How Can Visitor Management Software Help Companies in Maintaining Security?

Companies usually have many people entering and exiting their premises. There was a time when installing CCTV cameras at the entrance was considered a well enough security measure. However, nowadays with growing security threats, that just doesn’t cut it anymore.

To prevent data security breaches and inhibit physical threats from possibly dangerous visitors, companies have turned to visitor management systems. Market reports show that the global visitor management system market size is expected to grow from USD 1.1 billion in 2021 to USD 2.3 billion by 2026. 

Here are 5 ways visitor management software can help you keep your workplace secure:

Visitor Monitoring

Visitor management systems that are placed at workplace entrances require every visitor to submit personal data. This data includes phone numbers, personal IDs, and photographs that are later saved in the cloud for future reference. This system helps deter criminals as they want to avoid their personal information being on record within the company.

Notifications and Alerts

Companies can create customized watchlists for people who aren’t allowed to enter the premises. These watchlists can then be stored in the visitor management system. Employees are instantly given notifications and alerts in case a visitor comes to see them. If the visitor’s name is on the watchlist they aren’t allowed to enter the premises. In this way, it’s easier to ensure that only the authorized people enter the company.

Compliance Assurance

Visitor management systems are a great way to ensure compliance by the visitors. In case, a company requires certain documents like waivers and non-disclosure agreements to be signed, the digital visitor management system stores and presents them to the visitors. Once, the visitors have given their e-signature, the information is stored on the cloud, and officials are immediately notified if they do not comply with the rules in the future.

ID Badges

There are a lot of issues with traditional paper visitor passes. For one they can be easily misplaced or misused by visitors who use the same pass multiple times. By having a digital reception in place, visitors are provided with digital ID badges that contain their personal information and cannot be used after a certain period.

Evacuation Preparation

Visitor management systems alert and notify employees in case an unauthorized person enters the company. Moreover, they help track the visitor and employee movements to ensure everyone gets out of danger. These functionalities are also beneficial in case an emergency evacuation is needed.

Secure Deliveries

Visitor management software also helps with mailroom management. Mailroom Software like PackageX help companies digitize all of their inbound and outbound mail. Moreover, when packages are delivered to the company, recipients are required to provide an e-signature as proof of delivery so only the rightful recipients receive the package. This ensures package security within the enterprise.


Having an excellent visitor management system in place is the best way to enhance your workplace’s security because:

In short, visitor management systems help deter criminal activity and protect company data which leads to better workplace security.

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