Reasons to Choose Professional Video Hosting

So, you are launching a site with a lot of video content. You may be planning to show films or short commercials. Maybe you will be hosting regular live broadcasts. For these purposes, you need a video hosting solution. It is very important to understand why you launched the site. If this is a non-profit project, you should ask yourself the question: where to host videos are free? If you need video hosting for business, then you need to exclude free options from the search. There are too many flaws in them that hinder brand promotion.

Often site owners compare SiteGround vs HostGator hosting. Both of them are in the top five. They are also recommended by WordPress as hosting with excellent support and perfect compatibility. The main difference between these providers is that HostGator is cheaper and SiteGround offers the most complete technical support. Any of these options can be the best video hosting for your project.

Why Not Stop At Free Youtube?

This may seem like a good idea before you start analyzing the details. Promotion on YouTube is a set of actions aimed at increasing the main factors in the ranking of a channel or video in hosting, it’s rating. Their position is influenced by the number and duration of views, the ratio of likes and dislikes, the number of subscribers, comments, quality of content, inbound links, and others.

In fact, this data is insufficient. They do not allow you to form a complete picture of the site. For high-quality forecasting and marketing strategy, more complete statistics are needed.

YouTube still has some advantages:

But there are even more disadvantages:

Video ranking factors are a separate topic. It should also be considered a disadvantage. The creation of quality content requires a lot of money, time, and psychological costs. But no less serious work awaits the authors when accompanying the channel.

Benefits of Paid Hosting:

General Tips For Promoting Your Project

If your site is publicly available, you need to follow the typical steps to promote it. Keywords and phrases must be used to ensure high ranking in search engines. “Keys” are indicated in the title, description, and tags for the video, in the description for the channel.

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