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Are Mechanical Keyboards Worth It? Know When To Buy One!


Mechanical keyboards undoubtedly look exclusive. So if your impulsive mind wants to buy one instantly, we don’t blame the urge. 

But before that, you should know: are mechanical keyboards worth it? In short, yes, mechanical keyboards are worth it equally for typing and gaming. The tactile and precise typing will give you the utmost feel and reduce typing fatigue. So owning a mechanical hot swappable keyboard will be worth it! 

However, we are not happy to delight you with a short explanation, so we have prepared the full brief for you. Now we will dive into the details! 

Are Mechanical Keyboards Worth It?

Yes, mechanical keyboards are worth purchasing for regular usage and gaming. These keyboards have more advanced features than ordinary keyboards to offer you. You will get the precise typing feeling with the tactile feedback.

Because of the tactile feedback, you will enjoy typing for a long time. Moreover, these keyboards offer wrist support that membrane keyboards don’t, so you won’t feel typing fatigue at all. 

For your convenient assurance on the query of whether mechanical keyboards worth it or not, we have pointed out all the upsides and downsides of these keyboards. Now we will share those with you: 

Advantages Of Mechanical Keyboards:

  • Significant longevity
  • Has mechanical switch underneath
  • Tactile typing feedback 
  • No key stuckness or wearing out 
  • Offers wrist support to reduce typing fatigue 
  • More stability than regular keyboards
  • Effortless Keystrokes
  • Backlighting and RGB looks awesome 
  • Key rollover option

Disadvantages Of Mechanical Keyboards:

  • Louder than usual keyboards 
  • Costly 
  • Weights more than regular keyboards 

So, you can already see that the scale of advantages is warding us off to even look at the disadvantages. Yet, if you are not a heavy PC user, the expensive keyboards might not be for you. You can stick to membrane keyboards. Otherwise, these keyboards are indeed worth buying for gamers and regular heavy PC users. 

Is A Mechanical Keyboard Worth It For Gaming?

If you intend to improve the gaming performance, a mechanical keyboard might not bring a lot of superior modifications. But of course, you will love the experience of gaming to another level using mechanical ones as gaming keyboards. Because of the tactile feedback, these keyboards make gaming more fun.

In addition, if you are a professional gamer, you need to give much time to gaming. Due to that, you might get wrist and typing fatigue. A mechanical keyboard will surely help with that. Most professional gamers prefer to use these keyboards as gaming keyboards because of the advancements. 

Alongside, a mechanical keyboard can give you the robust pro-gamer feeling because it goes with your gaming PC build. If you get a mechanical console, the entire look of the PC will be fascinating. 

However, if we focus on the cost, if you are not a professional gamer, and if the advantages don’t tempt you that much- you can avoid getting one as your gaming keyboard. But we must say, all the advanced features of a mechanical gaming keyboard are entirely worth the price to grab it as your gaming keyboard. 

Are Mechanical Keyboards Better?

Standard keyboards have rubber membranes under the keys, but the mechanical keyboards come with a key switch under every key. As a result, mechanical switches give a premium feel to the typist. So, if we compare the quality and performance, mechanical keyboards deserve the upvote that ordinary keyboards.

Mechanical keyboards offer more customization options which are fun, and you can use your personal preference here, which regular keyboards don’t provide. So, mechanical keyboards are better in many areas if you can pick the right one. 

Some Comparisons Between Different Keyboards: 

Now we will show you some differentiation between two different keyboards and mechanical ones to understand which one is more suitable for you. Let’s have a look:

Membrane Keyboards Vs. Mechanical:

Feature Membrane KeyboardMechanical Keyboard 
Under-Key Mechanism Rubber Membrane Switches 
Typing ResponseSoft And MushyTactile And Offers Clicky Switch 
Key Rollover Absent Present 
Affordability More Affordable Costly 


Semi Mechanical Vs Mechanical Keyboard:

Feature Semi-Mechanical keyboardMechanical Keyboard 
Under-Key Mechanism Some Of The Keys Contain Rubber Membrane And Some Of Them Have Switches Switches 
Typing ResponseA Mixture Of Soft, Mushy, And Tactile Feature Tactile Feedback With A Click Sound
Affordability More Affordable Costly 
Good For Moderate Users Typists, Gamers, Heavy PC Users 


Should I Buy A Mechanical Keyboard?

Buying a mechanical keyboard might be expensive, but it is worth the cost you pay. Because the premium feeling due to the mechanical keyboard switch is scarce in other keyboards. Also, longevity speaks for the price. Overall, considering all the features, if you are a typist or a gamer, you should get a mechanical keyboard rather than buying a rubber dome keyboard. 

More To Know About These Keyboards: 

Why Are Mechanical Keyboards So Expensive?

Unlike regular keyboards, the mechanical ones are built differently. Each of the keys has switches underneath them, providing you with a tactile switch feeling. As a result, the mechanism requires extra effort. Besides, these keyboards offer more versatility in terms of usage. That’s why mechanical keyboards are costly. 

How Long Do Mechanical Keyboards Last?

The longevity of mechanical keyboards is worth it. These keyboards offer up to 10 years of durability. On top of that, these don’t even wear out! You can enjoy the new look for an extended period if you get one. 

Are Mechanical Keyboards Better For Gaming?

Yes, gamers love using these keyboards because of the quick response and tactile feeling of the mechanical switches. These keyboards are sturdier than a regular keyboard, which helps in gaming. So, a mechanical keyboard can fulfill the look and requirement of a gaming PC in every way. 

Are Mechanical Keyboards Better For Typing?

Mechanical keyboards are the best for typing. Typists often feel wrist fatigue, but these keyboards offer excellent wrist support that reduces the fatigue. Also, the tactile switch response while typing makes typing more enjoyable. 

Are Mechanical Keyboards Better For Your Hands?

Yes, these are extremely good for the hands and wrist than a regular keyboard. They provide wrist support that saves you from typing fatigue. Besides, the ergonomic design is a plus-point for your hands to be safe from any exhaustion. 

The Closure 

You already know the answer to your question: are mechanical keyboards worth it? The answer is, yes, these are. While the keyboards might be a little costly, the features are undoubtedly good enough to get one for you. 

If you are not a regular typist or a light PC user, a mechanical keyboard might not be helpful for you. In this case, you can get a standard keyboard. 

But if you are a heavy PC user, typist, or gamer, then a mechanical keyboard will undoubtedly change the whole experience for you, and you will thank us later. 



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