5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Email Marketing

Email marketing is an excellent marketing strategy to help build a business brand, increase sales and educate existing and potential clients on products. When correctly used, email marketing analytics can help you properly analyze client needs and exceed their expectations.

What Is Email Marketing?

Email marketing refers to the planned and thought-out process that involves preparing, creating, and distributing commercialized and promotional messages through email.  It entails using email to identify customers and send them tailor-made information focused on increasing sales, updating and expanding the contact list, and providing information to potential and existing clients.

Why Is It Essential For Your Business To Have Email Marketing?

Allows For Targeted Messaging

Email marketing provides an opportunity for you to treat each client individually. It rides on the fact that all clients are at different stages of the purchase funnel. Some may be at the consideration stage, while others are at the purchase stage or not so convinced stage.

By sending specific targeted messages, you can help clients move up the sales funnel, increasing their purchase chances. Email marketing provides you with an opportunity to develop particular content targeted towards the different sales positions a person may be in. The message can also be more personalized to make the person want to buy from you.

Increased Brand Awareness

Email marketing has a crucial role in helping you increase brand awareness. It provides a channel you can use to educate clients on your products and services. For example, by sending monthly or weekly newsletters, you provide your contact list with an opportunity to adequately interact with your brand, learn more about your current projects and what is currently on sale or offer.

Its general layout provides a more relaxed way of sharing content without boring the client or using few words. It is not to say that the emails should be too long; it provides an avenue to give detailed information on products that social media may not effectively do due to the distraction people face.

Most People Use The Platform

Unlike other social media platforms, email is considered formal and used by a wide variety of people. Most people access and read their emails frequently, making it an ideal platform to reach a large audience. Besides, you are likely to get higher engagements on emails than on other platforms.

People receive emails in their personal space directed to them through personal hand-held devices. Thus, if they have a question, the sense of security of not being ridiculed for asking or needing more clarification makes it ideal for more people to engage. The platform also offers privacy and security, making it easy for people to respond or further engage.

It Is Cheaper

Unlike other marketing strategies, email marketing is quite affordable. Platforms such as Mail Chimp allows users to send up to 12000 emails a month for free. It enables you to reach a vast target audience without worrying about the cost per click. You can also speak to the client and move them up the sales funnel without paying extra.

The cost incurred in carrying out email marketing is having a dedicated team that will promptly speak to clients, answering their questions, and meeting their demands. Though cheap, ensuring that emails are promptly answered and clients feel heard is essential to an email campaign’s success. Ensure you have a skilled team focusing on creating specific content, answering customers on time, and ensuring any grievances are resolved.

Stay In Contact With Your Clients

The ideal way to stay connected with your clients is through email. By regularly staying in contact with your audience, you increase their chances of purchasing from you again. It also helps you build a relationship ensuring they trust your brand and increase their loyalty to it.

You can also use email marketing to collect surveys from such clients. You get an opportunity to know what they think about your product or service and where you can improve to serve them better. It helps you get feedback and can enable you to get positive reviews from those happy with your services.


Properly utilizing email marketing analytics will see you reach your audience and increase your sales and conversion rates. Having well-thought-out and excellent promotional content is likely to help you build your brand without spending too much of your marketing allocation.


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