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5 Tips to Build an On-demand Delivery App That Helps You Make Money


The on-demand niche spells convenience, which is why it is raging. With the accessibility that on-demand solutions provide, they are slowly entering almost all niches. From on-demand payments to groceries, you have an on-demand app for everything.

Think of the possibility where an immediate delivery can enhance experiences, and you have your next on-demand app idea.

However, having an app idea is not enough; you need to ensure that it is converted into a robust app that can earn your business enough profits. Here, we will discuss the top tips to help you with on-demand app development for your delivery business.

Best Tips to Develop an On-demand Delivery App That Makes Money

It is estimated that the on-demand economy will reach $335 billion by 2025. Consumers are spending approximately $57.8 billion in the on-demand niche. This brings an opportunity for all who want to build an on-demand delivery app.

These top tips have been curated for those who don’t have any idea but want to make their way into the on-demand segment. You may have a vague thought; these tips can give them some context.

1. Know the Pain Points

You want to be the next Uber for some category. However, unless you know your target market and their pain points, your idea is not worth investment. Your first step is to understand the on-demand segment you are eyeing.

Say you want to enter the logistics niche. Start studying the pain points of your end customers. Getting the vehicles for the movement of goods on time is a significant issue for this segment. You can have an on-demand trucking app, where they can call for transport as soon as the cargo is ready for shipment. This will solve a significant issue.

Similarly, if you want to start pet sitting services, you will need to study the pain points and determine how to build your app accordingly.

2. Design for User Experience

Your app won’t create ripples on the app stores unless you offer exceptional experiences. It would help if you thought user-first to grant their experience wishes. It is essential to look at your competition and the top players in the on-demand segment to note what makes them stand out. 

For example, if you create the next Uber for your niche, you should study why Uber is outperforming their competition. What makes their app stand out? You would probably come up with reasons like no clutter, clearly defined tasks, and organized screens. As a result, the user has a good time when they are moving along the screen.

Designing for the user experience also means knowing how your user consumes an app. For example, check out whether they use the portrait mode or a landscape mode? Should your application move seamlessly from portrait to landscape? This is true for most streaming apps. 

Research is the key to getting answers to these questions. 

3. Define the Key Features

Features and functionality are essential for app development. It would help if you planned them early on to get maximum time to define and prioritize the development.

When planning a delivery app, you have two players involved – the person delivering and the one receiving the delivery. Let’s talk about a food delivery app; it interests restaurants, partner deliverers, and the customers. In the case of a ridesharing app, there are administrators from the business side, the customers, and the drivers.

Here are the must-have features for the three apps:

Driver App

  • Status Update
  • Real-time tracking
  • GPS map
  • Earnings history
  • Rating of the customer
  • In-app chat
  • In-app payments
  • Best routes

Customer App

  • Ride History
  • Drop location selection
  • In-app payments
  • Multiple destinations
  • Real-time tracking

Admin Panel

  • Add/remove accounts
  • Details for a driver/customer
  • Ride details
  • In-app notifications
  • Connect with driver/rider

4. Work on Monetization Model

When building a mobile app, you should also consider how you aim to earn money from the application. If all the above tips have been clearly defined, you will have an engaging and fully functional app. Then, it is time to think of the monetization methods.

Here are four models that you can use to earn money and make profits with an on-demand app.

  • The Commission: Whether you are onboarding restaurants or car drivers, you can charge a certain amount as commission for every ride. So, if the driver earns $50 for a ride, you can ask for a 2% commission. Ensure the commission percentage is defined and mentioned to all the people involved.
  • Delivery Charges: This works for laundry apps, restaurant apps, and other places where product delivery is involved. You can add a particular amount as a delivery charge and earn from your customer for every order they place.
  • Surge Pricing: During peak season or when there is a higher demand, you can surge the prices too. This way, you will earn when people are ready to pay.
  • Advertising: In-app advertising is an excellent way to earn the big bucks from your on-demand app business. You can run video ads or display ads to garner attention and make money from your advertisers. 

 5. Onboard a Tech Partner

The last step is to onboard an efficient and highly experienced on-demand mobile app development company. You want someone who has the knowledge and the experience of delivering on-demand apps for your business. Check for their expertise, and give their portfolio a detailed look. Don’t partner with someone before you have met them once, either virtually or in person. 


Along with the idea, now you have a good plan and the right tech partner. It is time to unveil your blueprint and develop the concept into an app solution. It is now time to think about how to drive more downloads and engage your customers.

Once you are in the execution mode, start working on your launch phase. First, determine your marketing efforts and identify your partners to launch the app and maximize conversions.

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