Understanding How Link Building Has Evolved

The web is always evolving and so does search engine optimization (SEO). Link building goes together with SEO link peanut butter and jelly, so naturally link building changes with the times too. In this article, we discuss SEO, where link building fits into it, and how it has changed in the last few years. 

SEO 101

Simply put, search engine optimization is aimed at bettering the ranking positive of a website for related keywords or search phrases. While backlinks do matter, the on-page work to make a site more indexable, easier to view, and to keep people present for longer, all plays a part too.

A satisfied visitor who doesn’t hit the ‘Back’ button, returns to the search results and selects a different page is a positive tick in the box. In the eyes of Google, this further reinforces a ranking position as being one that should stick. 

Where Does Link Building Fit into It?

Link building is the strategic and careful acquisition of links from other websites to your site. Backlinks act as a form of voting mechanism. The idea is that a site wouldn’t link to another one unless the content on the linked page is worthwhile looking at. 

So, you may ask the question, what is link building? It’s one of the main SEO tactics nowadays which involves actively chasing links that point to your site. When doing so, the site will have a better chance of ranking better than it otherwise would. Ultimately, this usually results in more traffic and revenue. 

How Has Link Building Changed in the Last Few Years?

Originally, backlinks were seen as a volume game where the more that were established pointing to your site, the better. However, as time has marched on, the process of link building has become far more refined and exacting.

The aim has changed to obtaining the best results from fewer links. A sensible goal is a multi-year approach to building a site into a powerhouse with strong backlinks providing a better foundation. This type of goal cannot be achieved in a year or just six months. That wouldn’t look natural and likely would risk a penalty as a result. 

Why Are the Changes Pertinent to Today?

Along with a patient approach to link building over months and years, the quality of links received must necessarily improve with time too. For example, a site that already has a Domain Authority (DA) rating of 10 should be looking for links with a DA of 20 or higher. If they continue to look for links from websites with DA of 1 to 10, as before, they won’t grow in authority. Therefore, it’s necessary to continually raise the bar for backlinks that are worth going after. 

Link building and SEO never standstill. New ideas form, Google changes how it responds to them, and techniques continually adjust. In a real sense, it’s almost like a chess game of move and countermove, with SEO teams doing battle every day to help their clients rank better and avoid defeat. 

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