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Today’s world is running through tough competition and several new technologies, and it is going to be very complicated to face all the issues at the same time. So, big data is considered a gold mine for businesses of all kinds, and if used correctly, can be an essential cause of the success of any business. The Big Data market is growing well and predicted to be steady for the next decade. Its popularity is at a peak now, and there are no signs of going down yet as it has conquered every field of the business world and will surely rule the IT sector for the next few years.

Currently, Big Data as a career is gaining popularity because it is a vast field that offers better career opportunities. One can find high salaries in the big data field which is a crucial reason to start a career in any domain. Several companies and organizations are adopting big data so they are seeking skilled experts, and willing to pay higher compensation with other benefits. Big data works as a potential weapon for the rapid growth of all organizations.

Interesting Fact – According to Wikibon, Worldwide Big Data market revenues for software and services are projected to increase from $56B in 2020 to $103B in 2027. According to a study, almost 79% of executives agree that companies that do not adopt Big Data are about to lose their competitive position and could face business extinction. 

This article will tell you about Big Data and top data engineering courses that can guide you to make a smart career in this domain.

Big Data as a Career

Big Data is known as a huge set or groups of data that are analyzed computationally to find trends, patterns, associations, and insights. It comes from many different sources that can include everything from social media and audio files to videos and photos. The internet and technology have transformed the workforce, leading to the generation of an enormous amount of data, and spurring demand for data analytics professionals who can use data to make useful insights and make proper business decisions. Big Data is full of possibilities and provides plenty of occasions to level up in your career, and it is the right time to think of it today.


For a big data career, there is no requirement for any specific degree. Bachelor’s degree in an analytical or mathematics-oriented field like computer science, math, statistics, finance, information management, or economics is enough foundation for a career in big data. In fact, big data careers are possible even if you take up even a simple master’s in analytics.

Skill Sets

To start a career as a Big Data engineer, candidates must spend time developing a portfolio of data skills. There are some skills or technologies to master, that can level up your strength and ability to present yourself as a data expert – Hadoop, SQL Database and querying skills, Data Mining, data warehousing, etc.

Besides all those, there also required soft skills such as effective communication, analytical, problem-solving, and the ability to collaborate across diverse teams, etc, to become a successful Data expert.

Top Job Roles

The crucial job opportunities in this domain are as follows:

Database administrators

These job holders are responsible for the performance, integrity, and security of a database. Their duties involve everything like planning, troubleshooting, and monitoring databases for security. The average salary of a database administrator is around $ 98000 – $ 140,000.

Database Developer

They modernized, design, and upgrade databases. They can also eliminate inefficient coding to improve database performance and monitor troubleshoot, and solve/debug data issues. The average salary of a database developer is approx $70,000 – $100,000.

Data Analyst

They collect, analyze, and perform statistical data analysis, and work with a large amount of data to turn it into business insights that are useful for their team members. The average salary range for Data Analysts is $ 77,000 – $ 118,000.

Data Scientist

They create new algorithms to analyze and utilize data as they understand data from a business point of view. They utilize advanced programming skills and build statistical models to find high-level business trends, patterns, and insights. The average salary for a data scientist is almost $90,000 – $110,000.

Big Data Engineer

Their job is to focus on the product that supports data scientist’s work. They design and manage data to build it scalable and make the high-performance infrastructure that delivers information from basic data sources. Big data engineers can get an average salary of $95,000 – $ 150,000.

Data Modeler

They can turn business requirements into physical and conceptual data models, and reduce the redundancy of data within a computer system. A data modeler represents the business and information needs in an organization. The average salary range is $111,000 – $ 160,000.

So Big Data is a bright career choice for professionals who want to find their niche in the data field.

Top Big Data Courses

Several courses can guide you to land your career in Big data, some are mentioned below, which belongs to top-rated and reputed big data course providers.

Post Graduate Program in Data engineering

 This certification course is provided by Simplilearn in partnership with Purdue University and in collaboration with IBM. It offers a rich learning experience with real-world applications to help you dominate important data engineering skills. It is designed to focus on distributed processing using the Hadoop framework, Spark, Kafka, AWS, and Azure cloud infrastructure.

Big Data Specialization

This course is offered by Coursera which requires no prior experience. It guides you to all the essential concepts to drive better business decisions through understanding how big data is analyzed and interpreted.

Data Science Certification from Harvard University (edX)

This certification course will teach you key data science essentials, that include R and machine learning. It is considered the best online masters program available on the eLearning platform edX. It involves R basics, Probability, Visualization, Inference and modeling, Wrangling, Linear Regression, Productivity tools, etc.

 Ultimate Hands-On Hadoop – Big Data Training Course (Udemy)

It is designed to master the most popular big data technologies using Hadoop and related tools. It helps to learn how to analyze non-relational data using Cassandra, HBase, and MongoDB and understand how clusters are being managed. It also helps to write programs with Spark and Pig.

Google Cloud Platform Big Data Certification (Coursera)

This certification is designed to introduce the participants to Big Data and Machine learning on the Google Cloud Platform. It provides a deeper dive into the data processing capabilities and a quick review of the Google Cloud Platform.

So these were some of the best Big Data Courses available online for upcoming years. The time is ripe for choosing the right course and making your career bright in Big Data.

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