Working From Home Efficiently: Your Guide for 2021

When home working began earlier this year, there were several teething problems. Some members of your team will have struggled to get used to remote working software, and others will have had poor connectivity in their homes. Others will have had noisy children in the background of calls, while others still were working on old devices that would crash and freeze as they worked. But now, as we approach 2021, these issues should all be in the past – and this article is about focusing on your own home working set-up in the new year, making it as efficient as possible. 


You need the right devices if you’re to work from home effectively in 2021. This means that you should invest in the following devices – even if it means getting rid of older and more unreliable gadgets you own today:

Getting the set-up of your devices right is the perfect way to hone in on home-working perfection as we head into 2021. 


Some of us have been working from our couch, or from bed, in order to stay out of the way of our family, our flatmates, or our children. This is no way to work – and can often lead you to feel sluggish and demotivated as your working day bleeds into your bedroom and the place that you’re used to sleeping in. 

The key tip here is to think hard about the ergonomics of your home. Are you able to fit a small desk into your home – and can you buy a good desk chair to go with it? Should you invest in a laptop stand? Will noise-canceling headphones help you concentrate with your family swirling around you? These are all questions to consider when you’re looking to perfect your home-working set-up in 2021. 


You’ll be stuck to your normal 9-5 working routine as long as you work from home – after all, this is when your colleagues are also online and working, and able to answer any questions or queries that you might have for them. But to really get ahead – impressing your managers, and contributing as much as you can to your firm, it’s worth extending your work out of hours. Check out Home Cares for home design tips.

For instance, if you take a long lunch with your family, and use this time to also get your daily exercise, it’s worth working a couple of hours in the evening in order to prepare and get ahead for the following day’s work. Getting used to this routine will help you complete more work more efficiently over time.

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