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Although Instagram initially started out as a photo-sharing social media platform, it didn’t take long to turn it into a popular video-sharing platform. Since then, watching Instagram videos and reels has enhanced users’ social media experience, but wanting to download them to users’ devices can be a matter of extreme hassle. To relieve your frustration, we have devised a list of methods through which you can conduct an Instagram to MP4 download anytime, anywhere, at ease.¬†

How to download Instagram videos and reels| Top three methods

First of all, there is more than one way to save Instagram videos and reels, but not all of them are worth trusting. You may find numerous Instagram downloaders that promise to facilitate downloading Instagram motion content. However, while in use, they are often found broken with error messages, accused of spreading malware, logging users’ data without notifying, providing low-quality output, etc. We have tested a vast amount of IG video downloaders and recommend the items below for safe, accurate, and efficient use.

Download videos from Instagram using Instagram Online Converters.

Using Instagram online converters is deemed the ideal option by considering multiple aspects, such as easy usability, safe operating environment, output quality, etc. Below are some of the best Insta savers we recommend, along with individual steps for each:

Download Instagram videos and reels using Smoothdownloader

While searching for the best online IG video downloader, the Smoothdownloadder Instagram Downloader caught our eyes for multiple reasons. It has a clean and sleek interface, which complements its rapid navigational capability. Using the services requires no sign-up or registration. You can access this platform anytime, from any device, and anywhere to save HD, FHD, 2K, and 4K resolution videos. Executing the download process is straightforward and outlined below:

Open Instagram from your device and copy the desired video link from the address bar or from the share option.

Paste the link on SmoothDownloader Instagram Video Downloader and click “Get Instagram Video Info.”

Once processed, hit the “Download Instagram Video Now.” button.¬†

As the IG video or reels start playing within the browser, click the three-dot icon and select “Download” to save as MP4.

Download Instagram videos and reels using InstaFinsta.

Suppose you are looking for an Instagram downloader that is easy to handle and ensures successful 720p, 1080p, 1140p, and 2160p downloads while offering the utmost privacy protection guarantee. In that case, the InstaFinsta Instagram Video and Reels Downloader should be your definite pick. It is another online platform that is entirely free to use and doesn’t show ads at any step of use.

  1. Access the Instagram app or web page and find the video you want to download. 
  2. Copy the video or Reels link from the address bar or share option. 
  3. Go to InstaFinsta Instagram Video and Reels Downloader and paste the link into the input link.
  4. Start the conversion by clicking “Get Instagram Video Info.”
  5. Click “Download Instagram Video Now” once the video preview is available.
  6. When the video starts playing, select “Download” from the three-dot menu to save it as MP4.

You can also utilize similar online tools like SaveFBvid and SaveFBvideos for the same purpose.

How to download videos and reels from Instagram without using third-party platforms

If you don’t want to rely on third-party methods to save Instagram videos, we have a solution for that, too. A recent addition to the Instagram mobile app enables users to save specific videos and reels with just one tap. This is a very convenient method as you don’t have to leave the Instagram platform to avail of a download. Here’s how to download Instagram videos on iPhone or Android:

Here’s how you can do it from your Instagram app:¬†

  1. Open the IG video or reels you wish to download from Instagram app.
  2. The save option may appear as three dots (ellipsis), a Send button, or a downward arrow icon, depending on your app version and device. Tap on it to reveal more options.
  3. Select “Save” or “Save Video” to save the video or reels to the camera roll.

Note that this option is exclusively available within the Instagram app. Additionally, some downloaded videos may be muted depending on your location due to copyright protection measures. But at the end of the day, it is the best you can ask from Instagram as a default video-saving option. 

How to download videos from Instagram using Screen Recorder 

YES! It is possible to save Instagram videos and reels by simply screen recording them. Nowadays, every smartphone and PC comes with a default screen recorder. If your device has none, try using a high-rated App Store or Play Store screen recorder. Follow the below steps for screen recording a video or Reels from Instagram:

  1. Open the IG video or reels you wish to download from Instagram app.
  2. If your device has a built-in screen recorder, access it from the action center and tap to activate it.
  3. Alternatively, tap its floating toggle icon to start recording if you have a screen recording app.
  4. Once activated, tap the red record button to start recording the video.
  5. To stop recording, tap the same red button or another stop button in the toggle icon. 

Ensure the screen recorder has “Record Internal Audio” settings to avoid extra noises before recording.¬†

To Conclude

Social media platforms like Instagram have significantly opened newer doors for video entertainment. Consequently, it’s pretty standard for users to desire to save these videos to their devices. Hence, you can follow any of the above methods without thinking twice. However, we recommend using online downloaders as they are the most efficient, straightforward, and safest method for downloading Instagram videos and Reels.


How to download Instagram videos without a watermark?

Download your desired Instagram videos without a watermark using the Smoothdownloader IG Video Downloader. It is free to use and requires no credentials to avail of the services. With this tool, conduct an unrestricted number of Instagram to MP4 downloads without hassle. 

How to download Instagram videos on Chrome?

To download Instagram videos using Chrome on your PC, you must utilize a third-party online downloader tool such as InstaFinsta IG Downloader. Simply access the tool and follow the easy steps outlined for Chrome browser users. Additionally, you’ll find instructions for mobile use within the tool.

What is the best IG photo downloader?

The Smoothdownloader Instagram Photo Downloader and Viewer is considered the best IG photo downloader, given its high-profile capability of not just viewing an IG photo full size but also an easy, safe, and quick download. 

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