Working RARBG Proxy and Alternatives Site of June 2020


RARBG was started in 2008. RARBG is an online website that lets the user download a wide variety of movies, series, games, music, torrents that is not normally obtainable in other ways.  If you’re in the mood to see the latest movies online, then RARBG may be the website that you choose to use to avail it. With a high number of changes and desertions in the last three years, and with so several official websites full of malware, low-quality torrents, and even fake files, you need a list of the reliable torrent sites that offers okay quality torrents without any malware. Are you finding RARBG Proxy List and RARBG alternatives that are updated regularly and recommend trackers that work? If yes, then you are in the right place.

List of Rarbg Proxy and Unblocked Websites in 2020

Here is the list of the rarbg proxy and working unblocked mirror sites.

S No.RARBG Proxy/Mirror SitesStatusSpeed
1.RARBG.toOnlineVery Fast
2.RARBG PROXY 1OnlineVery Fast
3.RARBG PROXY 2OnlineVery Fast
4.RARBG PROXY 3OnlineVery Fast
5.RARBG PROXY 4OnlineVery Fast
6.RARBG PROXY 5OnlineVery Fast
7.RARBG PROXY 6OnlineVery Fast
8.RARBG PROXY 7OnlineVery Fast
9.RARBG PROXY 8OnlineVery Fast
10.RARBG PROXY 9OnlineVery Fast
11.RARBG PROXY 10OnlineFast
12.RARBG PROXY 11OnlineVery Fast
14.RARBG PROXY 12 OnlineFast
17.RARBG PROXY 13OnlineFast
18.RARBG PROXY 14OnlineFast
19.RARBG PROXY 15OnlineFast
20.RARBG PROXY UKOnlineVery Fast

How to use Rarbg proxy without VPN

We can use a rarbg proxy without a VPN using some method. But it can be harmful to us because VPN is a secure thing. The process is as follows.

How to use VPN to access Rarbg Proxy sites

VPN stands for a virtual private network. Using a VPN is what is always recommended to access RARBG proxy completely anonymously and securely, as we told earlier above. The VPN provider will do all for you. And licenses you to enjoy the internet without the option of notice your online action. Another method is VPN works as the making of the IP address so that you have constant and private access to the site.

Rarbg Alternatives and Similar Sites


If you want to see the best site for downloading fresh movies then YTS is the best place for movies. YTS Torrents made by Yiftach Swery in 2010. YTS is one of the most significant operative as well as the oldest movie torrent site out there, which you can see. Like RARBG, YTS emphases on Films torrents. YTS was a peer-to-peer publication gathering. Which is known for allotting vast numbers of movies downloaded over Bit Torrent? YIFY publications are characterized through their HD Video Quality in minor file sizes, which involves many downloaders.  You won’t think so, but the YIFY now has more than 9000+ torrents content, which you can download and use but you have to use YIFY Proxy to access all this data. You will catch lots of the best and most popular movies, Platform. So, YTS is one more ideal RARBG Alternatives that you can visit. 



If you are looking for the most excellent alternative for RARBG Proxy; then you are in the correct place. EZTV is a famed name when it develops from downloading TV series. EZTV TV Torrent given that complete TV shows, anime series from years. While now, if we talk about the user interface, then let me explain that it may appear somewhat out-of-date, but the fact is that it is very relaxed to use and offers you excellent user experience.

If the site is unhappy, that is understood. But if your ISP or government agencies band EZTV. Then you can’t arrive via your browser anymore, which can be strained.

Is EZTV blocked? Are you viewing for another method to unblock EZTV? There are many options available to get EZTV when it’s blocked. But, EZTV Proxy & Mirror sites are the most excellent likely method the same as rarbg proxy. But, the detection of the working EZTV Proxies and Mirrors is not that easy.



If you are interested in movies, then you must have knowledge about 1337x sites because they provide the best service for downloading new movies. It is a big plate is a fanciful but straightforward torrent website. That has its type of particular community. Many extreme uploaders deliver through torrents from this website. So, it is a common purpose for everyone. Millions still see this site, and also, it’s between the best Torrent website, which you can see now. From TV Series, Games, Music to Movies Torrents, you can find all of it on 1337x. So, 1337x  among the Excessive RARBG Alternatives, which you can visit now.



It is a must when you will find an alternative to Rarbg. It is the best and largest platform for movies.  It’s a new name in the BitTorrent system, but it is increasing in the success charts pretty fast. Google is most standard for TV shows and movies. For one thing, the site owners have made a smart little API that pulls metadata on video torrents from a movie database. Zooqle is the largest torrent site with more than 3.5M confirmed torrents. Two thousand two hundred trackers associate it. You can catch almost everything from this site.

 Zooqle is a beautiful torrent site just like rarbg. The Torrent site has offered torrent files for brand new movies, TV shows, PDFs, full video games, software programs, and more significantly for many years. That is why in case you are trying to get most of this stuff completely free, you may use Zooqle torrent to catch any of them free. All you want is to have a BitTorrent client like BitTorrent, uTorrent, and so forth. On your private pc.


The Pirate Bay

There are many alternatives to the Rarbg site but Pirate Bay is wonderful for movies, series TV Show and music. The Pirate Bay has its history, but this is one of the best favorites of the users and one of the top alternatives to RARBG Proxy. The PiratesBay was proven in 2003 by a group of anti-copyright crusaders in Sweden.  According to, the Pirates Bay, which maxes the list of prominent P2P websites. Exceeded 300 million active users in 2017. Generating is one of the maxima visited websites in the world.

As it has millions of torrents available in numerous categories, as well as the maintenance of magnet links and a straightforward user interface, it only makes it one of the greatest auspicious among the users. It offers the facility to the user to download the TV series, moves, and music.

The Piratebay


Yes, if you are familiar with the Torrentz website, then you will be astonished to know this new copied portal. It is just the current version of the popular web is a replacement, receiver, and spare of It is a wild and excessive torrent meta-search engine. Linking results from dozens of torrent sites. The site has grown-up a vast user base. Tested and Good torrents can create for dilute torrent sites only and one of the best alternatives to rarbg proxy.



It is a torrent site for movies, TV shows, music, games, and additional download types. Next to it’s the most exceptional significant feature, a torrent search. The site also features a liberal IMDB torrent search. Torrent users can see movies or TV shows by inserting their IMDB ID in TorrentGalaxy’s search box just like rarbg. It will be the outcome is a list of all torrents connected to this IMDB item. TorrentGalaxy also decides quickly. For poor results for both guests and members. It has also helped to be the premier torrent site with arcade games.

Most torrent sites stay pure of. While there were previously dozens of torrent sites out there, TorrentGalaxy is confident to set itself apart by preserving a lively community and experimenting with similar rarbg features. This includes streaming, something.

Torrent sites and their communities touch torrenting is ‘best’ than streaming sites, and their followers feel conflicting. To us, that whole premise is wrong and rarbg is one among all the best sites. That’s why we came up with the idea to combine flowing into a torrent site,” TorrentGalaxy informs us.

Torrent Galaxy


It is one of the best and covered RARBG Proxy alternatives. Everyone can download series, TV shows, Movies, and music effortlessly, although it has some slight flaws. Still, the fact is that it has an advantage over all the portals stated overhead is its excellent user experience that is offered by its organized and straightforward design. Furthermore, it also provides all kinds of content, has many seeders, and debauched speed as well.



Also, you can take the paybacks of the numerous RARBG Mirror sites that are obtainable. A rapid Google search of RARBG Mirrors will produce unique reappearance websites that contain the same content as RARBG proxy itself. Hopefully, you can catch your content from one of them. PC or laptop. Hence, to ratify the protection, it is very significant that you have a useful Antivirus tool installed on your

FAQs Regarding the RARBG

What is Rarbg?

RARBG is a torrent files downloader website. Started back 2008, it grew itself as one of the best torrent downloads website. You can download movies, tv shows, Softwares and many more for free.

What is the working Rarbg proxy in 2020?

In this article, we have shared the rarbg proxy list that is still working in 2020

Is it safe to use these rarbg proxies/ mirrors sites?

Yes, we have tested these rarbg proxies. All are working and safe to use.

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