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Working for Yourself? You Need to Use These 5 Tools for Freelancers


Working for yourself is the ultimate work tradeoff between freedom and responsibilities. Namely, more freedom means more responsibility!

Not only do you have to do the thing that you do, but you also have to be your own marketer, office manager, and bookkeeper. You’ve got to wear all the hats!

Luckily, there are now plenty of software tools to make life easier. Here are the top five tools for freelancers.

Freelancing at a Glance

In uncertain economic times, people often turn to freelance work to make ends meet. Even before the pandemic, freelancing was the employment of choice for many Americans, and with no end in sight to the economic turmoil, freelance is only growing stronger.

Take a look at these  freelance work statistics :

  • Over 57 million Americans do freelance work
  • 38% of those who work independently identify as “freelancers”
  • Over 60% of freelancers report specializing in two or three skills
  • Over half of all freelancers say they won’t return to a traditional job
  • In 2019, freelancers contributed an estimated $1 trillion to the economy

Those are some impressive numbers! With the economy as giggy as ever, there are some online tools you’ll need. Here’s what can help you get the job done.

1. Security

One of the downsides of working from anywhere is that your online presence isn’t necessarily safe. A VPN (Virtual Private Network) give you security while working online.

For freelancers, a VPN should be portable, especially if you’re working at public sites like coffee shops, which are notoriously unsafe. StaySafe VPN will provide the mobile protection you need to keep your sensitive data safe.

2. Passwords

If you’re like most people, you have to juggle multiple passwords—even more so when you freelance. Password organization becomes increasingly important as you expand your web presence.

1Password is an excellent choice. You can store passwords as well as financial records and other forms of sensitive data.

3. Project Management

As a freelancer, the project organization is all on you. Luckily there are plenty of freelancer tools to help you with this critical task. Trello is like a to-do list on steroids. The free software’s highly visual interface will help you see where you are in the lifespan of any project.

4. Finances

Losing track of your finance can prove devastating for a freelancer. That’s why tools like Coconut can prove invaluable. The program not only helps you keep track of your budget, but it can also remind you of how much you need to sock away for taxes.

If you need to make your own pay stubs, check out ThePayStubs.com, the go-to online pay stub generator.

5. Communication

Sounding professional in your written communication is critical as a freelancer. Grammarly corrects basic grammar and offers suggestions on how to make your sentences more structured and polished.

A Tool for Every Need

Don’t forget about time management, marketing, and graphic design! No matter what the need, tools for freelancers are everywhere. There’s no need to feel stuck as a freelancer. If you take some initiative, you’ll find exactly the tool you need to be successful!

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