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5 Ways Technology Has Changed How We Look at Employment


Technology has advanced in leaps and bounds over the past two decades, and there are now countless ways that you can utilize technology to benefit your business moving forward. While technology has been ever-present in the business world, nothing beats the surge of new tech that has spread throughout the world in recent years. For business owners and managers, this has created a plethora of new opportunities to advance their organizations in new and exciting ways.

Employment and the way we look at it has changed drastically as a result of new technologies. While many may argue that computers have increasingly been replacing humans in a range of different industries and roles, technology has also helped businesses to be more productive and make their employee’s work easier than ever. Work schedules, financial records, and other business information are now becoming increasingly digitized, with more employers choosing to try out employee scheduling software and other technologies to make their businesses run more smoothly. 

Let’s take a closer look at some of the ways that technology has changed how we look at employment in the current business landscape.

New Jobs Require Divergent Skill Sets

Neat and legible handwriting is a skill, but in the digital age, it is no longer a necessity. Keyboarding is now a skill that is useful, as well as quick thumbs and fingers for texting. Screen scrolling rather than turning a page is the new norm, and paper filing is almost non-existent as files are stored on electronic devices to save time and space. While employees still need to have knowledge of their field, they also need to have knowledge of technology, an additional skill that must be acquired and maintained. Rapid technological advances often require more professional development sessions over time, and staying up-to-date can be challenging. Some business owners consider this to be a nuisance, while others look at the change as an opportunity for growth. 

Need For People Is Reduced

Advancements in technology are increasingly replacing the need for employees in various industries from retail to logistics, manufacturing, banking, and countless more. Of course, someone must be available to solve any issues that should arise, but still, technology is reducing the need for employees. The more efficiently automated machines become, the less need for maintenance; therefore, the less need for people. Artificial Intelligence is also becoming more prevalent and the need for people to clean, cook, or even drive will be almost dissipated in time which could be a major cause of concern in the future

Focus on Technology Updates Instead of Employees

Business owners and other employers often become preoccupied with updates in the company’s technologies. This focus often neglects a hard-working employee who has put a lot of time and effort into the job over the years. Time and money must be invested to train employees to use the new software, and nowadays, it is more important than ever for employees to stay up-to-date to maintain employment. 

Some Technological Advances Will Increase Employment

While some technology costs jobs, other types of technology create jobs. For example, online work-from-home jobs have been created through advancements in technology over the last number of years. People who could not get a job in brick and mortar locations can often find successful employment online. Entrepreneurs are becoming more successful since many online businesses can be operated at home at fewer costs, and business owners can hire a remote team with greater ease than ever before, choosing the most suitable candidates from a global talent pool.

Technological Changes Can Bring a New Motivation

Technology offers exciting changes, and many employees can be motivated by tech to expand their horizons. Of course, some people are resistant to change, but others will make the change and run with it.  Since technology is now woven into the workplace, more employees are choosing to go with the flow and are embracing new technologies, getting trained up in different systems and learning new skill sets to remain relevant in today’s employee marketplace.

The Importance Of Understanding The Changes Ahead And Adapting Accordingly

As advances in technology continue to surge, changes are inevitable moving forward. The way people search for jobs and apply for those jobs has changed and will continue evolving. Some jobs will be eliminated while others are created, and as a business owner, it’s important to be aware of these changes and how they could affect your business in the future. Technology is not going away anytime soon, and neither are its continued advances, so now is the time to get on board and start embracing tech in your business. Adapting to these changes and reevaluating the way that we look at employment will help your business now only to survive as time goes on but to thrive and stand tall against the competition.

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