Home Guide How to Increase Facebook Likes – 7 Working Ways

How to Increase Facebook Likes – 7 Working Ways

How to Increase Facebook Likes - 7 Working Ways

How to increase Facebook likes? It is one of the most asked questions among the users of the popular social media platform Facebook. Today Facebook is not merely fun but an essential source of developing business of any kind. Many enthusiastic business owners use it for promoting their business and earn more benefits. It is easy to access clients that are sitting miles away from the native land of the business. To call the attention of the clients it is very important to have maximum likes and enough followers mentioned against your official page. 

7 Ways to increase Facebook Likes

To use Facebook as an influencer here are some essential steps to get more likes and increase the followership. These easy to follow steps enlisted below can help as a great tool for earning benefits out of the business. 

1. Make the ads engaging:

Running Facebook ads is the best solution to get more likes. It is just like marketing on other media sources. The more impressive the ads are the better outcomes you can get out of it. Engagement ads mean that you can bring the page to the notice of the larger audience. Besides engagement ads, the other option is conversion ads. If you are planning for just likes then make the ads look more engaging. In case the purpose is to boost the sales then the conversion ads cannot be ignored. 

2.Inviting more viewers:

If your page is getting more traffic then it means that you can expect more likes. Start with inviting people you know. Family and friends can be a real help. They can further recommend more viewers. Facebook can be of great help in this regard as well. It keeps telling you to invite people and gives recommendations regarding people who might be interested in your business. This step is usually followed after you post an ad. Sometimes the page gets blocked but nothing to worry. Facebook will still keep you informed and help you get the answer to your query that how to increase Facebook likes?

3.Market friendly content:

We are living in a world of competition. What is more inspiring is more fascinating. It is not merely the text but several other modes of inspiring the visitors to your page. Explore the devices that can be of great help like videos, inspiring quotes, and even memes. The more creative mind you have, the more things will be on your side. 

4.Giveaways and offers:

Incentives always reap benefits. It is exciting for the visitors and beneficial for the business owners. People are compelled to visit the page to look for the offers and giveaways. A satisfied and happy customer would end up giving a thumbs up for how you are managing to ensure quality and keeping them happy. 

5.Preparing the audience for something new:

If you are planning to add something new to your business or it is just the beginning let the audience know about it in a unique way. Create eye-catching backgrounds. Use words and introductory content that can grab attention. This helps in furnishing a reputation that can get more likes. It is extremely beneficial for startups.

6.The pop-up option:

Getting subscribers is different from getting likes. It is not necessary that all those subscribing support you by liking as well. To just increase the likes add the pop-up window to your page. There are certain tools that can help you add a pop-up. OptinMoster is a great tool in this regard that can actually gear up your performance. It manages the timer and then after a person is on the page for a few moments a pop-up appears asking to express the like for the page. It is better to make it simple and less time-consuming. Too many pop-ups can be bothering the people. 

7. Go live:

This is an amazing opportunity. Introduce the business through a live session. The videos can be promoted on multiple platforms and it would go viral in the least expected time. Thus, it becomes possible to get likes. 


Next time if you are looking for the answer to your query regarding increasing Facebook likes do go through some of these points. It would definitely help.

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