Top 10 Computer Based Training Software

At the root of the establishment of any corporate organization lies a series of financial investments. 

However, what sustains an establishment is the level of corporate knowledge possessed by its employees. 

Regular and systemic training has to be conducted by L&D professionals. These training are conducted to improve employees’ productivity, exposure, and understating of corporate concepts and their intersection with corporate realities. 

Before this training can be actualized important resources like employee training tools must be used. 

What Is Training Software?

The training software can be termed a learning management system. This is because its primary function is to manage and oversee learning programs for corporate establishments and educational institutions. 

This tool is a versatile one as it can be used to create and assign courses. It also stimulates the knowledge of your viewers by introducing periodic quizzes. With this software, you can make informed conclusions about the performance of your videos through its inbuilt detailed analytics report. 

10 Computer-based Training Software

You should note that there are different kinds of computer-based training software. Hence, you should conduct painstaking research on the software options open to you. You may be looking for an LMS that has a robust course library or one with an authoring tool. 

Whatever your eventual choice is, be assured that there is software that would fulfill your corporate learning needs. 

The following is a list of computer-based training software:

LMSs with authoring tools/toolkit

1. iSpring Learn

This cloud-based LMS occupies the first position amongst other learning platforms. Apart from the benefits like accessibility and easy scalability that come with using a cloud-based solution, this LMS has other perks.

Navigating iSpring Learn is pretty straightforward as a result of its user-friendly features. Upon registration, you can commence the training of your employees. 

With iSpring Learn, storage limitations are not an issue as you can upload a vast array of training materials. Materials such as presentations, audio, texts, and videos can be uploaded without any technical glitches due to insufficient storage space. 

This software is also industry-standard compliant hence, SCORM- courses can be uploaded on the platform. 

iSpring Learn is seamlessly merged with a versatile authoring toolkit. This robust toolkit allows you to invent interactive courses that can be accessed from a variety of devices and gadgets. 

iSpring Suite allows you to create interactive quizzes and conversation simulations to test your trainee’s knowledge. Its inbuilt analytics feature enables you to track the progress of your learners so you can make necessary adjustments. 

Looking for software that allows you to create professional courses with minimal stress, think iSpring Suite. This is because the software offers high-end automation of system processes.  

2. iSpring Market

The iSpring Market is one of the subsidiary offerings of iSpring Solutions. This platform is an online marketplace for exhibiting your courses for sale. 

With iSpring Market, you can upload your courses, video lectures, SCORM packages, and other relevant training resources. Users are assured of a smooth experience during usage as a result of its friendly interface. 

Its functions are not only limited to course sales as you can create your courses from scratch using the LMS.

You can create interactive evaluations, award certificates on completion of the course, and track learners’ performance with its analytic tools.

3. Lessonly

This LMS was specifically invented to fulfill the knowledge deficit experienced by sales teams,  customer support teams, and human resource teams. 

Lessonly can be dubbed a dual-function LMS like iSpring Learn. 

This is because it can be used for both custom course creation and employee training. You can create courses by combining various digital assets, SCORM packages, and interactive quizzes. 

Lessonly has an efficient video feature as it possesses an inbuilt webcam and screen recording tool. 

4. Edubrite

This browser-based LMS cuts across different industries particularly the educational and business sector. 

Edubrite possesses the standard features of an LMS as it allows you to create simple courses, quizzes, and surveys.

You can also incorporate pre-existing course materials into your course by importing them into the LMS. 

Edubrite offers an open learning package that allows users to have unfettered access to useful learning resources, knowledge base and communities.

5. Matrix

This learning platform manages all E-learning activities ranging from selling courses online to creating them for employee training. 

Matrix possesses an essential content authoring tool that lets you build courses from a variety of materials and sources. These materials and sources include audio, videos, Office documents, Google docs, and One drive files. 

In cases of haste, you can easily resort to using any of the system templates which can be reused. If you are thinking of delivering courses to learners in small pieces, you can design a micro-course using this LMS. 

LMSs with a course library 

6. BizLibrary

This LMS was designed to help companies and businesses experience significant growth through effective training. 

BizLibrary has all the standard LMS features ranging from reporting managing learner’s content and detailed reporting of learner’s activity. 

In a bid to facilitate good leadership, top-notch communication skills, and efficient customer service, this LMS has a vast course library. 

This library samples courses that are instrumental to the effective running of a 21st- century organization. BizLibrary boasts about 7,000 lessons in its robust course catalog. 

7. Business training video

What makes this LMS unique is its sole focus on video-based training. It has a vast library exploring courses on human health, safety, and leadership. You can also publish your digital assets, and make them into courses.  In a bid to drive up industry standards, this LMS is SCORM compliant.

8. Coggno

This employee training platform has a broad range of course offerings. Hence, you can choose from a wide spectrum of courses contained in the course catalog.

With this LMS, you can assign courses to your learners from your desk and also monitor their progress. Your users are also free to sign up for E-learning content on their own. 

9. Teachlr organizations

This LMS is a cloud-based learning management platform and E-course authoring tool. Teachlr organization boasts of about 600 courses carefully created by industry experts and experienced tutors. You can import the courses from the course catalog and also create simple courses. 

10. Convergence

This LMS was designed for the industrial and manufacturing sectors. Hence, all the courses offered by this LMS samples issues and processes affecting this industry. 

You can upload existing SCORM or AICC courses, videos, text documents, SharePoint resources, and links with Convergence. 

Convergence allows you to create unique surveys and courses that would satisfy the training needs of your trainees.

Issues like industrial safety, mining safety, and industrial safety are explored in the course contents. 

Wrapping up 

A defective training course or exercise can mostly be easily traced to the quality of training software used by the employer and L&D professional. 

Hence, you should ensure that you make use of reliable, efficient, and professional training software like iSpring Suite. 

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