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List of Top All in One Marketing Platforms 2021


Most marketers agree on the need for marketing automation for the success of businesses and companies. Marketing automation platforms play a vital role here you can automate various marketing tasks to simplify your marketing workflows. 

All in one marketing platforms combine various marketing functions in one place. This way they help you achieve your goals using one digital marketing platform instead of a number of separate platforms. 

They are known as all in one marketing platforms because they provide you with all marketing features like SEO, email marketing, CRM, landing pages, content management, social media marketing, and much more. Tech Place provides all marketing tools & software.

These platforms perform multiple functions including helping you in generating more qualified leads, and launch marketing campaigns according to the interests of the customers.  

Let’s have a look at some of the best all in one digital marketing platforms

1- Dream Local 

Dream Local is among the best all in one marketing platform that analyses the options and decides which can perform the best for you. This all in one marketing company will investigate and measure your goals and determine the best solutions to achieve those goals. You will be provided with the best all in one marketing services including social media services, web design, Google AdWords, SEO services, Facebook Ads, and many more features to fulfil your long-term business goals. 

This may not be among the cheapest platforms but it offers powerful and unique features that allow you to handle all your marketing efforts from one place.  

2- BeFoundOnline

BeFoundOnline is among the most trusted platform. There are a lot of reasons that you can select this all in one marketing company to meet your requirements. They can help you in building brand awareness organically, building trust and credibility with your audience, use brilliant content to help drive traffic from other reliable sources, and much more. 

This all-in-one digital marketing platform will engage your audience with insightful and attractive marketing strategies whether these are paid media, account-based marketing or SEO.  

3- Keap

If you are looking for an all in one marketing platform that offers incredible marketing features at affordable prices then Keap can be a good choice. You can use its brilliant features for as low as $56 per month.  

This is a brilliant all in one marketing software that can optimize your sales, CRM and marketing tasks dramatically increase your sales and eliminates all the hurdles for your business to move ahead. Get the high number of leads, sort them into segments and send the right message to the right people at the right time. 

4- Search Metrics 

Search Metrics is one of the most powerful all in one marketing platforms that allow you to start performing immediately. It designs the marketing strategy for you in three steps. First, it analyses your content to uncover your potential. Secondly, analyses what are the common queries of your target audience and finally evaluating your competitors.  

This all in one marketing company will work hard on engaging your audience with the most powerful marketing and content strategies. It will be made sure that you get the services from the best consultants of Search Metrics that are trusted by a lot of companies. 

5- Exposure Ninja 

Exposure Ninja will help you in every possible way to get more website traffic, qualified leads and sales. The size of your business doesn’t matter as this all in one digital marketing platform will help you in generating more revenue from the internet.  

This all in one marketing company will build high conversion websites and will use SEO, PPC, content marketing and social media marketing to drive more traffic. This is one of the most trusted that offers key marketing features at reasonable prices.

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