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EaseUS Best Data Recovery Software Review


Have you ever lost the critical data on the system while working? It is not an unusual thing. This happens in the case of both the professionals and the ordinary. The data is lost and is no longer lost forever. There is a software option available to recover and get back the information that you need quite often. Technological innovation has made it possible to retrieve the data lost from Windows without any problem.

There are multiple options available with the users to recover the data. Several software creators are doing the job quite well. Among these available options, the EaseUS data recovery wizard emerges as the most reputed software to find the solution to the lost data. The history of success is 15 years old. This tested software is even easy to use for those who don’t have much computer knowledge.

Why You Should Use EaseUS Data Recovery Software?

Data loss can happen with anyone and any time. There are several factors involved in the data damage. It can be because of the damage of the hard disk, accidental deletion, partition loss, virus attack, or system crash.

Although all these factors are unique and different from each other, EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard handles all of these in just one way. If you have simply deleted the files, before running the EaseUS data recovery option, try looking for the files in the recycling bin first. In case the bin is emptied, then you would need the assistance of free data recovery software.

Why EaseUS is better than others?

The EaseUS wizard is meant to recover the damaged or lost files for Windows and Mac. There are two versions of the software available for both these OSes. They are the paid and the free version. The free version allows the recovery of 1 GB data. It also provides usb recovery. The software gives an edge to those who share the software to social media as with this, and they can get the opportunity of recovering 2 GB data.

The interface is even more appreciable. Even the first time, users cherish the features that they have never used before. The interface allows us to either get the deleted data back or get the complete restoration.

To look for the data in any partition or folder, the first step is to open the Windows Explorer integration. As the thumbnails appear, it becomes easier to redeem them. For complete recovery, choose the types, files, and the formats that you are looking for.

The application also helps in getting back the data that you lost due to formatting. It is also helpful in the recovery of files that were lost due to system crashes.

How To Recover Data Using EaseUS

EaseUS is not a complex application. It is user friendly and extremely helpful. For those who have no experience in this field, the application will turn out to be a straightforward and convenient way to keep the lost data.

The recovery procedure includes three steps.

1. Be clear where you lost the data. Instead of wasting time searching for the lost data, it is better to hunt in the area where it was lost. After accessing the area start the file search.


2. Run a full scan on the device. Two scanning options are being quick scan and deep scan. The process can be stopped or paused in between the scan. The scan results can be exported or imported as well.

EASEUS DRIVE recover pictures

3. Complete the scan and then filter the files. If there is some confusion, then you can check for the previews available as well. If the file you want to retrieve is a media file, it is still possible to get the preview.

EASEUS DRIVE data recovered

Unique Features of EaseUS

It is for the following reasons that the users admire the functionality of this data recovery wizard:

  • Easy to follow interface for beginners
  • Complete security of the source data ensured.
  • Use of optimized algorithms for efficient scanning
  • Easy to handle scanning with pause, stop, and restart option.
  • Importing saved scan results to resume recovery.

Why Your Data Get Lost?

There are different reasons behind losing the data that include

  • RAW partition
  • Accidental deletion
  • Section loss
  • Formatting
  • System crash
  • Hard drive failure
  • Virus intrusion

Besides the free version, there is an option of the pro version too. This is a much powerful version that allows deep scanning till the last byte lost is recovered.


EaseUS is the name of efficiency and safety. It allows us to take good care of the data. The data analysis completes in the minimal expected time and thus permits tracking the lost files in any partition, file, or hard drive.

Scouring the files was never as easy as it is with the robust system. It is not easy to get back the files that were lost while working with the other software.

It is hard to ignore the interface. It focuses on three different areas being file, full and folder recovery. Although it has just the option of the English language but still the intuitive features make it highly commendable. It is a perfect experience for those who have no experience of using it. The system is perfectly organized. All it needs to start the recovery is to click on the option interest for the software.

There is a minor problem with recovering the data from the C or D drive. This process is a little slower than the recovery from other folders. This time-consuming recovery can bother those who are looking for a quick action recovery.


In short, the entire program is the best solution to recover the files and data of all kinds. Get back the files that you lost and get the benefits you never thought of.

If the things are clear then it’s time to get this recovery wizard for the system.

Happy recovery!!!


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