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6 Benefits of Using a Digital Menu Board


Flexibility, innovation, and adapting to change are all vital elements that any business needs to pay attention to in order to keep up with the competition. Times are changing — and fast. Similarly, your customer’s needs and expectations are changing, along with the availability of new approaches to traditional ways of doing things. Updating and upgrading something as seemingly small as the menu of your restaurant can do wonders for your business, believe it or not. Let’s take a closer look at how you can trade your traditional paper menus for innovative and fresh digital menu boards and more. 

What is a Digital Menu Board?

Digital menu boards are modern-day solutions for menus. These are typically seen at fast-food spots, takeaway trucks, shopping center booths, and so on. They are wall-mounted, digital menus that showcase everything your food and drink establishment has to offer. Some establishments choose to have a combination of paper menus and digital menu boards, but have you ever thought that you can get rid of the paper menus altogether? Digital menus are an upscaled version of chalkboard menus and are ideal for self-service establishments where there isn’t a waiter taking the orders. Simply, people will line up by the cash register, choose what they want from the board, and order it with ease. You can always invest a little bit more and opt for digital menu boards that also double as self-checkout stands so that clients can tap away and order on the spot. 

Benefits Of Digital Menus

There’s a long list of advantages that come with incorporating menu boards and digital menus in general. A handful of those are:

  • Visually appealing and descriptive — People eat with their eyes which means that photos or videos of your menu items are always a good idea. Digital menu boards give you the opportunity to have high-quality images displayed that will make it easier for your clients to make a decision about what they want. Also, the menu board will look visually appealing instead of simply having black and white text on it.
  • Short and sweet — Your entire menu will be displayed with one large visual (or shifting images). Some establishments may think their menu is too complex for a digital menu board, but in reality, it’s much more concise and clean than a 20+ page menu. Not only does that make things hard for your staff, but diners too. Everything you need to fit and more will be visible on the digital menu. 
  • No limits for digital menu board design — Images, videos, slideshows… you can let your creativity roam and customize digital menu boards as you like. There isn’t anything you could do with a paper menu that you can’t do with a digital menu. If anything, you can achieve much much more. 
  • Decrease waste — Paper menus are a great waste of resources. They go through immense wear and tear when handled from customer to customer. Also, when you want to add or remove a dish, you need to go out and print a whole new menu. That’s wasteful both in terms of paper and money.
  • Display new offers — You can constantly display your latest offers, promotions, bundles, sales, daily specials, and so on! The board is easily customizable which makes it that much easier to update it accordingly instead of completely redesigning your menu every time or opting for messy leaflets.
  • Decreased waiting times — Did you know that digital menu boards equipped with appealing visuals impact how quickly consumers decide what to order? It’s much easier to choose what you want by looking at colorful images and choosing what calls out to you the most. Also, customers won’t spend hours turning the pages of a paper menu back and forth to make a choice: all of the options are laid out for them in one concise visual.

What Are QR Code-Based Menus?

If you want to take your establishment up another level, then considering QR menus is the way to go. QR code menus are 100% digital menus that can be set up at each table, without the presence of even a digital device. How does that work? You simply need to set up your digital menu and link it with a QR code, place that QR code somewhere in your restaurant (preferably one code per table), and let your diners use their smartphones to scan the menus. The majority of smartphones are equipped with the capability to scan QR codes, allowing a digital menu to pop up on their screens. It’s as easy, quick, and accessible as that. QR menus are an optimal choice for self-service establishments and restaurants alike. Waiters won’t have to stop by the table every few minutes to see if the diners are ready to order or not — they can simply place the order without awkward encounters. 

Hopefully, this article inspired you to incorporate new changes into your restaurant and cafe to help your business flourish!

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