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Instagram is one of the most effective social media platforms you can incorporate into your social media marketing strategy. It plays a critical role in helping individuals and businesses create brand awareness and it promotes engagement with your target audiences. To achieve this benefit, you need a significant IG following to improve your visibility on the platform. 

When your IG page has many followers, it can attract more fans. This will help promote engagement with large numbers of users. If the page shows more growing popularity, the Instagram algorithms will reward it with an increased audience that will be able to like the content and follow the account. A strong IG presence can go a long way in helping your brand gain a strong and growing competitive advantage. 

However, attracting followers to your Instagram profile can be daunting, especially if your brand is not popular. This challenge can be overcome by purchasing IG followers, which signals the algorithms that your content deserves more visibility and a better chance of growing organically.

This guide reviews the five best sites to buy Instagram followers.

Buy Instagram Followers from These 5 Best Sites



Buzzoid offers real followers on IG that can help you reach a wider audience. Building a strong following on Instagram is a long process, so this reliable site can help you jumpstart your growth. When you have a higher follower count, the Instagram algorithm will boost your exposure and show your content to many more potential followers that you could attract on your own. That’s the key to organic growth on the app.

There’s another benefit, too. When people notice that an account has a large following and lots of activity, they are more likely to hit the “follow” button. Buying followers accelerates that process. Buzzoid only delivers real followers that the algorithms will recognize; fake followers generated by bots and sold by scammy sites won’t help with growth and may lead to account deletion.

Buzzoid offers eight packages of followers that can boost your growth on Instagram, and eight more packages of premium followers that trigger even stronger growth. These packages are competitively priced, never more expensive than other major Instagram providers. Either way, customers receive instant delivery of followers.  

Buying followers from Buzzoid is safe and secure. Customers are not asked to provide passwords or other sensitive details. You only need to provide your Instagram username and email address. 24/7 customer support is also available to provide assistance, answer questions, and create custom packages of followers, likes, comments, and views.



Twicsy is another legitimate site where you can buy Instagram followers, views, likes, and comments. It has been recommended by popular media such as Delco Times, Men’s Journal, US Magazine, and others.

Twicsy offers many different packages of Instagram followers that vary in price depending on size. Small packages of 100 and 250 real followers are available, and the options then increase up to 20,000 authentic IG followers. High-powered premium followers are available for an added fee.

Once you purchase your preferred package, you can enjoy instant delivery and you’ll start to see organic growth shortly after that as the algorithms increase the audience for your content. 

Buying followers from Twicsy is safe and secure. The site uses encryption and secure servers to protect data. Additionally, you will not be asked for sensitive information like your password or name. All you need is an email address and username. Just as importantly, Twicsy offers excellent customer support. If you need assistance, you can contact the support team 24/7.


Rushmax is another good option you can consider when it comes to buying high-quality, real followers. The site is reliable, and it offers different packages of followers at competitive rates. For instance, you can get 100 genuine IG followers for only $3. You can expect quick growth of your IG page soon after buying your preferred package since your followers will be delivered virtually instantly.

The site is safe and secure since customers only need to use their username and email address. No password is required, or any other personal details like name or address. You can choose an appropriate payment option and the transaction will be fully encrypted for your protection. Rushmax also offers exceptional customer support. The dedicated customer service team is available 24/7, so you can contact them at any time for help or to answer questions about the right size of package to order. 


InstaPort is just as good as Rushmax. It offers packages of 100-20,000 real followers with real accounts, at affordable rates. You can jumpstart your social media journey by choosing a suitable pack and a convenient payment method. When you buy followers from this provider, you can observe the instant growth of your IG account thanks to increased visibility for your content.

As your larger audience sees the number of your followers growing, they are more likely to develop a greater interest in your profile and decide to follow you. InstaPort offers a simple ordering process, full security, and 24-hour customer support. 


MaxSocialImpact also delivers real followers with real Instagram accounts, meaning their engagements can produce positive results for your Insta account. They can’t deliver the same maximum followers that the other services on this list offer, though, and the quality of their real followers can be a bit iffy at times. They won’t put your account in any danger, but the organic growth you see may not be as impressive as the results that services like Buzzoid and Twicsy deliver.

MaxSocialImpact measures up in all other areas, like rapid delivery, good customer experience, and helpful client support. And since prices are a little lower than you’ll have to pay the other providers we’ve highlighted, it might be worth taking a look at this option for Instagram growth.

Why Should I Buy Instagram Followers?

When you buy followers, your account will be able to gain traction because the increased popularity tells the system’s algorithms that your account deserves a larger audience. activity. A higher follower count also looks more attractive to surfers as well, since they’ll want to see why so many others have liked your content and decided to follow you. 

How do I Buy IG Followers?

The process of buying Instagram followers is easy and safe. All you need to do is provide your username and email address. You will not be asked for sensitive information or your Insta password. Choose your preferred package of followers and process your payment. The payment methods offered by providers are safe, convenient, and secure. 

How Many Followers Should I Buy?

The number of followers you should purchase depends on the size of your account. If you are still new on Instagram, you need to start with small packages of followers so that you can carefully monitor your progress and don’t call unwanted attention to “unnatural activity” on your account. Once your account has started growing, you can increase the size of the follower packages you buy. Just be sure to always purchase real IG followers; quality matters even more than quantity.   

Is it Legal to Buy Followers?

There’s no law against buying followers, so authorities won’t be showing up at your door. The better question to ask is whether it violates Instagram’s rules, and the answer is fuzzy. You’re not supposed to use deceptive methods on the app, which means that buying “fake” followers created with bots can get you penalized or banned. But adding real IG followers with real accounts is simply a natural activity, which is safe and won’t endanger your account. 

How Effective is the Strategy of Buying Instagram Followers?

Once you buy real followers, you can see growth in your audience and follower base very quickly. And if you’re not sure whether it’s worth trying, know this: most Instagram influencers reached that lofty status with the invaluable help of purchased followers. Quite simply, it works.

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