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Linear Actuators in Alternative Energy Solutions and Technologies


The concerns about the environment are growing. And with them, the demand for ecologically clean energy solutions and technologies is increasing. However, now, another question is being raised. All the components of every installation shall be ecologically friendly.

For example, a wind turbine is an environmentally friendly source of clean renewable energy. However, if, for example, one applies hydraulic actuators to build the turbine, the danger to the environment is still very high. Such actuators require the replacement of hydraulic liquid. Another problem is that leaks might occur (usually, hydraulic liquids are toxic). 

Here is when the application of electric actuators is highly beneficial. 24VDC actuators can make alternative energy solutions completely environmentally friendly.  That’s why they are being applied in all types of installations that produce clean energy.

Actuators in Solar Panel Installations

Solar panels are being used more widely. We use them now not only for domestic purposes but in industrial installations, too. Solar energy is irreplaceable on the roads in locations that are not easily accessible. For example, in mountains, providing lighting might be connected with many complications, and installing traditional electric lines might be simply dangerous. The same can be told in the locations with high seismic activity. In such cases, solar panels come to help.

To make solar panels more efficient, special trackers are installed. They move the panel to follow the energy source. The installation can use the sunlight for almost the entire day and thus, to be more efficient. Linear actuators are those elements that make a solar panel move to follow the energy source. 

Electric actuators have some features that are irreplaceable in solar installations. They don’t need maintenance and work on clean energy. Such actuators don’t contain hazardous liquids thus, leaks and damage to the environment are reduced to zero.

Electric Actuators in Wind Turbines

Wind turbines are very specific installations, especially those that are installed by the sea or in it. to make them work properly, durable components are needed. They shall be resistant to the impact of salty water, sunlight, harsh weather conditions. It is a benefit when the components don’t have to be maintained constantly. 

Electric actuators comply perfectly with all the requirements. They don’t contain any hazardous elements. Thus, they don’t compromise the installation sustainability. Electric actuators are pre-lubricated and sealed. They don’t need to be maintained. Additionally, such actuators are easy-to-program and provide top accuracy when it comes to movement and positioning. That’s why such actuators are irreplaceable components of wind turbines.

Final Thoughts

The entire potential of alternative energy sources is still being explored. However, it is possible to see already that linear electric actuators are going to play an immense role in the development of every new installation that is aimed to provide us with clean energy. It happens because:

  • Such actuators are easy-to-control. They can be integrated with all control systems and equipment.
  • The top movement and precision levels allow them to be used in the most demanding installations. 
  • Such actuators don’t require maintenance. Thus, you can install them and forget about them for a couple of decades. 

All these benefits make us believe that electric actuators are going to play an immense role in the development of alternative energy solutions. 

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