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Five Learning Apps to Help Students Increase Knowledge

Learning Apps to Help Students Increase Knowledge

Students often need all the help they can get. Of course, these days finding such help is easier than ever before. All you need to do is to unblock your smartphone, really. The rest is up to you. You can fill your devices with various learning apps and all kinds of similar helpers, or you can use your phones only as study destructions. We surely recommend the former. Besides, learning apps are getting more and more entertaining and engaging. They are designed to encourage you to study. Hence, their teaching process always has many fun elements to it. Here are just a few learning apps to help students increase their knowledge. Enjoy!

1. Duolingo

There is no better foreign language learner than Duolingo. Trust us, we have tried many before coming up with this list. Duolingo has it all. It is fun, engaging, and entertaining. It uses various forms of studying to keep your interest high and stress level low. The app asks you to spend just a few minutes per day for studies. Though, once you open the application, the time flies. You don’t even notice how much productive time you spend there. The platform also has a wonderful community, where each student can also be a teacher. Hence, whenever you have a problem or question, you can ask it in the comments. We guarantee you’ll have your answer within minutes. A great bonus is that you can use Duolingo for free. Though, you can also buy a premium version to support the developers and get some advances in your learning experience.

2. TedTalks

Now, of course, TedTalks is not only for students. Any person can find something useful and informative in those short videos. Though originally, it was designed as a platform to inspire students and gather together all bright minds of academia. These days, though, it is a great portal to receive new knowledge. You can hear the voices of famous writers, activists, scientists, and many other specialists from numerous fields. Though the topics of the discussions can be incredibly different, they are all united by a single goal. That goal is to make the world a better place. You can download a TedTalks application for a more comfortable experience. The platform sends you a weekly digest with the most popular videos. It also generates a selection of the best videos specifically to your interests. You can use TedTalks completely for free.

3. Grammar Girl

For everyone out there who is having writing issues, we have a solution. Grammar Girl is a perfect application for those who want to increase their knowledge of English grammar. The platform does wonders with those rules. It turns stiff old grammar rules into fun little notes that explain hard terms in very simple words. In other words, it can be your best English teacher ever. Every time you are having a problem while writing, you can turn to Grammar Girl for help. Of course, if you still need some assistance with your academic papers, you can use writing services. We recommend checking a speedy paper review to see how a proper writing service should work. The service is free of charge.

4. Amazon Kindle

We all know what Amazon is. We also know about the kindle. Though, the combination of these two together can make a great gift for all the students out there. Over the years, it has grown to become one of the most traditional learning apps among young users. College does come with a lot of reading requirements. An Amazon Kindle app is your way to get them all done. Also, the app saves you a lot of money, as e-books tend to be less expensive than their printed versions. You can use the app for free, though you need to buy books inside the application.

5. Coursera

If you tell us you’ve never heard about Coursera, we won’t believe you. It is an irreplaceable knowledge island that you, as a student, should worship. The platform is a gift for us all. It provides so much study materials, lectures, courses on various disciplines that you almost don’t need to go to college anymore. Of course, we are kidding, so, please, don’t drop out. Though do download Coursera to see what it can offer you. We promise you, it will not disappoint. The application offers numerous classes on various disciples. You can always find there what you are looking for. Moreover, you can even get a certificate about completing the courses you have chosen. Many of the courses are in free access. Some will cost you, though, they are always worth it. The app is also an interesting mixture of old school education system and modern study approaches. Hence, you are never bored.

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