How To Use Windows 7 Activator Key For Free [June 2020]


Do you want to get an activator for your Windows? Are you still unaware of how to get the activator and what it is about? If the answer to both these questions is positive, then you are visiting the right place. Here is a brief guide related to the Windows 7 Activator. You will get all the essential information about activating Windows 7 in this article. The step by step guide regarding Windows 7 activator key would help you in all possible ways.
Learning about Windows 7

The world-famous Microsoft company is known for creating amazing tools for computer users. One of the most reliable products of the company is Windows 7. It is a popular operating system that is used more than the other operating systems like MAC or Linux. The simple interface of Windows 7 is a great option for those who have just started working with Windows. Windows 7 can be initially used free for one month. In this trial period, the user is not asked to make any purchases. Once this period is over the user is expected to get the license to enjoy all the features of Windows 7 to the fullest. Failing to get the license means that you cannot use Windows 7 in the future. The free trial version does not give access to many outstanding features like wallpaper customization. Till the licensed version is bought the watermark keeps appearing on the screen. Until the license is bought the updates will not be received. This can be risky for the computer as the viruses might hit the system.

Why choose Windows 7 Activator?

If you want to get your Windows 7 permanently activated, the solution rests with this free tool created not by Microsoft but by the third-party developers. There is a list of activators available online that can be used for proper activation of Windows but most of these fail. some of these activators can put the system at stake due to the viruses accompanying them. Thus, many Windows 7 users are reluctant to make use of this option. The best option so far is the Windows 7 Activator. It is a safe, effective, and efficient way of activating Windows. This activation tool has all that you are looking for. The essential features that make it worth choosing are as follows:

List of Windows 7 Activator Key 32 Bit
















List of Windows 7 Activator Key 64 Bit

















How to Download the Activator?

To download the activator for Windows 7, search the Google search engine. Check for the available options and visit the top sites. After opening the chosen website follow the steps mentioned underneath:

  1. Find the download button located on the site and click it.
  2. After clicking the aforementioned button, you will get access to the download page.
  3. It is where you will be able to get further information and directions to complete the procedure.
  4. After going through the entire directions choose the download option that is usually available at the bottom of the page before your eyes.
  5. The moment you click the download option there will be two different options appearing before you. One of them will be “Import to”, while the other will ask for download.
  6. If you have access to the page through a properly registered account then you may choose the first option, otherwise, you will have to choose the second one.
    After the download completes, the file will appear in the download list option.

Steps of Activating Windows 7

It happens quite often that the users of the activator get baffled after completing the download. They are unaware of what is happening and to activate the downloaded application. Through this guide, we have tried to facilitate those who have got the activator on their system. Usually, the confusion arises because the websites offering download do not have further guidelines for the activation. The following steps in activating the windows might be time-consuming but they are not too complex to discourage any new user.

If you have any antivirus installed on your system, disable it.

The verdict

Windows 7 is the most appreciated OS. This venture by Microsoft is appreciable in multiple ways. Activating Windows 7 has several has certain cons on the list as well but still, it’s worth cannot be ignored. Use the activator code above mentioned in the list to fully activate the windows 7.
Happy activating!!!!

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