Blockchain and Sustainable Growth

Blockchain and Sustainable Growth

Many researchers are claiming that the sustainable goals of the United Nations, which the world wants to achieve by 2030, can be quickly done if one changes the way one views currency. Blockchain technology is being hailed as an essential aspect of achieving sustainable goals for a better future. It is being propagated that this revolutionary technology will take up a pivotal role to meet the targets of these goals for sustainable growth. If you want to know more about how Bitcoins will push people towards a better future, read on.

Sustainable Development Goals Of The United Nations:

Helps in bridging the poverty gap of the world:

Blockchain technology can provide a platform to access financial services to anybody with a phone. Blockchain has the ability to offer poor and vulnerable people better access to financial services.

It can help reduce hunger:

In most developing countries, often fore and vulnerable communities depend upon cash transfers from different organizations to access food. These cash transfers often fall prey to local corruption. Thereby the end recipient can be unscrupulous individuals. In many cases, these vulnerable communities may not even have a bank account. However, blockchain can help distribute money without any intermediate tories, and we can already see the implementation of this technology to provide aid to Syrian refugees.

Blockchain Technology can help improve individuals’ overall health and well-being:

The World health organization has found that at least 1 in 10 medical products available in developing countries is below standard. These problems can be tackled easily through blockchain technology. It can provide the means to authenticate and guarantee that pharmaceutical supply chains provide genuine medical products that are getting handled correctly.

This technology can help increase literacy:

Blockchain Technology can even improve the quality of education that many socially and economically disadvantaged groups receive. One of the biggest problems with online education is having an authentic certificate to prove that a person has completed the required course. Blockchain Technology can be used as a guarantor in such cases, therefore, increasing the reach of quality education through a more significant number of people.

Blockchain Technology can even help reduce the gender gap:

The number of women in the world who have a bank account is significantly lower than their male counterparts. Blockchain Technology will give these women access to the resources, including financial services they require.

Blockchain Technology can incentivize clean water and sanitation programs.

With the help of blockchain, credit-based systems can be implemented to incentivize programs for clean water and sanitation in different communities. The people who partake in these programs can be rewarded with the help of blockchain technology to give people the push so that they can adopt sustainable ways and reduce overall pollution of the environment.

Blockchain Technology can help communities move towards clean, affordable energy:

When people have no access to clean energy, they will automatically move from fossil fuels; however, these clean energy generating machines like solar panels and wind turbines must be closely monitored. The required secure identifiers to be able to communicate with power grids with blockchain-based secure identifiers can be easily tackled.


If you want to experience the sustainable nature of blockchain Technology, then enter the world of cryptocurrency through Bitcoins. You can use websites like Crypto Genius App window to the world of e-currency. The world is moving towards a digitalized space, and welcoming this dynamic mode of exchange might be perfect for you. Enjoying the sustainable nature of blockchain technology changes the way you look at money altogether.

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