The 10 Best Online Courses on AIML (Free & Paid)

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning career demand is exponentially increasing.

This means that enhancing your skills in these areas can be a great way to start your career in AIML. However, not everyone can spend years studying for a degree or other qualification in AIML due to time constraints. So, with the freely available educational content online, AIML courses, tutorials, it is perfectly possible to gain a thorough grounding in these subjects without any hassle. Some of these materials are produced by the world’s leading universities, and by experienced professionals from top Tech companies to share their knowledge.

These courses are for different audiences – Whatever your requirements, you are likely to find something here that will expand your horizons.

The demand for people with knowledge and skills in AIML  hugely outstrips the supply. So, Looking to learn Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning? These certifications listed below will help you gain proficiency in artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Here is the list of the top 10 courses online.

Learn AI from ML experts at Google (Google)

1. Post Graduate Certification In Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning By Great Learning

2. Applied Machine Learning Course By Applied AI Course

3. Post Graduate Diploma in AIML -Amity Online

4. Artificial Intelligence For Leaders- Great Learning

5.Columbia University’s Artificial Intelligence Course By Pearson Professional Programs

6. Artificial Intelligence (Northwestern | Kellog School of Management)

7. Machine Learning: Fundamentals and Algorithms (Carnegie Mellon University)

8. Machine Learning AI Certification by Stanford University (Coursera)

9. The Business of AI (London Business School)

 10. Learn AI from ML experts at Google (Google)

Final Words

At the end of the day, It’s entirely up to you to choose which AIML certification course suits your need. The best thing about AIML online courses is there’s something for everyone, no matter their background or purpose.
Choosing any of the courses above will fetch you an artificial intelligence and machine learning certification after completion of training. Allowing you to expand your  AI and ML skills making you employable and can expand your business opportunities. While AIML is still a very niche industry, taking an AIML course is an investment that will pay off in the long run.

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