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Splunk is a renowned platform that is extensively used for incident management. This software enables users to enjoy a wealth of features. By making use of this tool, you can enhance the productivity and efficiency of your company. With its prominent offerings like enterprise-ready solutions, it also has several downsides. From its high pricing to its outdated interface, you have to deal with many complexities by integrating this software with your organization’s. These cons make people search for Splunk competitors. If your organization needs the particular features offered by Splunk with updated interfaces and attractive packages, this blog is yours to read.¬†

Learn about the 5 leading Splunk competitors popular among organizations for incident response management.

Top 5 Splunk Competitors You Should Know About

There are quite a few Splunk competitors in the market but only some thrive because of their promising features. Here are the best Splunk competitors you can put your trust in. 

1. Zenduty

The ideal partner for small, medium-sized, and large ventures, Zenduty helps with cutting-edge incident response management solutions. You can manage your production operation with the best on-call and incident response practices. By providing second-to-none SLAs, you can keep yourself ahead of your competitors. Zenduty’s expert team helps keep your incident responder agile to respond to playbooks, smart annotations, and intelligent contexts that are detected on their radar. You can even manage on-call schedules without any hassle. You get access to visually attractive and simple override schedules, along with color-coded and clear representations.

With Zenduty, you no longer have to deal with noisy alerts. It empowers you with the capability to dynamically route alerts to dedicated teams according to affected customers, services, or components. 

2. New Relic

By using Artificial Intelligence, New Relic brings you innovative incidence response solutions. From alert noise reduction to visual insights on different metrics, by choosing New Relic, you can effectively manage incidences and streamline your operations. This is one of the most-sorted Splunk competitors used for group-related alerts. Now, you can concentrate on the critical work with only one report with context instead of multiple notifications. New Relic offers numerous integrations along with full-stack observability in a single place. 

3. AlertOps

AlertOps is an IT service and incidence management platform with similar features to Splunk On-call and Opsgenie. With these, this tool includes added features like the heartbeat monitoring solution in their premium packages. Be it invoice generation or database backup, you can find hassle-free solutions by using this incident management software. The notable benefits that users can take advantage of include ento-to-end automation and white-glove onboarding. 

4. Better Stack

For monitoring pivotal aspects like SSL certificates and heartbeat, Better Stack has managed to bag a top spot among incidence management tools. It notably decreases MTTRs by enabling users to opt for smart incident merging, second-by-second screenshots of incident timelines, and postmortems. If anything goes wrong, this tool immediately notifies you with its advanced rules of incident escalation and on-call calendar and scheduling. Betters Stack’s beneficial offerings include 30 30-second checking intervals, an all-in-one platform for incident management, and advanced features in premium packages. 

5. Resolver

This is among the top Splunk competitors that have proved beneficial for many prominent corporate players, including Starbucks, Toyota, and T-Mobile. By focusing on comprehending an organization’s operational workflow and adapting it, Resolver has gained the trust of many users. It further simplifies collecting and tracking incident data with AI-driven offerings. Resolver also has additional features that enhance security with the latest incident reporting solutions. It follows industry best practices along with impactful automation, enhancing productivity optimally. 


As Splunk, the incident management platform, lacks many features and has highly-priced packages, companies are choosing Splunk competitors. If you are searching for an appropriate incident management platform you can definitely pick any of the five options discussed in this blog. However, for a smooth experience with unique features offered at an affordable price point, you ought to try Zenduty. Its response rate is 10 times better than many leading platforms. Plus, you can try their packages for free before opting for a prolonged service. 

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