picking this option!

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