Can You Actually Spy On Calls and Messages?

The quick answer to that question is yes. You can spy on your targets’ calls and messages on their devices. People normally use a spy app to catch an online predator preying on their kids or even to catch a cheating spouse. 

Although a spy app’s primary function is to spy on your targets’ devices, its purpose is diverse. For example, you can silently detect keystrokes on Android devices with some of the best keyloggers out there which helps you record and read text messages (even deleted/unsent messages).Further, there are several other spy apps that people can use to infect your devices. You can find out more about these by reading these spy app reviews by Angelica Rivera.

Here are what you need to know when you use spy apps to spy on calls and messages.

1. You Will Need Physical Access To Your Targets’ Devices

Most spy apps require you to have access to your targets’ devices in order to install the application on it. Without your targets’ devices, you are unable to install the spy app. Most spy apps will need you to do it accordingly anyway. There are guides online teaching users how to install the spy app remotely, but do not expect the full working package to work. 

The other reason why you are supposed to “have your targets’ devices” to install the spy app is for legal reasons. In some countries or states, spying on someone without their consent is illegal. The legal implications can mean that you may be fined or be jailed. However, you do not have to worry about your targets knowing that you are spying on them, as the app will run in the phones’ backgrounds.

2. Your Targets Will Not Be Aware That You Are Tracking Them

As mentioned before, spy apps allow you to track your targets without them knowing. Most spy apps, as soon as you have installed them, will “disappear” into the background. Your targets can try to search for the app but they will be unable to find it in their phone. You can rest assured that your targets will never be able to find the spy app installed on their devices.

A lot of times, when you log in to the spy app dashboard to track the devices (“live” or not), your targets will not be aware of it. The spy app installed in your target devices will run in the background quietly. 

It is less likely that the target devices’ batteries drain faster when you track them. The target devices will also less likely lag or have any issues while they are being tracked. So yes, you are able to track your target devices’ messages and calls (with timestamp even) without them knowing. Some spy apps, if not all, even allow you to playback the calls made. 

3. You Can Choose To Keep The Calls And Text Messages

This point is pretty much subjective. Not every spy apps allow you to keep records of text messages and calls. Some spy apps may allow you to keep for up to 14 days, 30 days, or how many days the software will allow you to. However, you can choose to keep certain calls and texts and save them from being removed. 

Some other spy apps will allow you to keep the calls and texts (and other data) indefinitely. This is unless space is not an issue with you, then there are great chances that there are people keeping these data indefinitely

Then again, this entirely depends on the spy apps’ policies. You may not be able to change the policies. Hence, if you really wish to keep a record of the text messages and calls, then you may have to be selective about which to keep, and which not to. Or choose a spy app that allows you to keep it.

4. Root Out Cheating Spouses Or Dangerous Persons

One of the benefits of being able to track calls and messages is that you can catch cheating spouses and dangerous people. Protect your kids and loved ones from pedophiles, kidnappers, and similar threatening people. Found out that your spouse has been cheating on you? You have all the evidence you need to break away.

You no longer have to worry over when you will next be cheated on. Or whether if your kids are being stalked or targeted by threatening people. Spy apps exist to help such people. 


The bottom line is that you are able to track calls and messages on your target devices. They do not necessarily need to know or be aware. There are so many benefits of having a spy app if you need to keep track of someone you love, even if it’s just tracking the calls and messages.

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