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How to Send Targeted & Personalized WeChat Messages?


In China, WeChat is more than just another app; it is a phenomenon that has revolutionized the way people communicate, socialize and transact with one another.

Although WeChat started off as a messaging app, it has now become a lifestyle in China since it influences just about everything. The app is a top choice for all kinds of online activities, including video calls, playing games, paying bills, and shopping online. Regardless of what you want, WeChat seems to have the answer to everything.

Since WeChat has over a billion users in the country, marketers should know to send targeted and personalized WeChat messages to promote their businesses. There are several features in WeChat that a digital marketing agency can exploit to help companies promote their products and services to targeted audiences.  Understanding these features can help the brand convey personalized messages to their prospects for higher conversions.


WeChat is evolving rapidly by continuously adding innovative features to upgrade user experience and functionality. Brands can leverage these features to reach their prospects and target them in a better way.

One of these features is the shake function. The purpose of this feature is to enable offline businesses to engage nearby prospects.

Marketers can make use of this feature to engage people. The person they engage with will see the shake message. They can respond by shaking the phone to connect with the one who shook their phone. You can use this feature to inform others about special offers, promotions, and discounts that you may be offering. This function is a useful way of getting people’s attention and targeting them with enticing promotions.

Customer Service

Whenever customers face issues that they would like the seller to resolve, they want a quick response. Gone are the days of emails where the response would come after several hours or even the next day. People want an answer now. Hence, social media channels have now become a platform for fast and efficient customer service.

You can use WeChat as a customer service channel and use it to target your customers with your promotions. The advantage of this method is that it will likely have a higher conversion rate since existing customers are most likely to rebuy from you. It is much more difficult in comparison to acquire new customers and convince them to buy from you.

One of the most crucial matters pertaining to customer service is personalization. To create a positive impact on your customers and to maintain their loyalty, you must provide personalized communications. With WeChat, you can achieve this quite easily since it allows you to keep 100 customer support agents. So whenever recurring customers send in a request, you can assign them the support agent who has dealt with them previously. This will prove to be beneficial for your business since the agent will know about the preferences of the customer due to past interactions and will be well poised to deliver a personalized response.

The WeChat platform empowers you to set up an interactive menu for customer support. For instance, you can show a numbered list that shows various options. Customers can select the option most relevant to their issue. One of these options could be a live chat with support staff. This is rather similar to how telecom companies provide customer service to their subscribers. Depending on their issue, customers can either resort to self-service or contact an agent in case the problem persists.

Automated Response

Automated responses are a vital component of quality customer support. They can help businesses to target their customers with personalized messages. In WeChat, you can send automated replies much in the same way as the Facebook messenger.

For any user following your account for the first time, you can automatically convey a welcome message using this feature. There is also a feature for autoreply where you can automatically send a message in response to a customer query acknowledging that their query has been received and is in process. Another great feature on WeChat allows you to send relevant replies by detecting keywords in the client query. This feature is crucial to helping you to send personalized and targeted messages.

Customer Log

You can facilitate your customers by maintaining a log of the interactions between you and the customer. As a result, the customer will not need to repeat their problem.You can pick up from where you last left the matter. To this end, you can integrate your CRM with WeChat since the app is extremely versatile. This will put you in a position to provide a seamless experience for your customers. You can assign the same agent to repeat customers this way.

WeChat Ads

Once you have a verified WeChat official account in place, you can begin advertising. You will then need approval for launching an ad campaign.

You can then place banner ads below articles that other official WeChat accounts have published. You can send highly personalized ads since you can target users according to their age, location, gender and demographics. You can even select the kinds of accounts where the ad is displayed.

The pricing for banner ads is based on cost per click that starts at half and RMB per click or CPM where the fees vary according to the geographic location of your targets.


You can also send personalized messages via WeChat using moment ads. These ads share similarities with the ads that you see in the news feed on Facebook. Using moments ads, you can target prospects and consumers on the basis of their interest, location, age, marital status, preferences and education.

The ad should be effective because it will disappear if nobody clicks on it within 6 hours. You can show your brand logo and description on moment ads and embellish them with a video and 6 images. You can even add a link to your landing page.


There are several features within WeChat that you can use to convey personalized and highly targeted messages to users. For the best return on your marketing budget, you should get in touch with a WeChat marketing agency Hong Kong.

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Xen Chia is the Strategic Marketing Director of an award winning digital marketing company, with more than 15 years of experience in digital marketing strategies, brand development, CRM and loyalty programs. By combining digital marketing solutions with customer lifecycle approach, he has successfully transformed CRM marketing for many leading brands to deliver proven business results.

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