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4 Eligibility Factors for a Small Business Disaster Loan

Small Business Disaster Loan
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There is always an initial assessment for any type of loan, which includes an eligibility check. This happens regardless of why a business might need a loan, which means this also happens in the unfortunate circumstance of a disaster. Small businesses will not want to discover that they are not eligible for a disaster loan right at the moment they need it the most and the revenue that can be lost during a disaster can be crippling, which is why it is always best for businesses to be prepared as soon as possible for anything that could go wrong.

With that in mind, this piece will offer information on what factors are needed to qualify for a disaster loan before you need it.

What is A Small Business Disaster Loan?

A small business disaster loan is a loan that is used for small businesses and non-profit organizations in the event of a circumstance beyond their control, such as a natural disaster, which causes damage to a business’s property. This can often see businesses in need of financial aid for repair, relocation, or other essentials to keep them up and running. For those who want more information on a business loan, head over to biz2credit.com  to find out everything you need to know.

Location of Disaster

The business that is claiming for a small business disaster loan must also be a declared location of a natural disaster, which needs to be checked on the  SBA website. This site lists the officially declared areas of which have been hit by a disaster, and your business will need to be under a qualifying area to pursue a small business disaster loan.

 Credit Score Check

As with most loans, you and your business will be subjected to a credit score check to make sure you reach the requirements for a small business loan. Because a small business disaster loan still means the lender faces risks, the credit checks are an important part of understanding them, regardless of the reason for the loan.


Collateral will often be required for those who are asking for a significant sum of money for their disaster loan. The collateral required will usually be at a balance with the weight of a loan, as there is a substantial risk to the lender for giving out high quantities of money. Collateral is a fall-back plan if the business cannot meet the terms of the contract and is pretty standard when it comes to loans that are large amounts.

Repayment of Disaster Loan

Despite the nature of needing the loan, the lender will still have to know that you can repay it in a timely manner and in full. This will most likely be addressed on a case by case basis as there will be different varying damages to businesses, and different businesses will be in a better position to bounce back much faster than others. Businesses will also be affected by the new economic climate created by the disaster, which will need to be considered.

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