5 Disciplines of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing has taken over most businesses marketing strategies. Digital marketing enables businesses to reach and interact with their potential customers about their services through online platforms such as social media and online communities.

This practice makes digital marketing even more efficient for achieving various goals they have set for their marketing. Whether it’s an increased awareness about their brand and products or a general increase in sales, digital marketing can do it all if executed well. If you want to outsource your marketing campaigns, it is best to research digital marketing providers who are results-driven and listens to your business goals.

1. Technical SEO

Technical SEO is the discipline that aims to have your business website appear at the top of search results. Experts like NP Digital conduct a technical analysis to find out what needs to be done for your content to earn the chance to be displayed near or at the top of search engines.

Appearing on top of search engines is important for any business because it brings much-needed traffic to the business website. To attain Search Engine Optimization (SEO) on these search engines requires some key aspects;

Keywords and Phrases

To attain SEO, marketers have to look up the most popular keywords and phrases that consumers are using to find products online. However, these keywords have to be used well so that they can deliver the right results.

Stuffing lots of keywords on your content won’t win you any point in the SEO race. You have to write great content that uses a few keywords appropriately. These keywords can be displayed on your title or your content’s body.

Content Indexing

It involves search engines adding alterations to your content so that it can be better placed.

Structured Links

To make your content more SEO and increase visibility among search engine users, ensure that you have structured your links well. The links to your content should be easy to find and accessible for all internet users.

2. Paid Search

This digital marketing discipline deals with all the activities that involve paid ads. Paid ads are used by businesses to get traffic to their websites through posts on platforms such as Google and Facebook.

These ads use the pay-per-click system meaning that the ad can’t be found on the platform if you’re no longer paying for it. The best thing about this marketing discipline is that you only pay when your benefit from the ad.
Also, in paid search, you’re guaranteed that the ad will be visible to the people around your geographical location, making it even more convenient.

3. Content

The quality of the content that your business posts is very important to your marketing goals. This is because it’s the quality of the content available on your website that will draw traffic, have people follow you, and even check out your business website and products.

Content in digital marketing can be covered in blogs, podcasts, or even e-books. Thus, it’s essential for your business to ensure that its content will have many people thinking about becoming customers of the business.
If your business decides to hire a content creator, ensure that the person shares the same views as your business and is dedicated to improving its overall image.

4. Paid Social

Paid social refers to when businesses pay platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or LinkedIn to share their content. The purpose of this discipline is for the business to break new grounds and reach an even broader audience.

Paid social is primarily made to generate more traffic to the business through ads shared to more people who don’t necessarily follow it.

5. Organic Social

Organic social entails a business posting about itself on its social media accounts. They could post entertaining or informative content to create awareness about the brand and its products or services.

Businesses use organic social to build and develop relationships with their customers by engaging with them through comments or even messages. Organic social can also increase reach when the business followers share the posts with their followers.

Exploring and taking all digital marketing disciplines very serious is healthy for your business. This is because it helps you to better all your marketing areas and stay ahead of competitors.

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