¬†YIFY Torrents or YTS is a movie torrent site that provides free torrents to the latest Hollywood movies. YIFY releases are characterized through their HD Video Quality in small file sizes. Which involved many downloaders. The MPAA closed the innovative YIFY/YTS website in 2015. But, many sites copying the YIFY/YTS brand still receive a critical amount of traffic and it can only be accessed through YIFY proxy. ‘YIFY’ is derived from the name of the website’s founder, Yiftach Swery.

What is YIFY and How to Access YIFY Proxy?

YIFY Torrents created by Yiftach Swery in 2010. While he was studying computer science at the University of Waikato. Yiftach is an app developer, web developer, and archery champion from New Zealand. In August 2011, the YIFY brand was enough fast to license the launch of an official YIFY Torrents Website. Although it was finally unhappy by United Kingdom authorities. A backup website, yify-torrents.im, launched for users to avoid this prohibition. We tried our best to gather the best of working yify proxy for you.


List of 20 YIFY Proxy / Mirror Sites in 2020

How To Use YIFY Without VPN?

We can use YIFY without VPN using some methods like mentioned below

  • ¬†Use Proxy Websites
  • ¬†Use IP address instead of URL
  • ¬†Change Network Proxy In Browsers
  • ¬†Bypass censorship via Extensions
  • ¬†Use IP Anonymizer
  • ¬†Recast the URL

How To Access YIFY With VPN?

VPN stands for a virtual private network. It is a private channel that bounces you a harmless and encoded linking to any website on the internet. The calmest way to set up this channel is a VPN service.

You only can make a user account with ExpressVPN, download their buyer to your PC or mobile device, and sign in. The client will construct all for you. And licenses you to enjoy the internet without the option of notice your online action.

YIFY Alternatives and Similar Sites in 2020



Zooqle is an excellent torrent site. The Torrent site gave fresh movies, TV shows, PDFs, Full Games, Software, and more for many years. That is why if you are watching to get all these junk for free, you can use Zooqle torrent to get any of them free. All you want is to have a BitTorrent client. Like BitTorrent, uTorrent, etc in your Private Computer. Zooqle torrent files for movies, TV Episodes, PDFs, full games, and Anime for several years.

Zooqle is the largest torrent site with more than 3.5M confirmed torrents. 2200 trackers associate it. You can catch almost everything from this site. All you want to have is a BitTorrent client like uTorrent on your PC.

I know that is why you are all in love with Zooqle. Still, due to excellent internet piracy and copyright laws. Several ISPs have closed access to Zooqle.



EZTV is a famous name when it derives from downloading TV series. EZTV TV Torrent given that full TV shows, anime series from years. And EZTV users aren’t gifted to find any other torrent network to see such incredible TV torrents. The site is also successful for years to add new features, filters, etc.¬†

If the site is depressed that is understood. But if EZTV is barred by your ISP or government agencies. Then you can’t enter it via your browser anymore. Which can be tried.

Is EZTV blocked? Are you looking for another method to unblock EZTV? There are various options available to get EZTV when it’s blocked. But, EZTV Proxy & Mirror sites are the most excellent likely method. But, the discovery of the working EZTV Proxies and Mirrors is not that effortless.¬†



If you need to download the newest movies, tv shows, games, music, ebooks, and software. Then one of the greatest torrent sites to ruminate is RARBG Torrent. The torrent network is very dynamic. And several torrent files about multimedia, applications & ebooks. These are actually uploaded to the system each minute, given that free entree to all the best junk. If you’re spending RARBG torrent network. And you’ve lately found that you can’t get admittance to its main domain https://rarbg.to anymore. Then the condition is right trying.

Can’t access RARBG? Are you viewing for specific other ways to unblock RARBG? There are many methods to admit RARBG when it is blocked. But, RARBG Proxy & RARBG Mirror sites are the highest possible. But, you’ll decide with me when I say “discovery working RARBG Proxies is not a relaxed job.” Luckily, RARBG staff and more helpers have come up with several RARBG Proxies. Mirror sites to benefit its users to access the torrent site. The RARBG Mirrors will have similar content, outline, and updates as well. The only thing is RARBG Mirrors activate with a different domain name.


1337x.to is a fantastic but straightforward torrent website. That has its type of singular community. Several excessive uploaders deliver through torrents from this website. So, it is a common purpose for everyone. Looking to free download movies, TV shows, music, software, games, and ebooks. But, the site is ongoing to get banned from various countries. It is indeed sad since your country or ISP has an impassable 1337x Torrent website on your internet. Then you can’t admit it nonstop.


Torrentz2.eu is a duplicate, beneficiary, and replacement of Torrentz.eu. It is a wild and great torrent meta-search engine. Joining results from dozens of torrent sites. Torrentz2 appeared several days after the creative Torrentz.EU site. With a huge 75 torrent sites in their index. and with an over-all of 55 million torrents, it has varied handling. While extra count features such as torrent quality voting (fake, password, virus). and a summary of the newest tested music, movies, and TV torrents. The site has grown a huge user base. Tested and Good torrents can establish for diluted torrent sites only.

Torrentz2 exposed the details. that it is not associated with the inventive Torrentz (torrents.eu). and locations itself as a fresh and better-quality version. The site’s development displays that it is putative as another to the former Torrentz.eu.


PassThePopcorn is one of the biggest movies, private trackers. You can catch the cinema for everybody, thanks to an excessive number of films in different categories. and excellence is not bound. Almost any movie you need you can get from its library. Tracker has a high scattering at the upper of world resources, its database has more than 50,000 torrents. and it’s not the bound, as it is efficient with new films of dissimilar types. Here you will find fresh items and classic cinema for everyone. Like comedy, action, science fiction, biography, crime, mystery, sports, art house, romance, more. Its cost is noting that the tracker has an inspiring quantity of Russian films.

Pirates Bay

According to digitalmusicnews.com. The Pirates Bay, which maxes the list of projecting P2P websites. Exceeded 300 million dynamic users in 2017. Creating is one of the maxima visited websites in the world. This site offers torrents that are joined over the BitTorrent protocol. So, for you to be bright to download and share files on this website. You will want to have a BitTorrent program on your computer. Unfortunately, there are many BitTorrent clients offered on the internet. And they can be downloaded for unrestricted use.

The PiratesBay was established in 2003 by a group of anti-copyright crusaders in Sweden. And internet liberty campaigners. The chief co-founders Fredrik Neij and Gottfried Svartholm are recognized as TiAMO and Nakata. The two programmers have been impeached by copyright groups. And counting MPAA for flouting copyright laws. But still, these proceedings, the Pirate Bay’s acceptance continues to produce.


TorrentGalaxy (TGx) is a torrent site for movies, TV shows, music, games, and more download types. Former members of the shutdown extranet produced tux. Next to it’s the best important feature, a torrent search. The site also features a progressive IMDB torrent search. Torrent users can see movies or TV shows by placing their IMDB ID in TorrentGalaxy’s search box. It will be the outcome is a list of all torrents connected to this IMDB item. TorrentGalaxy also agrees in a relaxed way. For porn results for both guests and members. It has also helped to be the first torrent site with arcade games.


There you have it, folks. YIFY torrents and YIFY movies complete a name for themselves. For their excellence and file size, We won’t mention any more unique YIFY proxy. Most of this yify proxy is decent enough for people to visit them. And share them with their friends. 


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