100% Working Extratorrent Proxy to Unblock Extratorrent Alternatives in 2024

This article has been updated on 4th January, 2024

There are many torrent sites, but Extratorrent is the most accessible to find the latest movies, series, TV shows, and music that is released. It was created in 2006 and was hugely widespread amongst those who prefer downloading files, movies, and games through the P2P sharing method. In recent years, many torrent sites were down and now they can only be accessed through a proxy, VPN, or Tor browser. That’s why extratorrent proxy sites come into being, to help its users access the original site through these unblock sites. It helps you in finding your preferred entertainment and enjoy yourself. It is one of the well-known torrent sites on the web, where a lot of websites just basically come and go, but extratorrent has been capable of making an influence that has made it one of the most popular sites.

ExtraTorrents hosted a massive collection of magnet links and torrent links for a diversity of content. One of the important features of the torrent site was its advanced search functionality. There was nothing you couldn’t invent by typing in the Extratorrents search box.

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How to Access Extratorrent Proxy Sites?

Maybe Extratorrent proxy sites are the best option for accessing the web. A proxy site is a website that serves as an agent for queries by clients requesting services from other sites. When you enter Extratorrent via a proxy server, outsiders can see that you are linked to the proxy server and will not know whether the proxy server transmits data from Extratorrent to you.
Often Extratorrent proxy 2020 servers are confused with Extratorrent mirrors. An Extratorrent mirror is essentially a replica of the original link with a new domain name and host code. On the other side, the Extratorrents proxy service is an unofficial portal that allows it simpler to link to the initial Extratorrent and also to other websites.

What Happened To ExtraTorrents?

If you’re a fan of downloading torrents, you may have noticed that safe torrents have disappeared from the internet. What happened to this popular torrent site, and where can you go to find similar content?

ExtraTorrents was one of the most well-known torrent sites on the web, offering a wide variety of movies, TV shows, music, and more. However, in 2017, the site suddenly shut down without warning, leaving many users wondering what had happened.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the disappearance of ExtraTorrents unblocked and explore some of the reasons why the site may have been taken down. We’ll also discuss some alternative sites where you can find similar content and offer tips for staying safe while downloading torrents. So if you’re a fan of Safe Torrenting, keep reading to learn more about the fate of ExtraTorrents.

How to Unblock Extratorrent Proxy?

It is impossible to block every site and its proxies completely because there are many workarounds to access a blocked torrent site. In this article at technoroll extratorrent, We have shared 3 methods on how to access extratorrent proxy sites

Tor Browser

An extra resource that facilitates safe Internet connectivity. This is a second tab masking the IP address. This provides an easy-open IP address, to access extratorrent proxy in 2023


A VPN is a private network that spreads over a public network and allows users to send and receive data as if they were connected directly to a private network through their computer. By using a VPN service to link to Extratorrent, your operation is totally concealed from everyone but you and your VPN service provider of choice. It doesn’t mean that you’re 100% free and can do something that you want without any effects. When it comes to choosing a VPN service, it is always good for people who have a good reputation to spend extra money. to access an extratorrent proxy. Budget VPN service providers must cut corners and reserve bandwidth and download speed if not.

98% of data on P2P networks was copyrighted: There is no denying the fact that piracy was one of the biggest reasons for the popularity of torrenting. Back when P2P file sharing was enjoying a high frequency of users, 98% of data flow on P2P networks consisted of copyrighted content. (Source: BitTorrent)

Updated Extratorrent Proxy and Mirror Sites in 2024

A reasonable alternative to browse restricted torrent pages is to use a web proxy server or mirror. Above is a collection of servers and mirrors for extratorrent proxies.

Extratorrent is another common website from which all new game trailers, TV, music, and different apps are made accessible in apk format like Extratorrent since they are absolutely free.

It has many sources that make it the most common download website and is very user-friendly. Since it has been banned in many countries, therefore, it is only accessible through extratorrent proxies.

You can simply use this platform instead of using other pages, although it has been banned in many nations, such as Canada, the UK, and the US due to copy infringement problems. You don’t have to fear, though, because the Extratorrent page can be unblocked.

Extratorrent Proxy

Updated List of 20 Working Extratorrent Proxy Sites in Jan 2024

Some of the Extratorrent proxies or mirror sites are,, with these proxies one can easily be able to download their favorite movies.

ExtraTorrent Proxy/MirrorURLs ListStatus
ExtraTorrent proxy 1
ExtraTorrent proxy 2
ExtraTorrent proxy 3
ExtraTorrent proxy 4
ExtraTorrent proxy 5
ExtraTorrent proxy 6
ExtraTorrent proxy 7
ExtraTorrent proxy 9
ExtraTorrent proxy 10
ExtraTorrent proxy 11
ExtraTorrent proxy 12
ExtraTorrent proxy 13
ExtraTorrent proxy 14
ExtraTorrent proxy 15
ExtraTorrent proxy 16
ExtraTorrent proxy 17
ExtraTorrent proxy 18
ExtraTorrent proxy 19
ExtraTorrent proxy 20

Many countries have blocked torrent websites: Since it’s nearly impossible to tell if the user is downloading torrents for a legitimate purpose or otherwise, a lot of countries decided to block torrenting sites altogether. Some of these countries are China, the US, Australia, South Africa, and Russia. (Source: Wikipedia)

How To Download Movies From Blocked ExtraTorrent

Downloading movies from blocked ExtraTorrent can be a tricky process. Fortunately, there are a few steps you can take to help you get around the block and access the content you want.

1. Use a virtual private network (VPN) to access ExtraTorrent. VPNs allow users to remain anonymous online and connect to restricted websites by bypassing regional blocks.

2. Use TOR (The Onion Router), a free, open-source browser designed for maximum security and privacy while surfing the web.

3. Utilize proxy servers, which act as intermediaries between your device and the internet.

4. Use official mirror sites, which are replicas of an original torrent website that has been set up by volunteers or fans of the original website in order to keep it alive when it is blocked or taken down due to legal troubles.

By following these four steps, you should be able to successfully download movies from blocked ExtraTorrent sites securely and anonymously.

In Which Countries, Extratorrent is Blocked?

ExtraTorrent websites and the extratorrent proxies are mostly blocked in the following countries.

  1. United Kingdom
  2. India
  3. Pakistan
  4. Russian Federation
  5. Turkey
  6. United States
  7. France
  8. Italy

How Does Extratorrent Proxy Work?

With free updates, everybody needs to work on the internet. This is not absolutely right whether you access illegal and ethically incorrect video records and content, but, you will access a ton of free stuff through the network for nothing from other popular places such as extratorrent.
In both situations, it turned out to be impossible to do this through the usability of such grown-up content and rugged material found in the extratorrent proxy sites. There are not many options to do that. One of the key approaches used is to control web intermediaries.

Top 40 Working Extratorrent Alternatives in 2024 [Updated]


There are many alternative sites for ExtraTorrents, but YTS is the most famous which provide the latest movies, series, TV show, and Music and has simple interface. The site has had numerous different domain names since then and is presently running from Torrents was created in 2010. And his founder’s name is Yiftach Swery. He was an app, web developer, and archery champion from New Zealand. It has been banned by many ISP in many countries. There are many yify proxy sites surfing on the web just like extratorrent proxy

In August 2011, the YIFY brand was sufficiently fast to license the launch of an official YIFY Torrents Website, although it was lastly unhappy by United Kingdom authorities. A backup website,, was launched for users to circumvent this prohibition.


Zooqal is a top-listed alternative site of ExtraTorrents. It provides high-speed quality to the user, and it is easy to use. Almost 37000 movies and 600 TV shows are available on it. It helps the user find the latest videos, series, TV shows, music, and gaming. Zooqle has several current loyal users, and it will continue to grow over time at accelerating speeds. Finally, you can catch almost everything from this site.

I know that is why you are all in real love with zooqle, still, due to brilliant internet piracy and copyright laws. Numerous ISPs have clogged access to Zooqle. That’s why zooqle is not operational for several users. If you are also one of them, you are in the right place.


If you want to see an excellent torrent site, then you are at the right place because EZTV is the largest and most excellent alternative site for Extratorrent. EZTV Torrent is full of TV shows and anime series from years. EZTV has lost some reliability in recent years due to security and privacy concerns. The site is also successful for years to add fresh features, filters, better floods, etc. Note that the site itself warns users to employ a VPN before using the service.

Is EZTV blocked, and Are you looking for another method to unblock EZTV? There are numerous options available to get EZTV when it’s blocked. But, EZTV Proxy & Mirror sites are the most brilliant likely method. But, uncovering the working EZTV Proxy and Mirrors is not that easy.



If you want to watch the latest movies and many other entertainment things like music, TV show, gaming, etc., then you will visit 1337x torrent sites because it is a massive hub of the latest movies and the best alternative website of ExtraTorrents, it usages the the BitTorrent protocol to allow peer-to-peer file-sharing of its directory of torrent files. The site has changed domain names at least once to avoid a Google search ban; presently, it is using the domain as its leading site, but also when the main site is unreachable.



RARBG  is a famous alternative site for ExtraTorrents. It has a lot of the latest movies and gaming collections. It provides the facility with online downloading of films, TV shows, music, gaming, etc. It was created in 2010. It is blocked in some countries, including the UK, Saudi Arabia, and Australia. Using a VPN will enable you to bypass these limits, allowing you to carefully access content – while remembering that we do not excuse piracy. If you’re in the mood to see the latest movies online, then RARBG proxy may be the website that you choose to use to avail it in case the original site is not working.


The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay was created in 2003 in Sweden and is considered the best alternative to ExtraTorrents.The user can download the latest movies, music, TV show, gaming, and software quickly. They were conferring to, the Pirates Bay, which maxes the list of prominent P2P websites. Exceeded 300 million active users in 2017. Generating is one of the most visited sites in the world.

Based in Seychelles, Pirate Bay is a non-profit organization that was initially founded by Swedish anti-copyright activists in 2003. It is one of the insufficient torrenting sites that has stood the test of time and created a way to remain within legal boundaries – meaning that it cannot be held accountable for any copyright infringements that take place via its site.



Torrentz is a potent internet location search tool and the top-rated torrent site which has the latest movies and music collections. is a matching, recipient, and replacement of used to be one of the best alternatives to extratorrent.  It is a rough and great torrent meta-search engine—connection results from dozens of torrent sites. Torrentz2 appeared many days after the original Torrentz.EU site. With a vast 75 torrent sites in their index and with an overall of 55 million torrents, it has varied handling. While extra count features like torrent quality voting (fake, password, virus). And a summary of the newest tested music, movies, and TV torrents.



It is the biggest torrent site and an excellent alternative to Extratorrent. The LimeTorrents runs by a simple, neat, and user-friendly interface. Fresh releases enjoy good speeds and lots of seeders, yet old torrents may frequently be left uncared for and in poor health. It is the most excellent plan B alternative if your favorite torrenting site has just been shut down or is recently unobtainable. Every user can download series, TV shows, Movies, and music effortlessly, although it has several slight flaws. Still, the fact is that it has an advantage over all the portals stated overhead is its brilliant user experience that is offered by its organized and straightforward design.



TorrentGalaxy is a new torrent site, but its working is the best and a good alternative for Extratorrent. It is only a few months old, but the site’s operatives are not without ambition. The site is the creation of former members and staff of the invalid ExtraTorrent, so they’re barely newcomers to the torrent world. However, they feel that torrents alone don’t cut it anymore, so they’ve begun to expand their site with streaming videos, hoping to bridge the gap between the two—a worrying development for Hollywood.



Torrent9 has a better user UI. You will browse TV shows, videos, cards, animes, songs, and books, for your favorite material by using the menu. The platform is very simple, besides.
It is worth remembering that there is not a lot of culture on the website. However, for any questions you may have, you may contact the support staff. It is quite similar to Extratorrent.
As the name means, this is a basic torrent website that helps you to stream different films online.



It was started after the 1337x torrent site. A common 13377x design and associated features for providing high-quality video downloads. It could be used as an alternative to Extratorrent.
It is written in black and brown with other mirror pages to help the website of the parent. This one should be tested.


Fast Torrent

Fast Torrent is very distinct from the other websites with Torrents. It’s a website for a magnet link. This means that the website has magnetic links from torrents in all categories.

It’s tidy, quick, and easy to use the best of the website. Moreover, a new slim interface with tiles of popular shows has been introduced recently and a new search bar has been launched on top.

In addition, the website includes an immense collection of magnetic ties from all genres. This makes The Pirate Bay a valuable alternative to ExtraTorrent considerably.


Sumo Torrent

SumoTorrent was created today as a new torrent platform. This is a great replacement for extratorrent with its elegant architecture and quick GUI. To get the hottest feature, you get to the trending segment on the right. In addition, the trends section has the most-seeded content, so that the people who have downloaded the content can click on the correct link.



In terms of new torrent archives, Monova is now the number one torrent platform and the strongest competitor to ExtraTorrent. The most used torrent platform, however, is Monova. You can get anything with a category and you can pick and access your favorite material. The Monova was already taken offline but it always rises back up from ruins like Phoenix despite being down for a few months. The Monova still has the ability to filter the top 100 torrent files downloaded, and you can still keep up with the trends. The Monova has it all, from film to sports.



This website has a large range of video material. This is another torrent website. Films, in fact. However, it concentrates primarily on HD installs. It is the best alternative to extratorrent

When you equate the file accessible on this platform with other torrent pages, most files are smaller. To other viewers, this may be a challenge if they don’t want all the episodes of a single series in one archive, but that may also imply that those who wish to retain data are very helpful. Demonoid is the place to go right now, whether you choose to stream one TV show or video rapidly. Not just simple to use, but also new is the official website style.



The website is not accessible everywhere; it has been removed from Australia, UK, and others. Kickass Torrent is a popular and secure portal. But by communicating with a server at a specific venue, you can circumvent geo-blocks anywhere with a VPN and stay safe while surfing extratorrent.

The website is quick and intuitive to scan for all your favorite series, films, and material. In fact, you will also get feedback from over 165,000 users on the web if you do not locate what you are searching for.



ISOHUNT is the perfect choice for ExtraTorrent. When Kickasstorrent was first dropped, Isohunt created a spotlight. Being one of the most frequented torrent pages, Isohunt frequently announces new security patches to consumers about what occurs in the peer-to-peer environment. We do not know if Isohunt is in the future going to build an Extratorring Mirror Platform, but you can do so before the latest Extratorrent App is usable. We can see ETTV’s and ETHD’s release on the ISOHunt platform in the future because they are linked to Extratorrent.



One of the better options is the only website that includes an Android device and a Chrome plug-in alongside the web. It launched in 2016 and indexes torrents from several sites that draw a worldwide audience. It can be accessed through different proxy sites like extratorrent proxy.



You can access the Toorgle website if you are a movie fan. Since Toorgle has the same film collection as ExtraTorrent in the store.

People are normally uploading or watching Tv shows and moves from the Toorgle website. Furthermore, the platform just provides checked and authentic torrent data.

Therefore, Toorgle is the perfect site for you as an extratorrent alternative. if you choose to share 100 percent authentic torrent files and is also a fantastic alternative to ExtraTorrent.



TorrentProject is a versatile search engine for torrents. The website puts together the reports from hundreds of pages, like extratorrent. There’s a very basic GUI for TorrentProject. You will scan the home page in a matter of seconds for your favorite torrents.

In addition, the Website claims to refresh its database with the most current torrent proxy websites, famous torrent indices, and niche pages. No other resources such as a login page or a forum are included on the website.



Although Torrentbit has a large film library, it’s built to distribute TV content more directly. A calendar with all upcoming release dates, as well as a countdown for big events, is included on the homepage.

Torrentbit has a wide group of users, who are all willing to lend a helping hand, even if you shouldn’t consider what you are after. There is also a full FAQ tab. Moreover, you can always find many torrents that are available on the extratorrent.



Torrentfunk specializes in offering the latest films.Torrentfunk videos in 720p, 1080p, and 3D resolution can be downloaded. Better still, they are in the smallest files so that you can rest assured that your download will be quick.

Torrentfunk would like to give its users a positive experience in developing their culture. You may note that an alert sign encourages the usage of a VPN while torrenting as you scroll down the tab. The Torrentfunk even has a chat page and all questions can be addressed.



It is a torrent search engine that has twelve million torrents of videos, apps, TV shows, tutorials, articles, etc. Only type your keyword and click enter, and hundreds of safe torrent files will be shown.

These are the strongest extratorrent tools you can now use to grab the new stuff. In order not to promote such websites in any way, I have assembled this list to include several other torrent pages.



Looking for a well-designed and well-managed ExtraTorrent alternative? Then just visit torrentdownloads, it’s all just like Extratorrent. They’ve improved a number of things in the past five years. They do have a group of users of like extratorrent

The homepage is much like a search engine page where users can type the keyword they want to access or only press the categories below the search bar to explore the new torrents.



If you are searching for the best alternatives for extratorrent, you can blindly rely on btdigg because this website is worthwhile to locate some fake torrent connections.

The platform has a large directory of checked torrents. Btdigg is especially obsessed with ensuring that users have links to only legitimate torrents, and that is taken so seriously as to advise you what to expect when a consumer detects a false torrent.



Torrentreactor is considered to be the world’s leading search engine for torrent data, an efficient and secure search site. This is one of the enormous networks with billions of torrent files and has been continually received by nearly three dozen torrent providers.

In addition to being a free torrent provider, Torrentreactor is a quick torrent file search engine. In addition to having its own separate torrent search engine, hundreds of other major torrent services are sponsored. Those who wish to upload their own generated torrents, they may upload the same with others as well.


Over the years, has overshadowed many websites in the torrent. You may claim that it is one of the most popular torrent sites and the closest alternative to extratorrents. Torrent is one of the most common websites due to its outstanding graphical user interface and stable download. torrents have the best video, music, and torrents.


Bitlove is one of the oldest torrent players in the town. And it’s one of the greatest players to play the role, too. The positive news is that after a brief period in exile, Bitlove is returning. It falls to our list of the best alternatives to extratorrent not just as a robust torrent archive, but also as a torrent platform with an extremely clean look.

A tiny yet critical head-up-Bitlove has been attacked in the past by a variety of Internet service providers. It ensures that you may not be allowed to access a website because the ISP has prevented it. But the VPN will do well to unblock the tab.



You will search and access videos in superior quality and at the smallest imaginable file size, free of charge from Torernthounds videos streaming Web site. The website is built especially for movie lovers like extratorrent who want news movies in HD format every day. It has a broad variety of HD content and replaces it with new content on a daily basis, in order to include the latest material. There are also other types, such as action, humor, battle, fighting, romance, and several more. The choices for each division are their own.



While the website is not smartly designed, it is one of the most kickass for its clean nature and is very detailed on the torrents it offers. The platform lets you sign up unlike extratorrent and enter its group by delivering alerts on news relating to torrents or by uploading new torrents. The top ten torrents in each group are also eligible.


Library Genesis

Library Genesis is a simple search engine to find products and ebooks about various subjects. The Library Genesis is sometimes named the LibGen. The Search Engine is free to access and offers millions of ebooks and daily updates of new material to provide you with an extensive and full experience.



Not all torrent websites are the same as you would imagine. All of them have a list of tests depending on what you are searching for. Subtle data, however, differentiate between various search engines. When it comes to torrent seekers, a relatively regular GUI is seen on the home screen with a prominent search bar. Yet you’ll be shocked to go a level further just as extratorrent

Torrentseeker the main asset is a convenient way to sort the search information. You can include, remove, and even order the search results in different languages. And you can eventually test if you want to first see the most important or newest files



It has become one of the first flooded websites to provide streams for virtually every class, including TV shows, songs, films, and other material, and was established in 2003. It has a nice user-friendly GUI and magnet links for your favorite torrent searches are also available.



Across a large variety of categories like sports, videos, TV shows, etc., Glodls provides its users with more than three million checked torrents. Glodls is definitely a common alternative to kickass torrents and torrent fanatics will check it out at once.


Popular added torrents in movies, TV, software, games, anime, and books. Find download torrents, movies, music, games, software, tv shows, and other downloads. download a verified BitTorrent for free. It is one of the best and working extratorrent alternatives.


If you want to find a decent answer to a leader of Movcr.It launched in 2008 and is now one of the main locations of the torrent. This holds over 10 million torrents, updated and filtered regularly. This is even an SDK that can not be sold by Movcr.



Torrentcouch is the place to visit a public torrent directory with media content and more. The structure and content of the website, the structure of each torrent, and its own detailed explanation are the surprises of Torrentcouch. Torrentcouch provides a pretty decent alternative if you can’t use any extratorrent proxy.


LegitTorrent/ Welltorrent

You will search and download all free of charge with legal download. While the platform is not always updated by your staff, LegitTorrents remains one of the best kickass websites, and users need to try it out to browse torrent files lawfully accessible.



Torrentking is a great place to download tv shows, movies, games, and software. This is a great site. It hosts millions of torrents online. It does not force its users to sign up you can just download torrents through the magnet link.



It offers nearly all torrents, you’ll find it at Megapeer. if you’re searching for new movies or your favorite games. It shows you every famous quest and provides the best links for your favorite content to download like extratorrent. The GUI to the website is a typical torrent website so finding and downloading anything you want on the go is very easy.



While Magnetd Time is not a torrent platform in general, it is more like a filtering service utilizing P2P protocols to gather details from torrenting websites. It offers a special and user-friendly GUI which allows you to download HD SD standard films and TV shows without any buffering or delays. While blocked around the globe in a variety of countries, you still have exposure to your favorite content by utilizing a Magnetd. The new video material is free to view from excellent kickass alternatives and fantastic streaming services.



Pirateiro has been on the torrent scene for many years, not until recently, and one of the best extratorrent alternatives. Thanks to the quality it provides and the huge database, it gradually began to expand. Pirateiro offers much content from various categories if you just can’t run Pirateiro. The health indicator of the current torrent transaction is another cool feature provided by LimeTorrents for its users. You may use this metric to decide if the content you are downloading is worth wasting time and bandwidth.


Are ExtraTorrent Alternatives Safe?

In 2017, ExtraTorrent shut down and removed all traces of its mirror sites, leaving many users without access to their torrent library. Copycat and mirror sites emerged, posing as ExtraTorrent to trick users. ExtraTorrent warned users to avoid these fake sites before shutting down. It’s important to rely on safe and verified alternative torrent providers and avoid any sites claiming to be related to ExtraTorrent. Downloading and distributing copyrighted material is illegal and can result in fines or jail time, even though torrenting is legal in most countries.

Is Extratorret Illegal?

There are many countries allotting blanket bans against torrenting sites, and you might assume that all forms of torrenting are illegal. But torrenting itself is not unlawful Sowing and downloading is ideally within the law — till it comes to copyrighted material. The same goes for extratorrent proxy sites.

How To Download Torrent Files?

Torrenting is a popular method of downloading files online, especially for large files like movies, TV shows, and software. However, downloading torrent files can seem daunting to those who are new to it. In this blog post, we’ll guide you through the steps of downloading torrent files.

File sharing and hosting is the biggest traffic driver for 59.26% of traffic as of February 2023 is driven by file sharing and hosting. Other significant drivers include programming and developer software (15.43%), accommodation and hotels (7.73%), and business training (5.30%). (Source)

1. Install a Torrent Client

Before you can start downloading torrent files, you need to install a torrent client on your computer. Some popular options include uTorrent, BitTorrent, and Vuze. Once you’ve installed the client, open it up and ensure that it’s properly configured.

2. Find a Torrent File

Next, you need to find a torrent file to download. You can search for torrent files on various websites, such as The Pirate Bay, 1337x, or RARBG. Be sure to read the comments and ratings for the file you want to download to avoid downloading a fake or virus-infected file.

3. Download the Torrent File

Once you’ve found the torrent file you want to download, click on the download button. Your torrent client should automatically open and begin downloading the file. You can monitor the progress of the download in the client.

4. Seed the Torrent File

After you’ve finished downloading the file, consider seeding it. Seeding means that you allow others to download the file from you. This helps to keep the file available for others to download and improves download speeds for everyone.

5. Use a VPN

When downloading torrent files, it’s important to use a virtual private network (VPN) to protect your privacy and avoid legal issues. A VPN encrypts your internet connection and hides your IP address, making it difficult for others to track your online activity.

By following these steps, you can safely and easily download torrent files. Just remember to use caution and protect your privacy while doing so.

Why Use a VPN to Access ExtraTorrent Proxy?

A VPN can save you safe from malware and offer a way to get around some annoying torrenting bans, blocks, or ISP throttling. There are some factor that causes to use of VPN to access ExtraTorrent  alternatives
Like unblocking torrenting sites, Staying out of trouble, Protecting yourself from malware, Preventing throttling, and Protecting your privacy. Finally, we can say that we use a VPN just for security.

The Best VPNs for Torrenting Extratorrent

When selecting a VPN to use with an ExtraTorrent alternative, there are insufficient vital features you want to look out for:

P2P-friendly servers, Good unblocking capabilities, Lightning-fast speeds, A strict no-logs policy, Anti-malware software

There are some best VPNs that we suggest for you to access ExtraTorrent alternatives.

1. ExpressVPN: Offers fast speeds and unlimited bandwidth for torrenting, with strong encryption and a strict no-logs policy.

2. NordVPN: Provides top-notch security features, including double VPN and Onion over VPN, with fast and reliable connections for torrenting.

3. CyberGhost: Offers dedicated servers for torrenting and optimized P2P traffic, with strong encryption and a user-friendly interface.

4. Surfshark: Provides unlimited simultaneous connections and a strict no-logs policy, with fast speeds and secure torrenting servers.

5. Private Internet Access (PIA): Offers affordable pricing and a large server network optimized for P2P traffic, with strong encryption and a no-logs policy.

6. IPVanish: Provides fast speeds and unlimited bandwidth for torrenting, with strong encryption and a zero-logs policy.

7. PrivateVPN: Offers dedicated servers for torrenting and P2P traffic, with strong encryption and a no-logs policy.

8. Trust.Zone: Provides fast and secure torrenting servers with strong encryption and a zero-logs policy.


These 40 alternatives to Extratorrents would keep you happy and efficient with all the content you essential. It is an unfortunate reality of the torrent sites that it has been discontinuing working.  We all have to change for alternatives to Extratorrents. But there are always other places to try when looking for torrents. In some countries, this can block its solution is VPN. With the help of a VPN, we can use an extratorrent proxy and access unblock extratorrent.VPN is a private network and provides the best security.

Frequently Asked Questions About Extratorrent

What is extratorrent?

Extratorrent is a torrent download site. It was started in 2006 and has served millions of users.

What is the best extratorrent proxy?

In this article, we have shared the list of best and working extratorrent proxy sites in 2024.

Is it safe to use extratorrent?

Yes. It is safe to use extratorrent.

Do I need a VPN to use extratorrent?

It’s better to safe than sorry. We recommend using a VPN while torrenting any torrent website.

How many Extratorrent proxies are there?

In this article, we have listed 20+ working proxies to access extratorrent.

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