Why Your Business Needs the Latest Video Meeting Equity Technology

When employees work remotely or in hybrid environments, they have to feel that their participation is equal to their colleagues in the physical office.

This is especially true in meetings that include remote attendees. Often, it’s difficult for them to see what their in-office counterparts write on the whiteboard or hear their ideas being voiced.

Visual Equity

In the age of the hybrid office, a company’s technology needs to be flexible enough to support both remote and in-person employees.

The proper video meeting solution can make it easy to see and hear all of your peers, no matter where they are located around the globe, helping you create more productive teams.

The newest and brightest solutions offer a range of features from screen sharing to innovative gallery capabilities that all aim to deliver the best possible virtual meeting experience for everyone, including your remote workforce. Using the latest technology and a little research, you can make your company a leader in video conferencing for good. Here’s a quick list of our top picks for the hottest new video meeting technologies that will take your company to the next level. We also recommend getting to know your employees – their goals, needs, and challenges.

Audio Equity

Meeting equity becomes a critical issue as more people work remotely. With this in mind, many audio companies are making the most of hybrid meetings by focusing on video and audio to support remote workers.

Their acoustic fence technology eliminates background noise, and lets users focus on the content of their meetings without distractions.

Similarly, many companies, such as Neat Center’s video devices, frame participants in their space so remote attendees can see them. This gives remote participants a better chance to connect with in-office colleagues.

Standardized access and quality audio and video ensure a more even playing field for remote workers, increasing productivity. But, with so many different types of people working in virtual meeting spaces, finding a solution that works consistently and is flexible enough to meet the needs of a range of work styles can be challenging.

Social Equity

Social equity is the concept of fairness and justice. It is an important issue that must be addressed to ensure everyone has an equal opportunity to participate in society.

Regardless of your company’s values, there is no reason why you shouldn’t support social equity in your video meeting technology. This can help to create a more inclusive work environment that will allow everyone to feel like they have an equal chance of success.

In addition to being a critical factor in creating an inclusive space, meeting equity can positively impact employee engagement and performance. This is why your business should address meeting equity as soon as possible.


As more employees return to the office after a remote work experience, they’ve been reintroduced to the concept of meeting equity. Essentially, this means making sure remote and in-office attendees have an equally good experience and feel like they’re getting a fair shot at contributing to the meeting.

The latest video meeting equity technology can help your business achieve this goal. New features such as group framing, intelligent galleries, and personal framing can keep in-room attendees seen and heard equally on the screen of their remote counterparts.

Using these technologies can ensure that everyone feels included and valued in your next hybrid meeting.

For example, People Framing Mode can capture in-room participants and display them in a separate box on their remote colleagues’ screens. This auto-framing capability can automatically frame their presence in a virtual space. And uses AI to zoom in on in-room meeting attendees, ensuring they’re seen and heard.

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