The 5 Least Popular Cryptocurrencies In 2021


There is no way Cryptocurrencies are stopping their price evaluation in 2021. The price of Bitcoin on the first of January was $7,238. And by the end of 2020 (31st December 2020), the price has reached $29,039. Within just a year, Bitcoin has seen almost 300% price evaluation. 

Bitcoin is the Cryptocurrency with a market cap. And the market cap is growing day by day. This is an eye-opener for us to understand the hidden potential of Cryptocurrencies.

Although Cryptocurrencies are the best assets to invest in, more than two thousand Cryptocurrencies are present in the market. Not every Cryptocurrency is as profitable as Bitcoin. If you are thinking of investing in Bitcoin, might help you get the best deal.

The Current Crypto trade market works on a selected few Cryptocurrencies. That means, although there are Cryptocurrencies that have the potential to become a mainstream currency, there are some currencies that are not for investment.

Least Popular Cryptocurrencies In 2020

2020 has certainly been a great year for Cryptocurrencies. However, if we are precise, it has been a great year for a selected few Cryptocurrencies. Let’s explore the unexplored Cryptocurrencies and see which currency has been least popular in 2020.

1. Fusion (FSN)

Fusion is considered to be the next era of the Cryptocurrency finance system. Fusion is focused on creating an efficient environment for the financial sectors. The Fusion protocol is responsible for proving the infrastructure for the financial application. 

The Fusion has three prominent features that are considered to be a level above the rest of the smart contracts. It features a rich environment for businesses to make time-based transactions in various industries.

Despite having all the features, it needs to have the upper hand in the market, lack of user databases has pushed these Cryptocurrencies away from the main market. 

2. Unibright (UBT)

Unibright is a Germany based company that focuses on offering a unified framework to bring smart contracts and Blockchain technology to the mainstream market. Unibright was launched in 2018 after the first successful rally in 2017.

Unibright follows the no-coding approach with smart contacts. Hence, all the smart contracts are generated automatically, deployed, and are updated after the conditions are met.

Ubibright comes with the enterprise solution and generates process modeling tools for the industries. It also helps the new business to build their roots and offer an incredible ecosystem for the business to grow. 

3. Fantom (FTM)

Smart contracts have become quite popular in the Crypto trade industries. The popularity is so high that today you will be able to make several kinds of smart contracts. For instance, Fantom focuses on smart contracts that use DAG-based blockchain.

The main aim of Fantom is to reach 300K transactions per second. They want to change the whole transaction system. The best part of Fantom is that its technology can support several industries.

4. Matic Network (MATIC)

Matic Network aims to boost the adoption of the blockchain. They are using scalability and the user experience as a mode to do so. Recently, they have accepted that they are trying to reach 65,000 transactions per second.

Matic wants to create a network that will develop an environment where the users and Cryptocurrency can communicate. The key feature of the Matic Network is to scale up the development of decentralized applications. These Dapps can be used in several industries to boat their business activities.

5. Quant (QNT)

Quant focuses on creating a network that is not only user-friendly but also provides a secure digital connection. Quat emphasizes digital security and tries to create an environment over the internet that can be trusted. 

Quant works on an operating system named over the ledger. This ledger connects all the isolated networks to form a network. This network includes the followings:

Take Away

All the Cryptocurrencies mentioned are fast, smart, and work on enterprise based Blockchain networks. Despite catering to so many advanced features, they are the least popular currencies in the market. Anyone who sees these Cryptocurrencies from a technological perspective will be able to measure their potential.

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