The Complete Guide to Mines of Dalarnia

Mines of Dalarnia is a mod pack for the game Minecraft. It was created by the YouTuber and modder ArcadiaTBC, with the help of other modders. 

The pack focuses on using mods to create a realistic, believable and challenging world to explore. Mines of Dalarnia was first released in March 2013 and has been updated regularly since then.

What are Mods?

Mods (short for modifications) are changes or additions to the game files of Minecraft that change the game in some way. They can be used to add new content, change the way the game looks or behaves, or fix problems with the game.

Most mods are created by individual developers, but a few large mod packs, like the Mines of Dalarnia pack, bring together many different mods from different developers into one place. 

Why use Mods?

Mods can be used to make Minecraft more fun, interesting, or challenging. They can also be used to improve graphics or gameplay or to fix problems with the game.

Some people use mods because they enjoy playing around with the game files and seeing how they can change the game.

Key Mods in Mines of Dalarnia

Agricraft – allows the player to farm and grow plants. Food can also be created that will restore certain status effects, such as health and hunger, and can affect other mobs (such as pigs and cows).

Backpacks – This mod allows the player to carry more items by adding packs that can be worn on the player’s back. The packs increase the player’s inventory space and also have special features, such as being able to store water in order to stay hydrated in the desert or being able to store lava in order to make a furnace.

Chisel – This mod allows the player to change the shape of blocks by adding new blocks, called chisels. For example, the player can use a chisel to turn a cobblestone block into a brick block.

Decocraft – This mod adds blocks and items which can be used to decorate the player’s world. For example, it adds a variety of different chairs, lamps, and statues.

EnderIO – This mod adds machines that can teleport items and liquids between dimensions. It also adds an armor system that protects the player from hostile mobs and.

Extra Utilities – This mod adds a variety of items and blocks, such as a rechargeable torch that can be placed on walls.

Forestry – This mod adds machines, bees, and trees to Minecraft. The trees can be farmed in order to obtain resources for crafting. Bees produce honey which can be used to make new items such as Bee Hive Backpacks and Alveary Blocks (for housing the bees). 

Bees are also needed to pollinate Forestry Trees. Once an orchard of Forestry Trees has been created, you need to breed the bees in order to obtain more bee species which will then fertilize your Forestry Trees and produce different types of honey: Industrial Honey (can be used for making Advanced Machines), Combs (which contain the forestry essence and can speed up the growth of trees), Manuka Honey (can heal players and mobs) and Strained Honey (which can be used to make cakes).

Gravity Gun – This mod adds a gun that allows the player to pick up blocks and items from a distance. It can be used for tasks such as moving large blocks or pulling items out of chests without having to go to them.

Iron Chest – This mod adds chests made from different types of metal, such as iron, copper, and gold. The chests have a higher storage capacity than vanilla chests.

JourneyMap – This mod adds a map that displays the player’s location and shows them what is around them. The map can be used for navigation or for finding resources.

More Swords Mod – This mod adds more swords to Minecraft, including the katana and rapier.

Ore Dictionary Converter – This mod adds a block to Minecraft which can be used to convert between different versions of the same ore. For example, it would allow for an Iron Pickaxe made in 1.7 to work on a 1.8 map and vice versa.

WorldEdit – This mod is a Minecraft map editor which allows players to use different types of brushes to select regions of the map, copy them, delete them or replace them with another block. 

Zyin’s HUD – This mod displays information on the player’s screen which tells them various things about their surroundings, such as the name of the block they are looking at or how much experience they have collected. The player can toggle most features of this mod on or off by pressing CTRL + G (the same keybind that turns on/off Not Enough Items).

How to Install a Mod

To install any of these mods, open up the Minecraft Launcher and click on “Launch Options” followed by “Add New”. Enter each mod’s respective download link above into this text area one by one, then press OK. The corresponding mod will now appear in the Mods section of Minecraft, where it can be opened and installed by clicking on it.

Mods that are installed into the ‘mods’ folder of your Minecraft installation will automatically appear in-game when you next launch Minecraft. To install multiple mods at once, simply paste each mod’s link above (one-by-one) into the text area in the “Launch Options” screen of the Minecraft Launcher. Once all desired mods have been added, press OK to proceed with launching Minecraft.

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