How to Earn OSRS GP With Groups in Unranked Group Ironman

Unranked Group Ironman for Old School RuneScape is live! Here’s everything you need to know about it.

The Group Ironman Mode is the newest OSRS game mode in which you can group up together with up to four other friends or play alone. Except for being able to trade within your group, you will face all the other trade restrictions a regular Ironman account faces. You won’t be able to use the Grand Exchange (unless it is for spending your OSRS GP for a Bond), you can’t trade with other players except for your group, and you will have to use the same money-making methods as a regular Ironman. You’ll have to rely a lot on the High Alchemy spell to obtain OSRS gold and get resources to train processing skills such as Smiting or Fletching – unless your teammates are friendly and will do you a solid in helping you out with the resources needed for those skills.

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Progressing together is fun and challenging, but this intensity and relying on others and their role within your team make groups either work or simply not work. Some group mates might lose interest or be caught up in real life or a different game. Whatever the cause, the Group Ironman experience has always relied on luck and effort from up to five people, making it a lot more hardcore than many of us would like. 

Its immense rigidity was a great pain for many who have tried this game mode, especially those who were not lucky enough to group up with people with similar input and interests. Nevertheless, this has changed. The Group Ironman mode has just become a lot more relaxed and casual with its brand new subcategory you can try even today! Unranked Group Ironman. 

You can either start as an Unranked Group Ironman or turn your ranked GIM into an unranked one. You can either leave your current group or invite an unranked GIM into your group. Before, leaving your ranked group gives you the possibility of losing all your items and OSRS GP, but you get to your GIM status – or you keep all your valuables but lose your GIM status. This time around, you can keep both. You will remain a GIM (UGIM) and keep all your items and OSRS gold.

What’s the Catch?

The only thing that you lose when turning your GIM into a UGIM is the group HiScores. You will still appear on the individual HiScores, but not the group one, which is not as bad as it may seem. Remember that the GIM HiScores cannot display much due to some technical complications. You will not see your combined KC on bosses or your combined or average skill level. All you will see in the GIM HiScores are the total levels. Now they also added your group prestige on the HiScores. So the cost is pretty minor compared to the benefit of so much flexibility! This is subjective, and you might find this a deal-breaker if you are really into the competitive nature of the ranked GIM.

Also, remember that turning your GIM into UGIM is an irreversible process. This is similar to turning your Ironman into a main. Another great benefit of UGIM is that there will not be any trade restrictions for the new arrivals in your group. You will all be free to trade amongst yourselves as much as you like and with zero concerns about having any particular KC for specific OSRS items.

Quality of Life Improvements Incoming–Not!

Jagex has listened closely, and besides introducing the unranked GIM, they are now considering even more quality of life changes for this game mode. However, because of many considerations that sum up as an additional developmental cost for Jagex, they won’t introduce the untradeable OSRS items as tradeable for GIMs. And this time, they said a firm ‘no’ about this. They also postponed discussing different other GIM quality of life improvements for now.

It seems probable that they will allow regular Ironman accounts to be converted into UGIMs as requested by many of us. The flexibility with the UGIM will give you a more relaxed feeling. You will not have to commit for life to playing with the same players; you will not risk losing all of your items and OSRS GP if you decide you want to switch your group, and you will not have to let go of your GIM status to keep your valuables. A lot of pressure is off your shoulders now, but not all. 

UGIM Still Provides A Challenge

UGIM is still a challenging game mode! Even if you don’t appear in the HiScores, you’ll still share the same restrictions. Ironman-specific skilling methods and money-makers will still need to rely on the High Alchemy spell to obtain OSRS gold. But what you will have is that you’ll be able to periodically evaluate if you’re still compatible with the other GIMs in your group and act on it!

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