Top 5 Places with Price Charts in Live Time

The cryptocurrency industry has been enjoying a pretty hot start in 2021. So, many people are interested in keeping up with their crypto investments closer than ever. The prices of some assets are changing rapidly, often by multiple percentage points daily.

Some people are content with checking their investment daily or weekly. Others want to make more frequent checks on the status of their investments. Thankfully, there are many resources that can provide you with minute-by-minute or even second-by-second price updates on various crypto assets.

Whether you want to see a DOGE to BTC chart or any other price chart, this article will go over some great places where crypto prices are tracked in real-time.

Cryptowatch is a comprehensive resource for monitoring live charts of some of the most popular cryptocurrency assets. It is updated in real-time. As a result, you can see each and every little bit of movement that an asset experiences. You can look at the home page to see how each asset is moving at the moment. Or, you can click on one for a closer look and see the exact transactions being made and how they impact the overall price.

Coinbase Pro

While Coinbase is perhaps better known as a crypto platform, it is also a solid source of price charts that get updated in real-time. To check the prices, simply head to the markets page. Choose a particular crypto asset from a long list of options, and you will be directed to a detailed live price chart. You can also trade, buy, and sell right from the page. But to do so, you need to register an account. This resource also lets you view both the order book and the trade history of an asset.


Whether you want to track Bitcoin or a range of different altcoins, BitcoinWisdom can help you out. It offers an incredibly customized experience, so you can view the markets in real time in the exact way you’d like to. This resource also lets you specify a particular exchange you want to consult. That way you can see the exact trades and exchanges being made on different platforms. Few options offer you as many price monitoring tools and settings as this one does.


TradingView features more than 200 different crypto assets. It means you can view the market and price chart for each. You can look at the asset compared to USD, and also various other trading pairs. There are basic charts and other helpful information. Moreover, the platform has a full-featured chart that provides you with additional details. Unfortunately, the only way to view the market second by second is to upgrade to a paid plan. In addition to helping you track the prices of cryptocurrency assets, TradingView also includes data on other markets like stocks, futures, fiat currencies, etc. It is the ultimate resource for all of your live financial price charts.

Bitcoin Ticker

If you want to view a live real-time price chart for Bitcoin, Bitcoin Ticker is a good place to check. Once you go to the website’s main page, you are immediately directed to a price chart that is updated every second. It shows you a graph, lists all of the tasks and bids, and gives you a few options to customize your experience. You can change the time frame for the graph, change the exchange you view, see the volume, and much more. Unfortunately, this resource isn’t too valuable for you if you are interested in tracking cryptocurrencies other than Bitcoin.

If you want to keep updated on the price of various cryptocurrencies in real-time, these 5 resources will be able to help you out. Check them now and decide on the most suitable one.

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