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5 Best Parental Control Apps for Android 2020


Ensuring the safety of your children is a challenging task. In this digital era, kids have access to millions of websites right from their devices. Additionally, there are dozens of social media platforms where they meet a lot of new peoples. Hence, it becomes necessary to monitor their activities and find the right way to deal with it.

Here we have shared 5 best parental control apps for android that works in 2020 and beyond. These applications are much better than your default parental control and allow you to monitor their location and data remotely. The best thing is that you don’t even need to tell them about this platform, and they can never find out about it either.

Hence, you can trust these applications and use them to track your kid’s activities without letting them know.

Let’s start and discuss these applications and know how you can use them without any assistance.



Minspy is an online application that provides the technology to track any device online. It is used by more than a million active users to keep track of their loved ones. The application works on a simple layout and installation process. It is equipped with advanced features that can track any device when it is not around you.

It gained some early users because it does not need you to root or jailbreak the targeted device. It means that all the work is remote and does not compromise the security of any device. Additionally, the technology is backed by the private keys that ensure the privacy of your data. Hence, you can click Minspy site without worrying about data privacy.

With this application, you can get into someone’s device and check its messages, call logs, browsing history, and location. All of it can be done through a single platform for your ease. Hence, you can choose this application as your next phone monitoring platform and ensure your kid’s safety online. Get it here and use this spy app for android and iPhone devices.



Spyier is another excellent application to monitor phones in total secrecy. Parents and employers use this application. There is no limitation to your monitoring as it offers the same features as Minspy. You can track messages, location, call logs of any device.

Employers use it to track their employees by installing it on their device. It ensures that there is no data leakage by any worker of your company. Similarly, parents can add multiple devices and track all their kid’s activities from the same platform.

Another great thing about this application is that you can use it without taking any professional help. It comes with an easy-to-use installation guide with three simple steps to follow. Additionally, you can use its demo version to make sure everything is fine.



When we discuss phone monitoring applications, Spyine plays a crucial role in it. It is one of the best phone monitoring solutions that you will ever come across. Although the features are the same, the working of this application is quite impressive.

It offers you to choose the operating system of the targeted device. If you are targeting an android device, then download and install its setup on that device secretly. However, you can monitor an iPhone by just verifying its iCloud details with your online account. That’s it.

Spyine has secured more than a million loyal users who use it for various purposes. Its android keylogger records all the keystrokes of a device and helps you filter the passwords and messages out of it.

You also get a free demo of the application that shows the use of various features on a sample device.



Spyic was introduced as a solution for the parents to monitor their kid’s activities. Hence, it is one of the options that you have for this task. People use it to track the movements of their loved ones without getting caught. The whole work is web-based and does not require you to install any application on your device.

Just verify the targeted device, and you are good to go. This way, parents can ensure that their kid is not talking to a fraudster or a scammer.

They always update their platform with exciting features, making it easier for their users. You can use its parental control feature to monitor all the activities of your kids.



Here is another useful platform to monitor smartphones online. Neatspy is a new application that works on the same concept. However, it has introduced most of the latest features that give you more variety in monitoring the devices.

With this application, you can track someone’s location even if their GPS is turned off. It uses SIM tracking features to make sure you can always follow your loved ones. Similarly, an advanced keylogger can filter deleted messages based on chats and conversations.

How To Use These Applications?

All these applications are web-based and require you to create an account on them.

For example- If you choose Minspy, then you need to create a free account there. After that, you need to verify the device by installation a setup on the targeted device.

It allows you to monitor their activities through the dashboard of your account. You can get a full installation guide on the website of the respective applications.

Final Verdict: The Best Platform To Monitor Kid’s Activities

You no longer need to try those useless parental control applications on your device. All you need is one of these applications to do wonders for you. Track your kid’s location or their browsing history right from the browser of your device. The best thing is that you do not need to keep an additional application on your device.

If you want to try the best application for parental control, then Minspy is an excellent application for you. It is affordable and provides significant results to its users. On the other hand, if you want to use an advanced application, then Neatspy is the one for you.

All these applications are equipped with great features that make your work easier. Keylogger and location tracker are two handy features that can help you track all their movements without even calling them.

You can also try their demo version to ensure there are no stones unturned for your kid’s safety. For more spy-related articles check Technoroll


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