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Why Do So Few Companies Have Customer Support Emails


Customer service has progressed significantly over the years, moving away from transactional contacts and toward encounters that focus on the customer experience. Customers were once viewed as a simple business transaction, with the customer journey effectively ending at the point of sale. And if the customer required assistance, it had to be done during normal business hours. Customer service has progressed since then. The client journey does not end with the first transaction; it’s now just as crucial to delivering excellent after-sales care.

Internet Guide in 2022

The customer service business is experiencing a resurgence. Customer service is maturing as a specialization, providing businesses with a difficult-to-copy competitive advantage. It has surely been through some transformation, beginning in the 1960s with telephone-based businesses and the introduction of call centers. The companies were able to resolve issues of their customers even if nominally. However, as internet access became more common, things altered once more. Customers today have a plethora of resources for learning more about the businesses they’re considering and the products they offer, thanks to social media, internet forums, and review websites, and disgruntled customers can reach many more people with their support horror stories.

Whenever there is any sort of issue that a customer faces, they tend to reach out to the business via email, as compared to any other channel. Even then there have been instances of many companies reducing their priority towards emails, and switching towards live chats and calls more and more. However, it is not all companies retiring from this channel of customer support. For instance, if you reach out to Centurylink customer service you can definitely reach them out through an email regarding any query. Even though a fair share of the companies is choosing to leave email supports behind, the customers aren’t ready to do so just yet. 

People nowadays expect to be able to seek help on their preferred channel and desire convenience. Companies must reprioritize email in order to provide good customer service that customers demand and can have a beneficial impact on their business. Before looking at other channels, companies should focus on updating the service they provide clients in their inboxes. 

Customer Support for Companies

Customers prefer emails over other channels for the following reasons:

  • The customer does not have to wait on hold for a long period of time. It is rather convenient for them and they can have the entire interaction on their own terms.
  • Email is utilized in our personal and professional life on a regular basis, and it is accessible on all of our devices.
  • Most importantly the entire conversation is recorded and can be referred to at any time.

Now onto the other side of why few companies have customer support, emails can be following:

  • Chatbots are more time and cost-efficient for the company. Since they are managed by AI agents, it cuts out on the cost of labor. As AI Agents that manage email discussions must be more advanced than those that manage a website or social media dialogues. Because email communications are often longer and have numerous purposes. 
  • Even though while reaching out to the company via email saves you from a lot of hold time, it still needs patience. Since it takes at least 12 – 72 hours for a response from an email, this can leave a negative remark on the company’s reputation. 
  • Email as the primary tool for engagement breaks down when your company expands and more customers seek out to discuss. Sending an inquiry and waiting hours or days for a response has a negative impact on the customer’s experience.
  • The biggest issue with enhancing customer care email management is that many businesses are overwhelmed by the volume of emails they get from customers. Given what customers anticipate from businesses in terms of email customer service contacts, firms who do not provide email assistance that meets their needs are likely to lose a lot of customers they don’t even realize they’ve lost. Many businesses find themselves in an awkward situation where they need to upgrade their email support system but lack the staff or funding to do so.


In general, however, emails are incomparable if you’ve ever dealt with what passes for phone assistance in today’s business. Providing email-based ticket help is certainly the most efficient and effective way of providing high-quality support to our customers. Email is still less expensive than calling someone. More crucially, when it’s part of an omnichannel strategy, it may work in tandem with other channels. Even then, email support seems to be fading out of the conversation as companies are under increasing pressure to respond to clients promptly these days, as the use of messaging apps and social media for customer support continues to expand. 

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