The New Founding Principles Of Customer Experience In 2021

Business experts used to focus on the what and how customer experience focuses on the why and how. In other words, the conditions and means that organizations employ to design and deliver an experience that goes beyond the traditional satisfaction of an expressed need and joins the quest for meaning and the search for a larger impact.

Customer experience enables us to accompany change and steer the shift from a transactional model to a holistic and dispersed one by liberating companies from the organizational restrictions inherited from the past, as well as the inertia of pyramidal and hierarchical structures. It restores the original sense of the term “business” as a full-fledged social connection that immerses directors and company owners in the joy of the relationship with the others, rather than just another transaction linked to business exchange.

In 2021, customer experience relies on a thorough knowledge of people’s experiences and the motives that lead to their decisions. This, to adopt an external viewpoint based on usage and the interpretation of signals sent by the firm.

The “I Know More Than You” Mindset Is Stronger Than Ever

With the rise of Social media and other communication channels, customers nowadays have become hyper-informed experts on the items and services they buy. This is especially true when the stakes are high or the involvement is intense. What consumers anticipate is that you accompany them on an in-depth discovery of the product, which can only be attained if the collaborator is genuinely interested in the subject: make-up, fashion, literature… whatever the sector, you will always find enthusiastic people willing to work with you.

It is about engaging consumers in a discussion about the product, the history of the brand, its culture, and answering complicated inquiries. This is like Apple or BMW salesmen who are not objectified on sales “How is it created? Where is it manufactured? Who is it? Where are the raw ingredients sourced?” Behind the search for information, there is frequently a search for truth and transparency. As well, as an answer to a more general question: does this brand deserve my trust? It is not a matter of converting staff to become encyclopedias, but of making knowledge more accessible to them in order to fulfill the customer’s curiosity. This is an excellent chance to continue the engagement after the consumer has left the point of sale.

‘Clienteling’, a not-so-new method that involves customizing the face-to-face interaction, is at the heart of this trend. In that regard, contact center agents now have the capacity to know more than their consumers, thanks to the integration of CRM technologies and the availability of tablets and smartphones.

Because the customer’s purchase history is easily accessible, agents can be proactive and propose an ultra-personalized experience. More than ever, they are at the forefront of creating an intimate link that will likely encourage the customer to provide additional information based on their habits, tastes, need, and personal preferences.

But it doesn’t stop there; remember that bad reviews and controversies spread like wildfire on social media and the internet. That is why as a company you have to keep your promises. That means delivering the service on time, with the quality expected, and with the support needed for each client. 

That is also one of the founding principles of NobelBiz! Our company has 20 years’ experience in the contact center industry, an experience that today encompasses our core values, our teams and our services. That is why we are known as the Promise Keepers of the industry. Be it Cloud Contact Centers technologies or Carrier Services, we keep all our promises to all contact centers alike. We set realistic expectations and strive to exceed those!

Agility Is At The Heart Of Customer Experience

The customer experience is essentially geared to the reality of the customers, what they do, what they don’t do, and what innovation that those companies will implement after the design of future services. Rapid prototyping at an early stage and testing with the operational employees who will provide the experience adds an  “agile” innovative component to the customer experience that is sorely absent in traditional techniques. By field-testing prototypes, ecosystem players will also create the most complicated and intangible aspects of an experience: its administration, structure, and processes that will enable its deployment.

As a result, companies will swiftly adapt it and grow devoted to it. The grace of action eliminates the conventional aversion to change that impedes the acceptance of innovations. This pragmatic factor makes the consumer experience extremely agile and companies grow more competitive towards innovation.

The Multi-Dimensions of Collaboration

This concept relates to the customer experience’s collaborative and interdisciplinary nature: everyone in the ecosystem may contribute to the design of future services and the generation of value. The client loses his role as a passive recipient of offerings aimed at him and instead becomes a contributor and partner in the same way as the other stakeholders.

Customer experience in 2021 and beyond is about developing answers to issues rather than offering technical features and functional benefits. It is also the capacity to give service to build up exchanges that are structured as procedures. This allows every collaborator to do something for someone, to be valuable to your client base, and to create more meaning to the human part of the new customer experience.

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