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Today’s society is always on the move—it’s normal to take your work, hobbies, and even your family on extended trips across the world. Tracking someone’s location at any given moment is never an easy task. That’s why highly regulated industries like online gaming need the most advanced geolocation solutions—for identity verification, fraud detection, and to stay compliant with local and regional laws and regulations. 

For online gaming operators, precision and speed are more important than ever when it comes to geo-compliance—it’s essential to determine every player’s exact location when they place each bet.  

Until recently, GeoComply has held a near-monopoly on geo-compliance solutions for the gaming world. Now, it faces competition from Radar, which has developed a more developer-friendly, cost-effective solution with more capabilities to fill this obvious gap in the market. 

Here are Several Keys Aspects to Consider:

Regulatory Compliance:

Many jurisdictions require online gaming platforms to enforce strict geolocation restrictions to ensure that players are within legal jurisdictions.

Advanced geolocation solutions help in accurately determining a player’s location, preventing users from accessing gaming services from unauthorized regions.

Fraud Prevention:

Geolocation technology aids in preventing fraud and unauthorized access to gaming platforms by verifying the physical location of users.

It helps in detecting and preventing instances of players attempting to use VPNs or other methods to disguise their true location.

Responsible Gaming:

Geolocation solutions contribute to responsible gaming practices by ensuring that users are within legal gambling age limits.

Platforms can implement geofencing to restrict access to certain games or services based on a player’s location, supporting responsible gambling measures.

Enhanced User Experience:

Accurate geolocation technology ensures a seamless user experience by reducing false positives and negatives in location verification.

Players can enjoy uninterrupted gameplay without unnecessary interruptions due to location-related issues.

Customized Offers and Promotions:

      • Geolocation data can be utilized to provide personalized promotions and offers based on a player’s location.
      • This targeted approach enhances marketing strategies, providing players with incentives that are relevant to their geographical context.

Geo-Compliance in Online Gaming   

For every new state that participates, new gaming operators enter the mix, competing for thousands of new customers clamoring to place their bets. However, state regulations and other risks come into play within this highly scrutinized industry. With hundreds of thousands of dollars being deposited, wagered, and cashed out daily across these platforms, legal compliance with all state gaming laws is critical to success in this burgeoning industry. 

Because regulations vary from state to state, the platforms are responsible for identifying the location of each player whenever they log in and attempt to play. If a player succeeds in placing a bet from an unlicensed state, the player is breaking the law, and the operator can be held liable for allowing that illegal wager. This is why the most cutting-edge geolocation technology is essential to keeping these platforms running smoothly and maintaining compliance at all times.   

The Need for Geolocation Alternatives

Along with the advancement of security technology, hacking, and cybercrimes are evolving rapidly. When the majority of brands in an industry are all relying on one type of technology, they are all at risk when a bad actor figures out how to exploit a weakness in that particular software. 

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