There is nothing harder and infuriating than working on a laptop that is too slow. A slow laptop reduces work efficiency and also has an impact on productivity. A state of constant panic and irritation surrounds you. Such encounters make you wonder, “Why is my laptop so slow?” to the point that you may consider throwing the laptop away.

You don’t have to be a professional to figure out what’s causing your laptop to be slow. There can be quite a few factors responsible for the same, some of them being the following :

The Computer Is Too Old:

One of the significant factors behind a slow laptop is that it is too old. Laptops, too, have a shelf life and become obsolete with time. The laptop’s technology may become obsolete as a result of technological advancements. Because the new technology does not support it, the laptop’s capacity remains limited.

No new applications or games would be compatible. When a laptop becomes outdated, its repair parts become unavailable as well. It is essential to change your laptop with time for it to function correctly.

Quick Fix: Buy a new laptop from affordable companies.

The Laptop Has A Virus:

There are times when a laptop might start acting out of the ordinary. A few signs which show that a computer has contracted a virus are:

  • Slow startup
  • Unexpected window pop-ups
  • Missing files
  • Slow performance
  • Blue screens with messages
  • Suspicious activity

A virus can harm your laptop, damage files, and reformat programs if you do not get rid of it immediately. This is another reason why your laptop might be slow.

Quick Fix: Reboot your system and delete the virus—download Anti Virus software for future protection.

Too Many Browsers Or Tabs Are Open:

Multitasking is the new big thing in today’s digital world. Though, doing too many things at once can be overwhelming not only for us but for the laptop software as well. Besides, internet-connected apps like Spotify, Canva, etc., use a lot of data and slow down the laptop in the same way.

Programs running in the background also use significant power. When your browser gets too crowded with tabs, effective functioning becomes difficult. Since your laptop is attempting to perform too many tasks at once, its memory and processing speed becomes too slow for the laptop to process all the open tabs at once. This is another reason responsible for a dead laptop.

Quick Fix – Close all the tabs and delete browsing history or Restart the laptop.

Your Hard Drive Is Full:

Another reason responsible for a slow laptop is a full hard drive. Suppose the hard drive is too full, the difficulty to find what you need increases. The operating system becomes sluggish.

Any new movies, files, games, apps, or photos you download to your system get stored on the hard drive. So, the hard drive fills up relatively fast. When the hard drive capacity reaches 90 percent, the laptop may run up to 50 percent lower than it did before. It’s a good idea to clear some space on your hard disc before that.

Quick Fix: Delete or transfer the files to another storage space like iCloud or Google Drive etc.

The Software Needs An Update:

You use a variety of software platforms throughout the day. It’s critical to make sure you’re operating the most recent version of each. If your computer is not performing well, you may need to update the operating system and your browser. Make sure to update the latest version of the software. This speeds up your operating system and keeps you updated about new improvements.

Quick Fix: Check for new updates and upgrade your software from time to time.


Fixing a computer is expensive! Computer repairs in Australia, India, the U.S., and other big countries can cost you a large sum of money. If you know a couple of these hacks, you can save yourself time and money. You can attempt to repair your laptop on your own if it gets too slow. These are only a few of the fundamental issues that can be addressed at home. I hope this information solves your problem.

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