Bitcoin Magazine also published articles on the Bitgive Foundation in the last three days; How it started and the collaboration it does for NGOs like saving the children, The water fund, and Medic Mobile. Its director and only full-time employee Connie Gallippi had helped the company develop into the first licensed Bitcoin tax-exempt charity spreading the bitcoin news. For investing in bitcoin then visit

The users placed tremendous effort on an ongoing basis,” Gallippi says and we had a number of fans who enjoy our jobs. The group searched for opportunities to improve their reputation and enter a mass audience. This would be awesome if we were able to use what we are now doing to accomplish that target. Today our research had a clear effect on areas that a mass public may understand and respond to.


Moving forward the Bitgive Foundation Had two main funding goals: the new partnership with Medic mobile and ensuring the long-term survival of the agency itself. Medic Mobile is an open-source initiative that utilizes mobile technologies to help professionals in rural developing world populations.

Medic Mobile had a project that communicates to our bitcoin audience,” Gallippi says we send away thousands of smartphones to fund healthcare in 21 developed and third world countries. Each telephone is given to a community health worker who volunteers in a remote village to care for around 30-50 users. To share details, it takes hours and days for others to travel to and from the closest clinic or hospital.

Use the mobile and the secure open-source tools of Medic Mobile health workers will connect directly with physicians, preventing them from trying to travel for days and the risks that come with them. We will also monitor births, document illness, store critical resources, and practically save lives in emergencies.

In addition to the conspicuous importance of Medic Mobile’s work in medical services, Gallippi saw the potential to build a system of telephones in far off parts of the globe. Early discussions were about expectations that the drawn-out impact of the telephone conveyance may likewise take into account the production of center points for bitcoin exchanges, bringing money related and settlement administrations to the unbanked populaces also.

The second and maybe most urgent campaign from the agency is to collect enough funds to stay working so it can start to work on more initiatives in the future. The creation was founded in the year 2013. When BitGive’s two-year milestone passes in the year June, Gallippi will wind up the initiative for funding Donors. There was strong encouragement at the start” Gallippi states. So the bitcoin price fell and things go sluggish.

She is hopeful that more corporations and users would choose to take benefit of the chance to become founder members, who will be honored in perpetuity for their commitments to creating the first charitable bitcoin organization until the initiative finishes.

Make yourself a Participants

The user will help the work of the BitGive Project to deliver charitable donations and programs on behalf of the bitcoin network organizations across the globe. You’ll even get a T-shirt experience deals and a tax stamp

1.For using Bitgive to guide your tips

When the user has a ChangeTip account, you are offered the option of automatically redirecting your tips to one of many charities.

2.Enter the amazon Smile service while shopping on Purse

The contribution of 0.5 of the sales totals will be sent to the organization of the choosing and BitGive must be recorded with Amazon Smile. BitGive already had received equivalent contributions from bitcoin groups. All Smile contributions via Purse will be matched by over weeks.

3. Make an expense deductible gift 

Organizations and people can balance available increases by making an assessment deductible gift to BitGive, an enrolled 501c3, utilizing LibraTax to help enhance gains/misfortunes and cause gifts to go further.

Final Words

The long-term aim of Gallippi is for the foundation to create an endowment that would preserve the capacity of the company to work to its maximum potential. The users’ aim was to create a global footprint and we’re doing that. Our specified goal is to better public safety and the atmosphere and we are offering a way to offer back to companies in the bitcoin area.



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