Located within the Asia Pacific region, Perth is one of the fastest-growing economic zones. The top four industries here are Scientific & Technical Services, Public Administration & Safety, Healthcare & social assistance, and Mining.

The challenge for these enterprises is to maintain their performance and visibility on online platforms. An SEO agency in Perth is the best solution to upscale business operations for these companies.

Enterprise SEO comprises a unique set of strategies for large organizations looking to increase their visibility in a highly competitive market. Here are the best practices of enterprise SEO.

Conduct SEO Audit

BHP Group Limited, Westpac Banking Corporation, and National Australia Bank are few of Perth’s largest enterprises. All these large-scale companies have multiple web pages linked to their websites.

Also, many organizations have different websites describing the various services they offer. So, in the first step, you must conduct an SEO audit to fix technical issues or on-page/off-page issues to resume back to the smooth functioning of your website.

SEO auditing will help in uncovering the opportunities on your website. Various low-hanging opportunities are discovered in an SEO audit. Once the scrutiny is over, the visibility increases, and the reachability to a larger target audience also expands.

Fix the Internal Linking Issues

SEO auditing will help in determining the technical issues at ease. Internal linking is often missed out in enterprise SEO strategy. It is not a difficult task in small scale businesses, but when it comes to large scale organizations, the internal linking becomes tedious.

According to ABS, there are a total of 224,270 businesses in Western Australia. Internal linking issues persist in major giants because of the multiple web pages and links.

But in SEO, the lack of internal linking can make it difficult for the search engines and web crawlers to find your new pages and rank them appropriately. So, to expand your business and target the untapped audience, you need to streamline the internal links. An SEO agency in Perth can help you in a better way of simplifying the internal link.

Build a Progressive Web App

It is one of the advanced strategies in Enterprise SEO. A Progressive Web App (PWA) operates like a software application using standard web technologies like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Users can save PWA to their device when they visit your website through an organic search.

PWA acts like a mobile app, but it isn’t one. Users can bookmark PWA and save it on their mobile or desktop screen. With the help of PWA, the users can receive updates about your new services or products. However, MangoMatter did a good job with its effective web hosting solutions it can handle PWA effectively.

If you post offers or discounts on your products, the customers will be immediately intimated about the same. Ali Express enjoyed the benefits of PWA with a 104% conversion rate across all browsers and 82% on iOS users.

Target Featured Snippets and Popcherry are the most sought-after websites for clothing in Australia. The reason being, they are always ranked on the top of the search engine results page. The best way to earn website traffic, leads, market share, and sales are to go after featured snippets. It is one of the promising strategies in Enterprise SEO.

The reason to target featured snippets is that 50% of the searches and 41% of the questions include featured snippets. To target featured snippets, you must use tables, lists, and short paragraphs. It makes your content appear competitive in the featured snippet. Create dedicated headings for featured snippets, target low-hanging fruit, and optimize the content header to match the targeted keyword.

Optimize your Website for Voice Search

eCommerce is booming in different cities of Australia. Perth, Sydney, and Melbourne are the locations where the maximum number of pick and drop of goods occurs.

Industry experts state that by 2021, the eCommerce market penetration rate in Australia will reach 85.2%. More people are using smart speakers to search online. About 50% of the smart speaker owners look for promotional updates about their favorite brands.

Voice SEO strategy is unique in enterprise SEO and is gaining faster recognition in the practices. Integrating voice-search will take you ahead in the competition. You can streamline the voice search optimization by focusing on content with local search intent and a featured snippet.

Voice search also works on the principles of featured snippets. The optimizations in your content will result in higher search result rankings and drive traffic to your web pages.

You may also use Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Keyword Tool, and Scream Frog for enterprise SEO.


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