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How to Get a Virtual Number for WhatsApp?


The policies of WhatsApp and other social media platforms are quite restrictive. They ban users for many reasons, including advertising and bulk mailing. However, commercial activity on social networks becomes more profitable with the spread of social media. Sometimes, you need to register numerous accounts for your business purposes. An effective solution to avoid troubles with the ban on WhatsApp is to use virtual numbers by HotTelecom https://hottelecom.biz/virtual-number-for-whatsapp.html.

Virtual Numbers for Social Media

There are plenty of reasons to prefer virtual numbers for registering on social media:

  • Protection of your privacy.
  • Possibility to sign up for numerous accounts.
  • Security matters.
  • Even if your account is banned, you can easily register for a new one.

If you use a personal phone number for registration, an account ban means that you will have to throw it away. This can be a difficult solution since all your friends and business partners need to get in touch with you. The use of a virtual number implies that your permanent phone number is protected and can be used for fulfilling other important tasks. 

Two Types of Virtual Phone Numbers

  • One-time or disposable virtual number is used for a single purpose. In this case, it will be registered on WhatsApp. After that, the number is deactivated. No one will be able to use it again.
  • A permanent virtual number has a lot of useful features. You can use it as a regular phone number in any place with an Internet connection. You won’t even need a mobile phone to make calls. 

The Simplicity of Buying a Virtual Number from HotTelecom

  • Sign up for a personal account on the HotTelecom website.
  • Select the type of phone number. 
  • Specify the country and choose the local operator. 
  • Find a preferable virtual number among proposed ones.
  • Customize calls forwarding.
  • Pay for the service in any comfortable way.

With the virtual number service from HotTelecom, your activity on WhatsApp will be safe and effective. All restrictions and barriers will be easily overcome for your future benefit!

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