Where To Invest In Cryptocurrency Using SIP Strategy?

Cryptocurrencies and other digital tokens have exploded in popularity recently and are attracting interest worldwide due to their potential to grow tremendously in the future. You can start SIPs in them if, like other Indian investors, you want to dip into this market for significant returns and play it safe. So let’s move on to the matter at hand and learn more about systematic bitcoin investment plans.

What Is SIP In Cryptocurrency?

SIPs, or systematic investment programs, make smaller, more frequent investments in mutual funds and other investment plans. Since you no longer need a sizable sum of money to start investing, SIPs are more accessible.

SIPs automate the process of investing as well. When you begin a SIP, money will automatically be deducted from your account. A qualified fund manager also manages your investments. SIPs are ideal for new investors who lack time to monitor the market and make sophisticated investing selections.

Now that the bitcoin sector is expanding, many investing firms provide SIPs to customers. It enables investors to take advantage of this profitable asset class even if they lack the resources, knowledge, or time to execute significant cryptocurrency trades independently.

Additionally, by averaging out the token’s purchase price, you can lessen the effect of volatility. You purchase fewer tokens when prices rise and more when prices decrease since your investment amount stays the same. This enables investors to both mitigate and profit from market volatility.

How Can One Start Investing In Crypto SIP?

You can choose the Systematic Purchase Plan (SPP) in the crypto baskets offered by Mudrex to prevent any impulsive investment decisions or to remain guarded on your investment. The service is comparable to SIP offerings in stocks or mutual funds. Users can start a SIP for as little as Rs. 100 daily or invest in bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Additionally, the investment can be made each week or each month.

Why Should You Invest Via SIP In Cryptocurrency?

Mitigate volatility 

With the help of doing SIP in cryptocurrency, an investor frequently purchases specific measures of bitcoin consistently at different costs, permitting them to relieve the impacts of unpredictability. Even though SIPs can be utilized to put resources into digital forms of money, given the new unpredictability, it is exhorted that investors pick cryptos daily or weekly as opposed to monthly.


SIPs, whether in stocks, mutual funds, or digital money, have generally demonstrated to be unquestionably savvy ways of aggregating riches. Contingent upon their inclinations, investors can start their speculation experience with just Rs.75-100 every day and can decide to contribute daily, weekly, or monthly.

Auto investments 

At the point when a SIP plan is set up, a foreordained total is naturally deducted from an individual’s record at the fundamental spans. Alongside decreasing unpredictability, this technique likewise makes it pointless to think about each buy before making it. To inactively foster areas of strength for a portfolio, one can likewise set up many SIPs across different digital currencies.

Leveraging the power of compounding 

Compounding can serve to decrease cryptocurrency instability effectively. One can reinvest their benefits through SIP as well as make customary speculations to create financial momentum. In this situation, one can profit from the prizes delivered by the drawn-out security of ventures by using the force of compounding.

Disciplined investing 

SIP can uphold the improvement of a normal saving propensity by empowering restrained, predictable financial planning. The SIP portion is consequently removed from one’s record every month when the compensation presents on the record when a monthly auto-charge plan is set up, similar to EMI instalments. These assists produce automated revenue that can be put toward new speculations.

Things to consider while doing sip in cryptocurrency?

SIPs, or systematic investment plans, are popular ways to invest in cryptocurrencies (SIPs). These investments often guarantee long-term wealth building every month. There are a few fundamental factors to keep in mind.

Do not expect returns in the short run

SIPs are not meant to be immediately gratifying. SIPs make the power of compounding work in your favour over the long term. The minimum time frame you must consider for a SIP must be between 8 and 10 years. You might be let down if you try a three-year SIP because the cycles might not be in your favour. Rupee cost averaging benefits you more to lower costs and increase profits the longer your SIP continues.

Assign specific goals

SIPs function best when they are linked to specific objectives. Long-term, medium-term, and short-term goals are all possible. This makes it easier for you to keep track of your dreams when you reach milestones and decide whether to rebalance your plans as needed. You can link several SIPs to a single goal or only one SIP for many purposes. That’s okay. Every SIP investment must have a clear target objective, budget, and date.

Be selective of the crypto pools

If you want to choose crypto pools for your SIP, you need a strict framework. Here are some helpful hints. Examine the pool’s prior performance. This assures you that the collections will be around for a long time. Talk to the team to better understand how they came up with the pools. That indicates a shaky approach to investing. Previous results do matter. Focus on the consistency of returns rather than the absolute returns.

Follow static SIP amounts and don’t try to time the market

Investors frequently inquire whether they should boost their SIP contributions during a market correction and decrease them during an upturn. In the end, it is not only challenging, but it also doesn’t add anything. You may increase your allocation and see the market decline even further, but keep in mind that nobody has ever been able to predict the market’s tops and bottoms. After all, the whole point of crypto SIP is to put time instead of timing at the forefront.

Although sips are beneficial there you should be aware of things you should not be doing while sip in cryptocurrency that will minimize your overall returns.

How Much Return Can You Expect From Investing In Crypto SIP?

You must target wise investments in reputable crypto pools of the diverse, large-cap, diversified sector and mid and small-cap cryptos. Cryptocurrency baskets by Mudrex are best suited for investors with a low to high-risk tolerance and a five-year minimum investment horizon.

Even though there are no guarantees of returns in crypto pools, you can anticipate an annual XIRR return of 12.50 and 15% over a five-year investment horizon. As a result, for a cumulative investment of Rs. 4.20 lakhs over five years, you can anticipate earning Rs. 5.85 lakhs (based on a 12.50% return), Rs. 6.01 lakhs (based on a 12.50% return), and Rs. 6.27 lakhs (based on a 15% return) (Rs. 5000 x 60 month).

Frequently Asked Questions

What is TDS in crypto SIP?

Numerous tax regulations are currently causing the Indian bitcoin business to struggle. First of all, cryptocurrencies have been subject to a 30% tax rate since the beginning of April and an additional 1% TDS since July 1st. But in massive relief for cryptocurrency investors, they can do so through a Systematic Investment Plan without paying any tax deducted at source (TDS) on their investment (SIP). 

What is the best time to invest in SIP in India?

Risk and cryptocurrency pools go hand in hand. SIPs spread the risk over time, reducing the risk potential. Therefore, the ideal moment to begin SIP is when you want to invest in a lower-risk product.

What is the best fundamentally strong cryptocurrency for SIP?

According to market capitalisation, user base, and popularity, Bitcoin is India’s most popular and fundamentally sound cryptocurrency for SIPs.

Final Takeaway

In a volatile market, donig SIP in cryptocurrencies has the potential to give you greater risk-adjusted returns. Despite a few drawbacks, the benefits outweigh the disadvantages. You may build a diverse portfolio using this method of investing, which is disciplined. Try SIP in crypto right away if you want to make your portfolio diversified and better. 

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